Chapter 480: The Yun Family’s Roots (1)

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The ancestor who lived in the spiritual space clearly felt this kind of fluctuation.
It was an invasive energy fluctuation, but it carried an irresistible seriousness and solemnity.
It was like a ritual and also a kind of certification.

“Crack.” Something moved and a clear voice sounded in everyone’s ears.
Yun Feng exerted a little force and the door in front of her was already pushed open slowly.
What was hidden behind the door? Was it about the Yun family?

A dazzling white light burst out of the door.
Before Yun Feng could react, it had already engulfed her body.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi, Ao Jin and the man with peach-blossom eyes all reached out their hands to grab Yun Feng at the same time.
However, the dazzling white light avoided everyone and bit Yun Feng’s body like a giant beast.
In the next second, she was already dragged inside!

“Master!” Little Fire and Lan Yi moved.
They turned into two beams of light and chased after Yun Feng quickly, entering the Rings of Contract.
The moment Yun Feng, Little Fire and Lan Yi disappeared, the door that was opened suddenly closed again with a loud noise.


Meatball’s little body fell on the ground in a mess.
Little Fire had gone in, but it was completely isolated.
Meatball yelled fiercely at the door and opened its mouth to bite it, but the door wasn’t damaged at all.

“Stop biting.
You won’t be able to break it.” Qu Lanyi stepped forward and lifted Meatball up with one hand.
Meatball’s fur immediately stood up like thorns and it became a little hedgehog.
It yelled at Qu Lanyi fiercely.
It didn’t like anyone except Yun Feng, so it could only be touched by her.

Qu Lanyi put on a cold face and threw Meatball aside.
“You think I want to touch you? Behave yourself.”

Meatball’s body flipped in the air.
Yun Feng was no longer here, so Meatball was no longer cute.
Its fierce expression made the others a bit shocked.
It was as if Meatball had changed into something else.
In front of Yun Feng, it was was an angel, but behind Yun Feng, it was was a demon, even fiercer than a demon.

“She’s in! Open the door, or she’ll take everything inside!” Carson dashed forward.
Qu Lanyi, Ao Jin, and the others all looked at him coldly.
None of them stopped him, as there was no way that he could open the door.

As soon as Carson’s hand touched the door, his body suddenly twitched as if he had been electrocuted.
The veins on his neck all bulged, as if he was enduring some unknown pain.
His face turned red and his eyes almost popped out.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing were a bit shocked to see that.
Carson pulled his hand back with difficulty and his body had already collapsed on the ground.
He was sweating and his lips were pale.

“What… What’s going on… Why… Why…” Carson stared at the door.
Why was that little girl the only one who could get in? He was as much a summoner as she was! If she could get in, he should be able to!

Carson didn’t believe it.
He rushed forward again and deliberately showed the Ring of Contract on his hand.
However, the door still didn’t acknowledge him.
Carson fell on the ground again in a sorry state with an expression of disbelief.

“Didn’t you see the mark on the door?” Qu Lanyi said coldly.
Carson, Xiaoxiao and Muqing finally looked up.
When they saw the mark, their hearts shrank.
How was that possible?

Ao Jin stared at the door with his golden eyes and said casually, “Nobody can open this door except Yun Feng.
This door may belong to the Yun family.
Or maybe, everything here belongs to the Yun family.”

Carson, Xiaoxiao and Muqing all shivered.
This place belonged to the Yun family? What did that mean? What was the Yun family hiding? The three of them stood there with pale faces.
They didn’t know what they were thinking.
They were probably too shocked.
Even Carson, who had seen the world, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

“Is there really no way to open it?” Qu Lanyi looked at the door.
Even though the mark on the door was Yun, it wasn’t necessarily harmless to Yun Feng.
What if there was danger inside?

Ao Jin shook his head.
“Can’t you feel it? That door rejects everything except the girl, be it humans or Magic Beasts.”

The man with peach-blossom eyes glanced at Ao Jin.
“Tsk, tsk.
I didn’t know that you weren’t a human being.”

Ao Jin glanced at the man with peach-blossom eyes with his golden pupils with an inexplicable pressure.
This human who suddenly appeared here made him very uncomfortable, especially with his casual attitude towards Yun Feng, which made Ao Jin even more furious in his heart.
However, the current situation didn’t allow him to lose his temper.
He had to wait until Yun Feng came out safely.

“We… We should get out of here as soon as possible.” Xiaoxiao stood there with a pale face and her voice was a bit shaky.
She looked at Muqing for help, and when she glanced at Qu Lanyi and the others.
There was inexplicable fear in her eyes.

Xiaoxiao couldn’t be blamed for losing her composure.
With Yun Feng here, Xiaoxiao still felt a bit safe.
However, after Yun Feng was swept into this door, the three people in front of her always emitted a weird aura, which made Xiaoxiao feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

Muqing also nodded, but his brows were tightly furrowed.
Get out? He wanted to get out too, but there was no way out right now!

“Get out? You’re leaving? The real good stuff is behind that door!” Carson couldn’t help but feel anxious after hearing what the two of them said! They were indeed unreliable brats.
They were all scared out of their minds!

“Carson! If you want to stay, just stay! We’ve already got quite a lot of things.
We can go back and report!” Muqing roared.
He also understood the current situation.
If this place was truly the Yun family’s territory, they wouldn’t be able to take anything away until Yun Feng came out! Even though there were only some high-level ores, it was better than returning empty-handed!

“What do you two brats know?” Carson roared with bloodshot eyes.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing’s faces changed abruptly.
“Don’t forget that the Cashya Empire violated the agreement.
I think you didn’t report your decision to your emperor!” said Xiaoxiao.
Right then, a teleportation array suddenly appeared next to the door..
Muqing and Xiaoxiao were thrilled to see it.

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