Chapter 479: Yun (4)

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She didn’t stop for long and continued moving forward.
After seeing the badge, Yun Feng subconsciously found that there was this mark on almost every door that was perfectly preserved.
Had this group really disappeared completely? Or were they wiped out here?

“It seems that we’ve come to the end.” Qu Lanyi’s voice came softly.
The houses on both sides of the street had already reached the end.
It seemed that the four regions did lead to the same place, because Yun Feng had already seen Carson, Xiaoxiao and Muqing.
When they met again, the three of them were all shocked.
Carson was not only shocked, but also exasperated.

“Did you find anything?” Carson looked at them gloomily.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing both shook their heads.
“No, nothing.”

Carson glanced at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled.
“You think I did?”

Carson pursed his lips.
“Fuck, this is just an empty shell! Nothing!”

Xiaoxiao and Muqing also looked awful.
They didn’t find anything at all.
They searched all the corners, and it was exactly as Carson said.
This place was indeed like an empty shell.
Did they come here risking their lives just for some high-level ores? High-level ores weren’t very rare.
They weren’t worth it at all!

“Someone must’ve come first and looted everything.” Carson looked at the man with peach-blossom eyes, who sneered.
“Am I that lucky?”

“It’s none of your business whether you’re lucky or not.
You get what you deserve to get,” said Yun Feng.
Carson’s face suddenly darkened.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing were the same.
They didn’t have the ability and certainly didn’t get anything.
Even if that man took everything away, they couldn’t interfere.

“I knew you would help me.” The man with peach-blossom eyes chuckled.
Qu Lanyi replied coldly, “Fengfeng wasn’t helping you.
She just didn’t want trouble.”

“Nana!” Meatball cried.
Little Fire’s voice came from Yun Feng’s mind.
“Master, Meatball said there’s a road ahead.”

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
They were in a small square.
One side of the square faced the four regions and the other side was full of stone walls.
It was a dead end.
Yun Feng knew clearly that the empty area on the map was where the value of exploration lay!

Under Meatball’s guidance, Little Fire kept walking around the wall.
Nobody knew what it was doing.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing were already considering how to go back.
Carson was silent.
Apparently, he wasn’t willing to leave just like that.
However, he couldn’t stay here if they left.

Little Fire finally stopped.
Meatball cried again and Little Fire nodded.
It suddenly swung its wolf claws forward and hit the stone wall in front of it.
Tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the stone wall.
Little Fire slapped it a few more times.
Finally, a door appeared with the sound of stones cracking.

“Master…” Little Fire’s startled voice sounded.
Yun Feng walked over with a frown.
Little Fire’s banging on the stone wall had already attracted everyone’s attention.
They all came close.
When they saw that a hidden door suddenly appeared, Carson and his companions suddenly felt passionate.
It seemed that the exploration wasn’t over yet!

Qu Lanyi, Ao Jin, and the man with peach-blossom eyes all came close.
Carson and his companions could only stand a little further away.
They were all a bit shocked when they saw the door.
Yun Feng walked over and glanced at the door.
The door was perfectly preserved, as if it were new.
There was even a faint luster.
In the upper right corner of the door, countless marks that Yun Feng had seen appeared again, and this time, they were completely clear.

“Ancestor…” Yun Feng’s voice echoed in the bottom of her heart as she called the ancestor of the Yun family who lived in her spiritual space.
The ancestor’s voice was silent for a while before it finally sounded.
“I see it…”

In the middle of the upper right corner of the door was an extremely familiar word: Yun!


Yun Feng looked at the engraving on the top right of the door in front of her.
There was a complicated symbol there.
Even though the multiple strokes and structures were complicated, Yun Feng recognized that word.
It was Yun, as in the Yun family!

“Ancestor, do you know something?” Yun Feng asked softly in her mind.
She was a bit dazed for a moment.
Why was there a mark of the Yun family in the gods’ relics? Was this place related to the Yun family? Hadn’t the Yun family been based in Chunfeng Town? Why did they leave their footprints here?

“Kid, I’ll have to disappoint you.
I’ve been to the gods’ relics before, but I didn’t come here.
I don’t know anything about it.” The ancestor’s voice trembled slightly.
As one of the oldest members of the Yun family, he was also confused.
Why was there a mark of the Yun family here? What exactly was the connection between them? Or maybe, the ancestors of the Yun family had been hiding something for countless years?

“The word ‘Yun’ doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with the Yun family.” Qu Lanyi said casually.
The man with peach-blossom eyes raised his eyebrows and rubbed his chin with his finger.
“A family that can give birth to a summoner is never simple.”

The few of them looked at the man with peach-blossom eyes one after another.
He smiled and explained generously, “It has been proven that the families that give birth to summoners will more or less achieve something, or have a shocking background.” He looked around.
“This might be the place where the ‘Yun’ family lived.”

Yun Feng’s heart tightened.
How enormous and powerful must the family that lived in such a place have been? If it were really such a family, how could it have disappeared without a trace? Shouldn’t it be thriving?

“Don’t make wild guesses.
You’ll know when you go in.” Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng, and Yun Feng looked at the door in front of her.
She also wanted to know what exactly was in the blank area, especially after seeing this mark! Was it really related to the Yun family? Or was it just a coincidence?

Yun Feng slowly put her hand on the door.
All of a sudden, a strange feeling spread all over her body through her hand, as if it was a mysterious test..
It kept running all over Yun Feng’s body, not letting go of any place, not even the blood flowing in her veins.

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