Chapter 47: Whoever Insults the Yun Family Dies (1)

After seeing this, the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became even deeper.
She clenched her fists gently, twisted her neck slightly a few times.
“Kid, lay low when you attack,” the ancestor chuckled and said.
Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled as she communicated with the ancestor with her mind.

“Don’t worry, ancestor.
I’ll be careful.”

She glanced at Wang Youcai with her black eyes and shot out a beam of cold light.
Wang Youcai, you’re the first present I give Lin Meng!

“I’ll be the judge!” A short boy ran forward excitedly.
Wang Youcai and Yun Feng didn’t care about who was the judge, but a judge was necessary.
It was fine for them to fight privately, but they would be at the risk of being chased after by the other party until one of them died.
In a fair battle, especially one in the Martial Arts Institute, life and death lay in the lap of fate.
A judge was like a fair witness.
Besides, there were so many kids here right now and they all knew what was right and what wasn’t.

The little boy was even more thrilled when he saw that the two of them didn’t reject him.
He widened his eyes and looked at them, who were ready to fight.
He immediately raised his hand and yelled, “The battle… begins!”

Right after saying that, the boy instantly took a few steps back agilely, getting far away from the battling area of the two of them.
It was very satisfying to watch people fight, and being a judge was even more satisfying.
However, he must pay attention to his safety.

After the boy shouted, Wang Youcai growled as his fighting energy surged out of his Qi meridians.
Kids watching around all widened their eyes.
They couldn’t help but feel anxious for Yun Feng when they saw Wang Youcai’s fierceness.
If they were in the battle, they would never be able to win!

Ze Ran stood at the back quietly with a patient look.
He stared at Yun Feng with his black eyes, not missing any tiny little movement.
If for a moment Yun Feng was in danger, he would rush forward.
Even if he had to break the rules of the battle, even if he would be laughed at by everyone else or cause unnecessary trouble, he didn’t care!

Yun Feng glanced at Wang Youcai, finding him funny.
His little fighting energy really couldn’t do anything to her.
Yun Feng was someone who had fought with a mutated Magic Beast alone! Let alone Wang Youcai, Yun Feng could even take down the principal of the Martial Arts Institute with a smile!

She gently swayed her arm as she weighed the amount of power she was going to use in her mind.
Even though Yun Feng’s body was as powerful as that of a level-5 warrior, she was like a Magic Beast.
A warrior who was also level 5 would at best be tied with Yun Feng, even if he had reached the peak stage.
The power transformation by the mysterious jade pendant gave Yun Feng a body like that of a Magic Beast!

With the power of a level-5 warrior, she could also fight with a level-6 warrior!

Phew… Yun Feng gently blew a puff of air out.
She pondered for a second and thought that she should use the power of the peak stage of level 1.
If she exceeded this limit, Wang Youcai would probably be killed by her punch.
It didn’t matter if he died, but she wouldn’t be able to lure Lin Meng out.
She needed Wang Youcai to go to Lin Meng in tears and tell him about her, luring Lin Meng to come here!

She secretly suppressed the power in her body.
Yun Feng compressed her power to the peak stage of level 1.
Then, the other people wouldn’t have doubts and Lin Meng wouldn’t have higher vigilance as well.

“Hah!” Wang Youcai’s fighting energy flowed around his entire body.
He clenched his fists fiercely and gave a punch straight at Yun Feng’s little face.
It looked like he wanted to knock Yun Feng down on the ground with one punch!

Yun Feng smiled and looked at the fist coming straight at her.
She gently reached one hand in front of her body and Wang Youcai’s fist, which carried all of his power, was moved away effortlessly!

Wang Youcai was stunned! He immediately swung another fist, but the same result appeared.
Yun Feng pushed gently and moved Wang Youcai’s fist to the side without any effort.

Wang Youcai took a few steps back in shock.
The two of them had only started fighting for a second, but it had already astonished Wang Youcai.
He was a level-1 intermediate warrior right now.
And yet, that loser easily avoided his punches.
How was that possible? Perhaps… she had gone over level 1!

Wang Youcai, who looked bright and dark at the same time, made Yun Feng sneer.
Seeing that he was on guard, Yun Feng dashed forward and she swung her fist right at his face just like Wang Youcai did!

“It’s my turn to attack now.” As Yun Feng spoke, Wang Youcai quickly dodged to avoid her attack.
However, Yun Feng’s punch was already in front of his face right after she moved her body.
Wang Youcai was terrified.
The power in that punch was stronger than his strength.
He couldn’t escape it!

“Argh!” Following a scream, Wang Youcai’s body was knocked a dozen meters away, falling onto the ground messily in the end as he let out some deep and frustrated sound.
When he got up difficultly, half of his face had already swollen.
He coughed a few times and spat out blood containing several teeth onto the ground.

The kids watching the battle were dumbfounded.
What… What kind of power was that? She knocked him away with a punch and… turned his face into that! A loser? She was a loser? Who said that? How would such a person be a loser?

Ze Ran looked at the scene in front of his eyes and immediately felt relieved and a little delighted.
Yun Feng wasn’t a loser.
She was more powerful than he was! It was just that Ze Ran didn’t understand why such a strong student like Yun Feng wasn’t assigned to a teacher?

Wang Youcai climbed up from the ground.
His legs couldn’t stop trembling.
He touched his face with his hand and looked at the blood and teeth he spurted out on the ground.
He was extremely furious that she really dared to attack him! When he looked up, he saw Yun Feng walking towards him.
Wang Youcai turned pale as he yelled tongue-tied, “Don’t… Don’t come over.
How dare you attack me? How dare you attack me? My cousin, Lin Meng, won’t let you get away with it!”

Perhaps Wang Youcai forgot that he started this battle.
Yun Feng only accepted his challenge.
And yet, Wang Youcai mentioned Lin Meng during the battle, which showed how terrified he was.
He knew that he could never beat Yun Feng, but he didn’t want to lower his head and yield either.
Wang Youcai was in a dilemma at the moment.
With so many people watching, wouldn’t he be disgraced if he truly had to surrender? If she knew how to read the room, she should give him an out for Lin Meng’s sake!

Yun Feng shook her head and sighed softly, glanced at Wang Youcai with a slightly pitiful look.
Her gaze made Wang Youcai very uncomfortable.
“Fuck, why are you looking at me like that? Do you think you’re impressive? Yun Feng? Haha, the Yun family is a joke.
You’re also a joke.
Your family is destined to be trampled under the feet of the Lin family.
Hahah! The Yun family… Ha!”

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