Chapter 476: Yun (1)

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The black shadow fled even faster.
Yun Feng’s mental strength hand also moved extremely quickly in the air.
The Ultimate Crystal Ore King had already stopped moving and was standing there like a machine that had lost its heart.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw that.
Seeing the figure that kept sliding in the sky, the two of them joined the hunting army.

All the dangers had been resolved.
Little Fire and Lan Yi also joined the hunting team.
They were all extremely fast, and several black shadows appeared in the sky.
However, the thing that was running away was even faster than them, as if it was playing with them.
Yun Feng could even hear faint laughter.

Yun Feng brushed past this thing several times and almost grabbed it with her big hand formed by her mental strength a few times, but the little thing escaped every time.
Its body was unusually smooth and didn’t feel rough at all.
It was indeed difficult to grab it.

Yun Feng stopped and looked at the black shadows that were running around in the sky.
She saw that it was moving freely and agilely.
This little thing was obviously playing with them, using its incomparable speed.

As long as it was faster than this speed, she would be able to catch it! As soon as the thought flashed through Yun Feng’s mind, a loud and clear cry quickly sounded.
“Nana!” This loud voice made Yun Feng smile unconsciously.
Meatball, which was even faster than her, had appeared!

Meatball’s joyful cry resounded in the sky.
A black shadow dashed towards the fleeing figure in the sky.
Unexpectedly, the little thing, which was playing with everyone, seemed to have met its natural enemy and suddenly panicked.
It sped up again, but its escape route was messy, as if it was running around randomly.
After bumping around in the air for a while, it ran towards Yun Feng desperately and jumped into her arms!

Yun Feng was stunned.
The little thing jumped straight into her arms.
Yun Feng could only reach out and hug it immediately.
She felt the coldness all over its body and a comfortable feeling came from her hand.
There wasn’t a trace of roughness at all.
It was completely smooth and delicate.
The little thing shivered and burrowed straight into Yun Feng’s arms.
It was obvious that it was terrified.

Yun Feng lowered her head and finally saw what it was.
It didn’t have any fur at all and its entire body was covered in a crystal clear luster.
Yun Feng’s hand gently slid over the little thing’s head.
The little thing immediately raised its head and looked at Yun Feng pitifully.
It looked like a squirrel, but it was several times larger than a squirrel.

“Nana!” Meatball’s voice had already arrived in front of Yun Feng’s eyes.
Yun Feng only saw that the little thing in her arms was so scared that it wanted to run away again.
Yun Feng held it tightly.
“Meatball! Stop!” After shouting, Meatball immediately stopped.
Yun Feng looked at Meatball’s drooling face and smiled helplessly.
This little thing was the so-called Ultimate Crystal Ore King.

Meatball wanted to eat it.
No wonder it was so scared.

Meatball’s fluffy body jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Yun Feng could feel a burning gaze coming from Meatball’s eyes.
However, this thing couldn’t be eaten.
It was equivalent to an inexhaustible mother lode of ultimate ores!

“You can’t eat it.
You can only have unlimited ultimate ores if it’s alive,” said Yun Feng.
Meatball cried out in grievance.
After all, it was a bit uncomfortable to be unable to eat when delicious food was around.
Yun Feng smiled and turned around to look at the giant, motionless crystal creature.

“If you want to eat it, that’s for you.” Yun Feng pointed.
Meatball’s body immediately flew out.
That mountain-like creature’s surface was full of ultimate ores! It probably contained all the ultimate ores in this area!

After Meatball left, the little thing that was shivering in Yun Feng’s arms finally calmed down.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin walked over and looked at the little thing curiously.
“What’s this? An ore?” Ao Jin narrowed his eyes and stared at it for a while, then said.

“This must be the so-called spirit of ores.” Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“With it, Fengfeng will have a lot of help.”

“Congratulations, beauty!” A lazy voice sounded.
The few of them looked up and saw the man with peach-blossom eyes walking over.
Those dark eyes seemed to be emitting infinite electric waves, but they were useless on Yun Feng.

“There’s someone else here.” Qu Lanyi narrowed his eyes and looked at the man with peach-blossom eyes.
He didn’t show any special hostility to the man who suddenly appeared.

“I didn’t expect there to be another beauty.” His peach-blossom eyes raised slightly as he sized up Qu Lanyi and smiled.
“She’s just a transvestite.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Ao Jin suddenly glanced at Qu Lanyi, a bit startled.
“What did he say you are?” Qu Lanyi chuckled and twisted her body gently.
“Didn’t you hear me? I said transvestite?”

The little thing in Yun Feng’s arms moved.
The man with peach-blossom eyes lifted his lips.
“Aren’t you going to put it away? This thing can turn a saint into a devil.”

Yun Feng glanced at Carson and the others, and immediately put the little thing into her bracelet.
The little thing didn’t resist.
Perhaps it had a good impression of Yun Feng, or it wouldn’t have jumped into Yun Feng’s arms when it was running for its life.

“Who are you?” A furious roar came.
Carson’s face darkened.
He looked at the man with peach-blossom eyes, who was standing there, as if he was an intruder who had trespassed on his territory.
In Carson’s mind, the man with peach-blossom eyes was such an enemy.

The man with peach-blossom eyes raised his eyebrows, but didn’t answer Carson.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao didn’t look friendly either.
“Who are you? How did you get here? You’re know the gods’ relics well!” Carson roared at his eyes like an enraged leopard.

Yun Feng frowned.
“You don’t know where you are?”

“Yun Feng, you brought him in?” Carson glanced at Yun Feng and said in an unfriendly tone.
Yun Feng looked cold.
“What right do you have to question me? If he’s a trespasser, what are you? Besides, this place doesn’t belong to anyone.
Everybody may come.”

“What did you say? Of course it belongs to the four empires! Only the four empires can explore this place! Everything here belongs to the four empires!” Carson said with bloodshot eyes.
Ao Jin snorted in disdain.
“Greedy indeed..”

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