Chapter 475: It’s Mine (4)

“You’ve got a thick skin!” Little Fire roared.
Lan Yi swooped and shrieked, attacking the monster in the head quickly with its sharp claw!

The monster furiously smashed back at the sky.
Right at this moment, a tiny person rushed forward and soon reached the Ultimate Crystal Ore King.
She stepped on the protruding ultimate ores on the monster, and quickly climbed to its chest!

Yun Feng clenched her fists, eager to find out whether or not her modified body could break the monster! “Try my punch!” Her fist smashed the monster’s chest fiercely, causing a strong wind.
“Bam…” A dull noise came from the monster’s chest.
Yun Feng felt that her arm was numb, and a stream of energy gushed from where her fist hit the monster.
She narrowed her eyes and smashed her fist heavily!

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” Continuous noises of collision burst out on the monster’s chest.
They were faster than anyone could imagine.
Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng’s movement, shocked.
She had dashed forward before he could hold her back.
It was impossible for him to drag her back anymore.
He bit his lips.
“How reckless.”

Ao Jin watched Yun Feng punch consecutively, and felt that his blood was freezing.
Hearing the dull noises, he could almost feel the force on Yun Feng’s fist.
He was going to help her, but Yun Feng seemed to have a plan, and he feared that he might disrupt it.
He could only be prepared to give her a hand if she needed it.
He mumbled, “What’s she doing? Is she trying to punch through this thing?”

Carson and the others, who were hiding not far away, were stunned too.
“Has Yun Feng lost her mind?” Xiaoxiao was completely stunned, and Muqing was in a daze too.
However, the force of her fist was obviously not to be wielded by a summoner.
It was as great as that of a warrior!

How is it possible? Muqing frowned and gazed at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng, how are you capable of doing this? Is it possible that you…

Carson had the most awful expression.
Clearly, there were a lot of things about Yun Feng that he didn’t know.
He suddenly became greedy.
That woman definitely had a lot more good stuff! She couldn’t possibly keep all of them!

Yao Guang, who had been hiding, had the most fun watching the battle.
As Yun Feng punched, he laughed aloud.
How interesting.” Everybody fixed their eyes upon Yun Feng.
Her movement was indeed unbelievable, but it was truly happening right in front of their eyes!

Her consecutive punches obviously annoyed the monster, which smashed Yun Feng with both hands.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both leaped and attacked, disrupting the monster’s attack.

“Good!” Yun Feng complimented them.
The two Magic Beasts kept disrupting the monster’s attack.
The monster only had two hands.
When Little Fire and Lan Yi kept it occupied, it couldn’t counterattack when Yun Feng attacked it!

“I’ll continue!” Yun Feng waved her fist, and looked at the monster’s body that already had cracks.
Her modified body was truly different.
Other people’s physical attacks might be useless, but not hers!

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” Her fist collided with the monster again and again, and smashed the Ultimate Crystal Ore King’s chest as forcefully as a Magic Beast.
Cracks appeared on the smooth surfaces of the ultimate ores, and were expanding.
Yun Feng smiled.
It seemed that she had chosen the right place to attack! That was the monster’s most vulnerable part!

“Ho…” The monster roared furiously.
Ignoring Little Fire and Lan Yi’s attacks, it smashed Yun Feng with both fists.
Seeing that, Little Fire and Lan Yi both shouted, “Master, dodge!”

Seeing that, Ao Jin soared as a golden streak of light, and Qu Lanyi quickly launched light elements towards her.
However, the monster’s attack was too fast and would hit Yun Feng before their rescue arrived.
Yun Feng was not dodging at all!

“Move away!” Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin both roared.
Seeing Yun Feng’s stubbornness, both of them were anxious.
If anything happened to her… Nothing could happen to her! Both of them were determined to protect her safety even if they had to be hit!

Both of them flew towards Yun Feng, trying to block the hit for Yun Feng.
Xiaoxiao was quite anxious to see the scene.
Carson simply cried in his heart, just go to hell!

The stranger who had been watching the drama clapped his hands.
“The beauty has more pursuers.
It seems that I have competitors.
It won’t be bad if some of them die here.”

Both Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin were charging recklessly.
Yun Feng had already detected the monster’s heavy punch, but instead of dodging, she took a deep breath and clenched her fists again, smashing them down!

“Crack, crack…” The cracks on the ultimate ores on the Ultimate Crystal Ore King’s chest expanded.
Ignoring the wind behind her head, Yun Feng punched again.
Suddenly, the ultimate ores on the Ultimate Crystal Ore King’s chest fell, and inside the chest, there was something that was staring at Yun Feng with glittering eyes!

Putting on a smile, Yun Feng extended her arm through the broken chest fiercely, and snatched at the creature.
“You’re mine!”

The ultimate ores on the monster’s chest had been completely shattered by Yun Feng’s last punch.
The monster’s chest was not concrete, it was empty! Yun Feng’s hand moved further inside, and the creature with glittering eyes suddenly flashed.
Yun Feng felt that something brushed past the back of her hand.
Then, it dashed out of the Ultimate Crystal Ore King, and wanted to run!

“You cannot get away!” Yun Feng roared..
Her mental strength surged out of her body, and caught the running creature quickly and precisely like an invisible hand!

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