Chapter 473: It’s Mine (2)

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Little Fire and Lan Yi both followed Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled.
All of them moved forward.

Muqing and Xiaoxiao glanced at each other, and followed.
Carson, blushing, also followed them, gnashing his teeth.
All of them passed the entrance.

Soon after they passed the entrance, Yun Feng saw light that was even more dazzling than the sunlight.
She slightly narrowed her eyes, and realized that Meatball was restless on her shoulder.
It had already stood up, as if it was excited.
Yun Feng moved towards the light, only to find it even more dazzling.
She had to close her eyes, and Meatball had already dashed forward from her shoulder!

Shocked, Yun Feng reached for Meatball, but she couldn’t keep her eyes open under the dazzling light.
She only saw something jumping forward.
When she was finally accustomed to the light and opened her eyes again, she was shocked.

“This is… This is…” Carson sounded quite excited in the rear.
He staggered forward, with greed all over his face.
What he was seeing was so tempting that he couldn’t hold himself back any longer even though he was a summoner.

“Oh my god!” Xiaoxiao covered her mouth, and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“These are… These are all…”

They’re all high-level ores, and might even include ultimate ores,” added Muqing calmly.
He sounded calm, but his tone was shaking too.

In front of everybody was a small area where a lot of high-levels were glittering on the ground.
They were the source of the dazzling light.
Although this area wasn’t very big, there were still an astonishing number of ores.
Besides, they all contained shocking energy.
All of them were at least high-level ores!

“Rare high-level ores in the outside world are like worthless grasses here,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice.
Yun Feng was shocked too.
If anyone were to take all of the high-level ores away, they would surely become the richest on the entire continent!

“We’ll divide this area evenly!” roared Carson with bloodshot eyes.
Never had he ever dreamed of seeing so many high-level ores in one place! It was impossible! Also, there might be ultimate ores here! Since there were so many high-level ores, it was possible that some of them were ultimate!

Yun Feng sneered.
“Evenly? That’s a sound plan.
However, the three countries have agreed that whoever gets anything will keep it.”

Carson held his breath, and rushed forward without hesitation.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao took action quickly as well.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but put on a smile of disdain.
Seeing that Yun Feng was not in a hurry at all, Ao Jin couldn’t help but ask, “Girl, are we not going to do something?”

Yun Feng smiled and walked into the area unhurriedly.
There were glittering high-level ores everywhere as she walked.
They looked very attractive, but Yun Feng didn’t stop at all.
Muqing and the others were too busy collecting the ores to care about what Yun Feng was doing.

“That’s fine.
It’s not high-level ores that I’m looking for.” Yun Feng smiled and walked further inside.
Both Little Fire and Lan Yi smiled.
Indeed, there was another creature here.
That was what their master wanted.

Reaching the central part of the area, Yun Feng looked around and called, “Meatball!” Meatball responded to her delightedly from the distance.
Yun Feng smiled and walked to it.
Meatball was the best radar to search for ultimate ores, so she certainly wasn’t interested in the high-level ones.

They moved towards the source of Meatball’s sound, not even bothering to look at the high-level ores.
When they reached a section, Yun Feng clearly detected that some powerful energy was emitting from a place.
After they walked a while, Yun Feng saw Meatball enjoying the food.

It was throwing ultimate ores into its mouth one after another and having a great time.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but feel regretful.
It was such a shame that those ultimate ores were eaten by Meatball just like that!

Yun Feng realized that the reserve of ultimate ores was not nearly as large as that of high-level ores.
They were only at the edge of this area.
Also, this place seemed a little bit weird.
She moved forward in the place of ultimate ores.
The further she went, the fewer ultimate ores she saw, until they were gone.

“Is this it?” Yun Feng slightly frowned.
Although she didn’t see any ultimate ores, she could still feel the energy that ultimate ores contained.
Their waves were quite powerful here.

There was nothing on the ground, but she could feel the waves clearly.
Could it be… Yun Feng quickly lowered her head.

“Boom…” A gigantic explosion burst out, causing a huge earthquake on the ground.
The entire area was trembling.
Muqing and the others, who were digging high-level ores, were all shocked.
Carson dug even faster! He had hoped to bring home more high-level ores, but it seemed that he had to stop because of the emergency.
Seeing the high-level ores that he hadn’t collected, his eyes turned bloodshot.
He could’ve collected much more!

The earthquake continued.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Yun Feng was shocked to see the cracks on the ground, which were already spreading out to her feet!

Someone suddenly erupted from the broken ground.
Yun Feng hadn’t quite figured out what it was, when that person had held her waist and taken her far away.

“Beauty, you might have been killed for your slow reaction.”

Yun Feng heard a strange magnetic voice, and saw a pair of charming eyes that looked like peach blossoms.
She grimly knocked her elbow backwards, and the man dodged her attack quickly..
“Beauty, is this how you repay the person who saved your life?”

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