Chapter 470: Break (3)

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“I don’t know any solution.
By my speculation, the black stuff can’t be anything good.
There’s no telling what will happen if the mental entity is completely consumed.”

Both Little Fire and Lan Yi were stunned.
So, he didn’t know what to do either! Yao Guang glanced at the others.
“Their situations are similar.
Her condition is not the worst.
Some of them have been consumed up to their waist.”

Yun Feng’s mental entity was consumed quite slowly compared to others.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin were slow too.
However, the others were a lot faster.
Some people from Shengyao, Ovey and Cashya had been consumed up to their waists, and soon their chests!

“It’s… too fast,” said Lan Yi in a low voice.
Yao Guang stared at one of them, and put on a smile.
“Soon, someone will tell us the consequence of being completely swallowed.”

Hardly had Yao Guang said that when a miserable scream, which sounded as if it came from the depths of the soul, burst out.
It was so miserable that Little Fire and Lan Yi trembled.
Meatball slowly moved back, and looked at Cashya’s team, where someone’s mental entity had been completely consumed.
The scream was from the inside of the consumed mental entity.
Then, his body fell apart like a sand sculpture, and disappeared in the sky, without leaving a grain of sand.
The consumed mental entity was gone too.
The man had completely vanished from this world.

Little Fire and Lan Yi quickly turned their heads around.
The black mist on Yun Feng’s mental entity was still rising, although slowly.
Yao Guang slightly frowned.
“It seems that the situation is worse than I thought.”

Meatball leaped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder, and nuzzled her continuously, hoping to wake her up, but Yun Feng’s eyes were still closed.
Yao Guang glanced at her, amazed at the mysteries of the gods’ relics.

“Whether or not she can pass depends on her willpower.
Now that her consciousness was separated by force, she would be able to make it through with a great willpower.
What I’m truly curious about is the experiences of their mental bodies…” He stared at everybody’s mental bodies, as if he could see what they were going through.

“Master will be fine!” said Lan Yi confidently.
Little Fire looked at Lan Yi in disdain.
“Of course! Who can compare to her in terms of willpower? She was so tough when I fought her…”

Quiet filled up this space, occasionally interrupted by the loud miserable screams of the mental bodies.
So far, on Cashya, Ovey and Sheng’s teams, all the mental bodies had exploded except Carson’s, Muqing’s and Xiaoxiao’s.
The black substance had reached their waists.
As for Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, it was still below their waists.
So far, nobody had won the competition yet.
It didn’t seem to have anything to do with strength.
Maybe just like Yao Guang said, it was willpower that mattered.

Little Fire, Lan Yi and Meatball were all observing Yun Feng closely.
Although Yao Guang seemed at ease, he was actually slightly worried too.
So far, Yun Feng’s condition was the best.
The black substance had been stuck in her knees for a long time without moving up.
Everybody was delighted to see that.

“Master will be fine,” said Lan Yi in comfort.
Little Fire was going to agree, when it roared, “What’s going on?”

Yao Guang suddenly changed his expression.
The easiness on his face was gone, and he narrowed his gray eyes.
Lan Yi suddenly became pale and panicked despite its usual calmness.
Meatball barked crazily.
Nobody knew what it was saying, but it was obviously excited.

The black substance that Yun Feng had been holding by her knees suddenly burst out, and erupted at a visible speed, consuming her thighs, waist and chest.
It was reaching her shoulders and neck!

“Master!” Little Fire roared, and so did Lan Yi.
Meatball jumped to Yun Feng and bit her arm ruthlessly.
Red blood flowed out of her wound, but Yun Feng didn’t wake up.

Yao Guang stared at Yun Feng with his gray eyes, and stared at the mental entity that was about to be consumed.
Girl, are you losing?


Yun Feng didn’t know how many times the awful memories had been repeated.
Her negative feelings had been accumulating because of the repeating scenes.
They were like hills that were rising higher and higher.
Grief, pain, regret and fury.
The feelings rose like tides and were going to drown her consciousness.

Calm! I must stay calm! She cried out to herself, but couldn’t resist the negative feelings.
Reviewing her most painful memories again and again, it was already remarkable that she didn’t go crazy.
She didn’t know how much longer she could endure, but if she wasn’t freed from the painful memories, a meltdown would only be a matter of time.

Is this the best you’ve got?

All of a sudden, a voice rumbled in Yun Feng’s head and woke her up.
She stood up from the verge of the abyss of negative emotions.
Who? Who was it that talked to her? It wasn’t her ancestor’s voice, or Little Fire’s, or Lan Yi’s, or Yao Guang’s hoarse voice.
Who was it?

The same scene appeared again, and Lin Meng and his lackeys were laughing arrogantly again.
Yun Feng was still standing, but this time, she felt an unusual peace.
No matter how those people insulted her, they couldn’t provoke her at all.
Some sort of power arose in her heart.
Lin Meng and the others were still saying mean things, when she suddenly smiled..
Seeing that, Lin Meng roared, “What are you laughing at?”

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