Chapter 46: I’ll Accept Your Challenge

However, it was different now.
Yun Feng suddenly jumped out.
Even the level-6 principal of the Martial Arts Institute couldn’t detect her strength.
So, how would Lin Meng be able to compare with her? In the past, there were only Mei Bing and Lin Meng.
The only spot must belong to one of them.
And yet, Yun Feng’s arrival turned everything upside down.

In the eyes of the teachers and the principal of the Martial Arts Institute, all the hopes of the institute were put on Yun Feng.
If the Martial Arts Institute in Chunfeng Town could have such a genius like Yun Feng and send her to the School of God of War of the Empire, how bright would the faces of these teachers become? And Yun Feng was the only person who could change the past situation where they were suppressed by the other Martial Arts Institutes!

Mei Bing and Lin Meng were certainly outstanding as well, but they couldn’t compare to Yun Feng at all.
If Lin Meng and Yun Feng truly had a conflict, the Martial Arts Institute would stand on Yun Feng’s side, even if she was wrong.
They wouldn’t care about Lin Meng anymore.

Wang Youcai didn’t know about it.
The support he thought was very stable had already been shakened.
Even Lin Meng himself had never thought that his status at the Martial Arts Institute would completely change because of Yun Feng, who should have died in his hands.

“Loser, if you have the guts, say that again.” Wang Youcai’s fierce gaze made Ze Ran’s heart tighten.
He subconsciously stood in front of Yun Feng, but Yun Feng pushed him away gently.

“Why? Are you deaf?” Yun Feng’s expressionless and calm look sent Wang Youcai in a panic.
Usually when he mentioned Lin Meng, nobody would dare to talk to him like this anymore.
After mentioning Lin Meng, even some seniors had to be respectful to him.
He had never thought…

“If you piss me off, you won’t end up well!” Wang Youcai looked ferocious.
Lin Meng was his strongest shield! What was the Yun family? Weren’t they still being suppressed by the Lin family?

Yun Feng smiled.
That faint smile on her beautiful little face made Wang Youcai’s heart pound.
Yun Feng slowly walked forward.
Once Wang Youcai saw this, he quietly took a few steps back.
Seeing Yun Feng come towards him calmly and slowly, Wang Youcai was anxious and he immediately shouted furiously!

“How… How dare you come at me? My cousin, Lin Meng, won’t let you go!” The groups of people behind Wang Youcai were also terrified by Yun Feng’s fierceness.
They didn’t look as arrogant as they used to be anymore and they all started to step back sneakily.
A few of them had even hidden in the crowd secretly, leaving Wang Youcai behind.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She just kept moving forward slowly.
Wang Youcai’s forehead was covered in sweat.
He didn’t know why he was a bit scared of this little girl in front of him.
She was a loser who wasn’t even assigned to a teacher.
What was he so afraid of? Besides, he had the support from his cousin, Lin Meng.
Hurting him would be like not giving Lin Meng face.
Lin Meng was at the peak of level 3.
How would he not be able to deal with this little loser?

Thinking of this, Wang Youcai didn’t step back anymore.
Some kind of blind confidence rose out of nowhere, which made his cowardice from earlier then disappear.
After seeing this, Yun Feng couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.
At the same time, there was also a commotion among the kids surrounding them.

“Wang Youcai, what are you afraid of? Aren’t you supported by Lin Meng?”

“Right, right, what are you scared of?”

“Battle, battle!”

When Ze Ran heard that people were provoking a battle, he tried to pull Yun Feng back with a pale face, but the girl’s fierceness calmed his anxious mind completely.
He didn’t know why when he saw the girl’s slender back, an invisible energy surged out.
She would be fine!

Everyone’s noises got louder and louder.
Under such a commotion, Wang Youcai couldn’t help but feel his blood boil.
He pointed at Yun Feng with his finger with a disdainful look.

“Loser, do you have the guts to accept my challenge?”

After hearing this, Yun Feng immediately gave a cold smile.
How stupid was this person exactly? He still came so aggressively when digging his own grave.

“What do you think?”

Wang Youcai burst into laughter and the kids around also laughed.
They didn’t have any clear idea about Yun Feng, Wang Youcai and the others.
They just wanted to see a dog-eat-dog battle.
How exciting!

“Hahaha, do I have the guts? I think you don’t have the guts.
You’re a loser who doesn’t even have a teacher, you timid little b**ch, you…”

Some unpleasant words burst out of Wang Youcai’s mouth.
Ze Ran’s face looked extremely bad after hearing what he said.
He couldn’t control himself and wanted to rush forward to give him a few punches! Smashing that mouth! However, before he took action, Yun Feng, who was still standing there just now, weirdly disappeared.
Everyone was startled and the kids watching the drama all widened their eyes.
Where… Where was she?

Before Wang Youcai finished saying those evil words, he only felt some pressure pressing down on his head, causing his voice to get stuck in his throat.
A shadow flashed.
Wang Youcai’s eyes immediately widened and his pupils shrank right away!

Yun Feng appeared in front of him expressionlessly.
In just a blink, she was already standing before him.
What kind of speed was that?

“Very well.
I’ll accept your challenge.”

Seeing that creepy sneer at the corners of the girl’s mouth, Wang Youcai’s heart suddenly pounded.
He only felt that his body became weak and he was drenched in cold sweat.
Could he… take it back?

Very well.
I’ll accept your challenge.

After hearing that, the children around raised their hands and screamed.
They all looked at Wang Youcai and Yun Feng with excitement in their eyes.
A battle! At their current age, they had only heard others talk about it, but had never seen a real battle at all!

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Cheers rose among the crowd.
Pairs of eyes full of excitement gazed at the two of them.
Ze Ran couldn’t help but become a little passionate and zealous.
Yun Feng would win, she would!

Wang Youcai looked at Yun Feng in front of him and swallowed hard a few times.
A drop of sweat rolled down quietly from his forehead, dropping to his neck along his cheek.
There was no graceful way for him to back out of the current situation anymore.
He must either surrender or knock this girl before him on the ground!

Wang Youcai then stood upright.
Even though he didn’t look very good, he had no choice but to bite the bullet! What was he afraid of? She was a loser that didn’t even have a teacher! What could she do to him? Besides, he was related to Lin Meng after all.
She wouldn’t do anything to him, no matter how courageous she was!

Thinking of this, Wang Youcai stepped back a little.
The fighting energy in his Qi meridians flowed around his entire body and his muscles bulged.
Although he had never had any orthodox training and didn’t know much about Martial Arts, he had started practicing to be a warrior since he was very little.
He was extremely familiar with punching people with his fists!

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