Chapter 468: Break (1)

“Senior, you’re not affected at all,” Yun Feng concluded, seeing how at ease Yao Guang was.
Yao Guang turned around and stared at her in the eyes, before he cackled and said hoarsely, “Girl, don’t you find this amusing?”

Yun Feng’s heart beat quickly.
She somehow found the senior admirable.
Amusing? Indeed it was.
However, they were all stiffened and unable to move.
They would all certainly die if anything unexpected happened, and that wouldn’t be amusing!

“Senior, do you have a solution for this?” asked Yun Feng patiently.
Yao Guang replied with great interest, “I only know that I’m not affected.
I don’t know how to free you.”

Yun Feng stared at Yao Guang in his eyes, trying to see through his heart, but she couldn’t tell.
Maybe he didn’t know, maybe he knew and just would rather not tell.
After all, he was quite the troublemaker back in the Dragon Palace.

“Master, we’ll protect you!” Little Fire’s and Lan Yi’s voices came close.
Yun Feng smiled.
Meatball leaped on Little Fire’s head, and nodded quickly.
Yun Feng smiled, and was about to say something, when she felt the most excruciating pain from inside her body that almost tore apart her soul.
She was trembling because of the pain.

“Master! What’s wrong?” Little Fire and Lan Yi were both worried to see that Yun Feng was pale and sweaty.
At this moment, Yun Feng was unable to say anything.
She felt that her body didn’t belong to her anymore.
Something was separating her consciousness from her body! They were being separated forcefully!

“Kid!” Her ancestor’s anxious voice sounded, but Yun Feng could no longer hear it clearly.
Her consciousness was gradually pushed away from her body, along with excruciating pain.
“Kid! Kid!” Her ancestor was saying something else, but Yun Feng couldn’t hear any of it.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were calling her anxiously too.
Meatball had approached her body, but couldn’t reach her soul.
Yun Feng looked at everything.
Her consciousness was floating above her body.
The same happened to everybody else!

What’s this all about? Yun Feng was still unable to move.
That was her last thought before her consciousness was caught in the darkness as if she had fallen into a black vortex.
Where am I going? That was the last question she had before she completely went blank.

“Even if the Yun family was once in the capital, so what? You’ve already lost your splendor.
You’re no different from garbage! You think you can live a peaceful life in Chunfeng Town? Not a chance!”

“Master Lin, go for it! The Yun family has no respect for the Lin family at all! She’s just a girl.
She shouldn’t have been so bold!”

“Indeed! Master Lin, teach her a good lesson and let her know who’s the boss in Chunfeng Town!”

All the nasty voices entered Yun Feng’s head.
Mockery, despise, insults, and other sounds echoed in the ears, not to mention the name that upset her most: Master Lin.

Hadn’t Lin Meng already been killed by her? Wasn’t the Lin family already eliminated from Chunfeng Town? Had she transmigrated again?

Yun Feng struggled to open her eyes.
Her eyelids were heavy and her body was painful.
She slightly moved, and felt that she was lying on the ground.
At this moment, someone kicked her in the belly, giving her a strong stomach.
Her body was different! This was an unmodified body that had only been slightly trained! She was only in level-1 or level-2!

Yun Feng exerted her strength and opened her eyes.
The dazzling sunlight forced her to narrow her eyes and see the situation.
She found herself in a dirty corner, surrounded by garbage and sand.
She was lying on the filthy ground, and a few boys were standing next to her.
She recognized that they were Lin Meng’s lackeys! She slowly raised her head, and saw Lin Meng’s arrogant and obnoxious face.

“Pa!” Yun Feng was slapped in the face heavily.
She felt the clear pain on her face.
She knew very well that this was her before ten years old.
She was back to what she used to be at the very beginning.

Narrowing her eyes, Yun Feng tried to get back to her feet.
Everybody else instantly laughed.
“See? She’s trying to stand up?”

“Hey, you’re not giving in?”

Lin Meng had been smiling the whole time.
Yun Feng struggled back to her feet.
Her clothes were all filthy.
Her face was probably no better.
She glanced at Lin Meng.
Although she didn’t know what happened, she was certainly too weak to fight the man just yet.
She turned around and was about to leave, but the other people blocked the way.
Yun Feng frowned, and Lin Meng approached her with his fan.
He then tapped the fan on his hand with a nauseating smile.

“Yun Feng, you want to go? That’s fine.
I’ll let you go as long as you lick and clean my shoes.” Lin Meng extended his leg, only to find that his shoe was clean.
He then spat on it, and hit Yun Feng’s back with his fan.
Yun Feng fell on her knees.
Lin Meng extended the foot.
“If you want to go, suck it up!”

Yun Feng silently knelt and didn’t do anything.
This body didn’t carry any mental strength.
She couldn’t run away at all! However, she certainly wouldn’t stand that insult either!

“I would rather be killed than insulted!” What blurted out of Yun Feng’s mouth shocked herself.
Those were not her words! She never wanted to say that! Then, her body pushed Lin Meng’s foot away, and stood up, as if it was capable of making its own decisions.
She then lunged at Lin Meng.
Naturally, Lin Meng dodged her easily.

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