Chapter 467: Nightmare (4)

“My lord, my lord! They all went in!” Seeing that, someone from the Cashya Empire shouted excitedly.
Carson glared at him, and he instantly shut up.
They all stopped hiding, and approached the weird black hole.
Carson couldn’t help but frown, but since a lot of people had gone in, he didn’t have any reason to feel scared.

“We’re going in too.” Carson waved at the man behind him.
The man didn’t really understand.
Carson then roared, “Walk in front of me!”

His subordinate stepped forward in fear.
Carson waited for a moment, and finally moved forward carefully.
After Carson and his teammates went in, the black hole lingered for a while longer, and then slowly disappeared.


Where… am I?

Yun Feng looked at the scene before her eyes at a loss.
She saw light again after a moment of darkness.
In front of her eyes was a broad, endless path that led to the infinite horizon.

“Girl, something is wrong!” Yun Feng heard Ao Jin’s voice, and was about to move, only to find that her body was stiffened.
Coldness was seeping into her body and freezing her bones.
She resisted the invasion with fire elements, fruitlessly!

Yun Feng glanced at her companions.
Qu Lanyi was standing grimly, and so were Little Fire and Lan Yi.
As a fire element Magic Beast, Little Fire should be immune to coldness, but it was turning rigid too.

“This is…” Yun Feng realized that her limbs were stiffening at a visible speed, until in the end, she felt she had almost turned into a statue! She couldn’t move any part of her body.
Everybody had been fixated! Then, the feeling of agility that was the opposite of the rigidity spread out from inside her body.
Yun Feng found it irresistible.
She was already in the mid stage of the Monarch Level.
Yet, she was still caught in such danger in gods’ relics!

It was true that the gods’ relics were perilous!

Exactly at this moment, Xiaoxiao and Muqing arrived one after another.
They hadn’t quite figured out what happened to Yun Feng yet, when their bodies were stiffening too!

“What’s going on?!” cried Xiaoxiao.
Her body had already frozen in a weird posture.
Then, Carson and his followers arrived one after another.
Seeing him, both Muqing and Xiaoxiao were infuriated.
Both of them wanted to curse him, but they couldn’t say anything.

“What’s going on?” Carson mumbled, and felt that something was wrong.
He wanted to turn around and run, but there was no time! Yun Feng slowly turned her head, and finally found a calligraphic word in a corner on the ground: Nightmare!

Nightmare! Yun Feng’s heart palpitated when she saw the word.
Everybody was fixated and couldn’t move, but nothing special happened just yet.
Her throat was suddenly no longer tightened.
Yun Feng knew she could talk again.

“What’s going on!!!” Carson’s voice echoed in the weird space.
Everybody had been fixated.
They couldn’t move at all even though they had regained their voices.

“It seems that the Cashya Empire doesn’t want peace anymore,” said Muqing softly.
Xiaoxiao sneered, “Carson, be prepared to be surrounded and attacked after this!”

Carson laughed.
“You two brats are threatening me? I would kill both of you if I were still able to move!”

Both Muqing and Xiaoxiao changed their expressions.
They were still angry, but they stopped provoking Carson, knowing that he was indeed strong enough to kill both of them.
Besides, Carson was infamous for his lack of morals.
He certainly wouldn’t show mercy just because they were juniors.

Yun Feng was not interested in participating in the argument.
She observed Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, who were frozen, but didn’t seem to be in any pain.
At this moment, Meatball jerked on her shoulder, and Yun Feng was rather surprised.
“Meatball, can you move?”

Meatball craned its head and blinked its grape-like eyes at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was rather astonished.
At this moment, Little Fire’s and Lan Yi’s voices came into her head.
“Master, we can move now.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi were no longer stiffened.
They walked to Yun Feng, and looked at her worriedly.
“Master, are you still unable to move?”

“Yes, I can’t move just yet.
I’m still completely frozen right now.
How were you freed?”

Both Little Fire and Lan Yi were deep in thought.
Then, they shook their heads.
“I don’t know.
The same happened to us, but then the freezing was automatically gone.”

Yun Feng and her companions were standing in the lead.
Naturally, everybody behind them saw them clearly.
They all gasped when Little Fire and Lan Yi moved, shocking that Yun Feng’s Magic Beasts were free!

“Yun Feng! Ask your Magic Beasts to do something!” Carson’s voice came from the rear.
He stared at Lan Yi passionately.
He was dying to have a wind element griffin…

“Carson, do you have any shame? Why would Yun Feng listen to you?” Xiaoxiao roared back straightly.
Muqing chuckled too.
“Well said.
A man without shame truly doesn’t hesitate to do anything.”

“Brats, just wait for it! When we get out, I’m going to personally…”

“Old fart, just save it,” said Qu Lanyi lazily.
“Fengfeng won’t help you even if she can.
You are a great ornament just to be fixated in this place.”

All the others were amused.
Carson instantly roared awkwardly, “Useless junior, how dare you say that?”

Qu Lanyi wasn’t interested in talking to him any longer.
He noticed what Yun Feng saw earlier too.
“Nightmare…” Qu Lanyi’s eyes widened in surprise.
He considered carefully.
Yao Guang, who had been hiding in high altitudes, was unaffected.
He looked down at the crowd on the ground with great curiosity.

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