Chapter 463: That’s the Difference (3)

All the boars that were caught in the Fire Field screamed miserably and deafeningly! The sizzling noises of their furs being burnt came out too.
Then, there was the smell of cooked pork.
Those boars crazily tried to escape from the Fire Field, but to no avail!

Those boars were like delicious food that had offered themselves to Yun Feng, who removed their fur with the flames and slowly roasted them like the best chef.
She controlled the fire, and listened to the pleasant screams.

The uncaught boars were instantly astounded.
They soon realized what was going on, and ran desperately for life as quickly as possible.
The earth was shaking again.
Only this time, the boars were fleeing!

“Is that what a summoner is capable of?” Ovey’s and Shengyao’s teams watched everything, dumbfounded.
They watched the boars that were trapped in the Fire Field, and heard that their screams were waning.
They saw that the boars collapsed one after another, and all turned into roast meat!

The scene was rather cruel, yet the slim and beautiful girl was smiling not far away.
Her smile made everybody realize the difference between them and a summoner.
Those boars which were intimidating threats to them turned into roast meat in Yun Feng’s hands.
They could’ve been killed by the charging boars!

The gap between them and her couldn’t have been more obvious!

Smelling the roast meat, Yun Feng knew it was about time.
She waved her hand, and the Fire Field completely disappeared.
The remaining fire elements dispersed in the air, On the blackened ground, dozens of boars were lying dead.
Their fur had been burnt away, and the smell of roast meat spread out.

Yun Feng leaped forward, and tore off a piece of meat from one of the boars, having a taste of it.
Ovey’s and Shengyao’s people were rather nauseated to see that.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao didn’t seem happy either.
The De family and the Shang family’s explorers almost threw up.
Only Mu Yinghua, who just narrowly escaped, was bold enough to grab a piece of meat, as if he was venting his fury.

“Not bad.
It’s delicious,” remarked Yun Feng casually.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin smiled.
What she did was quite terrifying.
A lot of people here had turned pale.
Besides, there was too much roast meat for her to eat alone.

“Girl, take away their cores.
I’m going to enjoy them.” Yao Guang, who had been stealthy, looked at the roasted boars, and said hoarsely.
He sounded as if he had been hungry for a long time.
Yun Feng picked up all the cores in the boars’ heads, which made everybody realize that what lay on the ground was not just dozens of roasted boars, but also dozens of cores!

The magic cores all emitted vague yellow light, which indicated that they belonged to level-8 Magic Beasts.
Those tusks were not as strong as each other, but they were not to be underestimated when they joined their forces.
Seeing the cores, most people except a few swallowed greedily.

Mu Yinghua looked at the cores in Yun Feng’s hands with glittering eyes.
Yun Feng raised her brows and asked, “Do you want them?”

Mu Yinghua quickly nodded like an obedient dog.
Even the Mu family didn’t have such a number of advanced cores! The people of the De family and the Shang family could only grit their teeth angrily as Mu Yinghua claimed all of them!

“Then here you are.
They’re all yours.” What Yun Feng said elated Mu Yinghua.
She was giving all of the cores to him? He was indeed special to her! His two lackeys had reappeared at some point, and dug the cores diligently with Mu Yinghua.
Their hands shivered when they realized that the boars were fully roasted, but Mu Yinghua was quite poised.

Yun Feng simply stood aside and watched them.
Qu Lanyi approached her and asked in a low voice, “Are you giving the cores to him so kindly?”

Yun family smiled.
“I’m not giving it to him, but to the Mu family.
Don’t worry.
He’ll have to spit them out later!”

Dozens of magic cores ranging from level 6 to level 8 were a huge fortune.
Mu Yinghua stowed them carefully, and looked at Yun Feng passionately.
Seeing that, Muqing and Xiaoxiao didn’t have the vaguest clue what Yun Feng was thinking.
Yun Feng looked at them.
“If you’re hungry, join us for dinner.”

Muqing and Xiaoxiao quickly changed their expressions.
They smiled at Yun Feng, and then turned around and left.
They were quite astounded.
What were their odds of winning the exploration?

After all the magic cores were picked up, Yao Guang chuckled in a low voice, and Yun Feng thought that she heard teeth grinding.
Then, a wind spurted out of his mouth and carried all the boars on the ground back to him!

Meat and bones were chewed in his mouth.
Yun Feng slightly narrowed her eyes.
“Senior Yao Guang, what are you exactly?”

Yao Guang enjoyed the food.
The dozens of boars all disappeared into his stomach, but he was just as short and strange as before, as if it was a bottomless hole.
Yao Guang grinned at Yun Feng.
“Girl, you’ll see.”

After seeing Yun Feng’s appalling attack, the people of the Ovey Empire and the Shengyao Empire were all depressed.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao both considered their odds of winning the exploration.
Their conclusions were that the odds were below ten percent.

They traveled in the woods for days, and didn’t encounter any more hostile Magic Beasts.
They didn’t even see anyone, which was a relief.
How the surviving boars escaped the other day was truly demeaning for all Magic Beasts.
Maybe, the other Magic Beasts living in the woods saw that, and chose to ignore the intruders.

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