Chapter 462: That’s the Difference (2)

Thinking that there was really a Fantastical Beast and that he might be able to tame it, Carson was so excited that his eyes were bloodshot.
He forgot all about the Cashya Empire and the emperor.
He had to get what he wanted!

Yun Feng and the others, who were traveling in the front, looked behind, deep in thought.
Ao Jin snorted, “What? We’ve got stalkers? Interesting.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
They were already far from other teammates, and wouldn’t be heard.
“It doesn’t matter.
Just a few rats.”

Yun Feng slowly sent her mental strength.
Because she was in the mid stage of the Monarch Level, nobody could detect her probing.
Her eyes glittered, and she put on a thoughtful smile, as she didn’t expect those people to come here.

“Fengfeng, are those rats interesting?” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng with a charming smile.
Yun Feng laughed.
Just let them hop for a while.
They’ll be useful.”

“Girl, is she a bad influence on you?” Ao Jin petted Yun Feng, and messed her hair a little bit.
Qu Lanyi felt uncomfortable.
He put Ao Jin’s hand down and combed Yun Feng’s hair.
“Let’s just talk.
Don’t do anything.”

Ao Jin narrowed his golden eyes.
“Woman, are you crossing the line? Are you qualified to tell me how to talk to her?”

Yun Feng smiled awkwardly, “Uncle Flirtatious, she’s just blunt.
Don’t feel offended.” She chuckled, and Qu Lanyi looked at her angrily.
She called him blunt! He was only upset because another man touched her!

“Humph! Mind your own business!” Ao Jin snorted, and Qu Lanyi gloomily pinched Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Feng was going to say something, when Meatball sat straight on her shoulder.
Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin all became solemn as they heard battle noises.
Little Fire and Lan Yi said, “Master, there are gregarious Magic Beasts up ahead!”

“Yun Feng! Yun Feng!” Miserable cries burst out of the woods.
Yun Feng frowned.
It was Mu Yinghua’s voice, and it was getting close.
It seemed that he was running to her.

Earthquakes came along with Mu Yinghua’s cries.
The sounds indicated that a lot of Magic Beasts were rushing closer at the same time.
Little Fire cursed, “Why didn’t he die?”

“He’s leading the Magic Beasts to us!” roared Ao Jin angrily.
Mu Yinghua, who had been in the lead, was running back awkwardly, followed by a swarm of creatures!

“Yun Feng, Yun Feng, help!” Mu Yinghua ran desperately.
His two lackeys had already disappeared.
The people of the De family and the Shang family all jumped aside when they saw Mu Yinghua, not caring about his safety at all.
That was the problem of a disorganized team.
Everybody only cared about their own safety when in danger!

“What a troublemaker!” said Qu Lanyi angrily.
Yun Feng opened her hand, invoking fire elements.
“He’s really one hell of a troublemaker! Little Fire, Lan Yi, kill them all!”

Under her instruction, a red streak of light and a green one darted out.
Mu Yinghua was running desperately.
He was already exhausted, but the fear of death motivated him to keep running!

“Ah…” Feeling that another two creatures were lunging at him, Mu Yinghua was too scared to run any longer.
He fell on his knees, and the Magic Beasts that were chasing him all let out a deafening roar!

Little Fire and Lan Yi had encountered the hundred Magic Beasts, which were all strong boars with long tusks! They all roared at the top of their voices.
Little Fire’s claw hit one of the boars, which screamed in pain, but did not die immediately!

Such boar were most proud of their hard fur, which protected them even when they were faced with opponents whose levels were much higher! Also, they had an advantage as gregarious animals.
A group of boar would be an iron wall that couldn’t be shaken!

The boars roared furiously, and Yun Feng launched her fire elements towards them.
Being scorched by fire elements, the boars’ skins were blackening.
Yun Feng even smelled the fragrance of roast pork.

“Hoooooooo…” Most boars suddenly changed their direction and charged at Yun Feng, making the earth shake again.
Seeing that, Little Fire and Lan Yi tried to stop them, but there were so many boars that even Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t change their advantage!

“Right on time!” Smiling, Yun Feng stared at the boars that had been exasperated by her.
She laughed, and the fire elements in her hands surged out like a volcano, spreading as flames!

Seeing that, Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin quickly jumped away.
Would anything happen to Yun Feng? Of course not! While hiding, Yao Guang put on a smile.
“Girl, spare the fattest one for me.”

Yun Feng put on a smile.
“Don’t worry.
I’m going to have a good taste of the boar barbecue.
Fire Field!” After her roar, a world of flames appeared in the woods.
Instantly, all the grass and plants in the area of the fire elements were burnt up, and the earth was blackened.
The green woods in the area had already turned empty!

“That’s…” The other two teams heard the noises and came.
Seeing the flames and the area that they covered, they all widened their eyes.
They had certainly heard the noise of the boars, and had been gloating, until they heard the explosion.
They were all shocked at what they saw!

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