Chapter 461: That’s the Difference (1)

Mu Yinghua and Xiaoxiao both put on a friendly smile at Yun Feng, and Yun Feng returned it to them.
At this moment, Mu Yinghua approached and introduced himself to them.
“I am Mu Yinghua, the captain of the Fengyun Empire’s team.
Nice to meet you!”

Muqing and Xiaoxiao both frowned and looked at Yun Feng suspiciously.
Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything.
They nodded at Mu Yinghua, but would rather not talk to him.
They both returned to their own teams.

“You…” Mu Yinghua was left alone.
He was quite infuriated.
Why are you so arrogant? I’ve already shown you enough respect by greeting you!

Yun Feng also returned without saying anything.
“It’s time for us to go!” A voice came from the Shengyao Empire.
The other two teams immediately followed them to gods’ relics.
Mu Yinghua proudly walked in the lead of Fengyun’s team, followed by his two lackeys.
Yun Feng and her companions walked in the rear.

Little Fire and Lan Yi had already returned.
Meatball, on the other hand, was lying obediently on Yun Feng’s shoulder, maybe because it had been exhausted from playing with Little Fire.
Yun Feng had never seen it more obedient.

They walked in the rear of the team, and soon reached the gods’ relics, which was on the borderland between Shengyao and Ovey.
Everybody saw the woods in the distance, and the contours of the relics further away.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
Was that the gods’ relics?

“As you can see, the gods’ relics are deep in the woods.
We must cross the woods to reach it,” said someone from Shengyao.
At this moment, Xiaoxiao walked out.
“Although the woods are on the borderland between Shengyao and Ovey, neither of our countries have explored this place.
We don’t know it any better than you do.
We need rules for our exploration.
Let’s settle on the rules now.
Captains, please come with me!”

Mu Yinghua was stunned for a moment, and then felt excited.
As the captain, he was the one who made the decision on critical matters like this one! Mu Yinghua stepped up proudly, and so did Ovey’s and Shengyao’s captains, who weren’t Xiaoxiao and Muqing, but another two people.

They discussed it for a long time.
Mu Yinghua tried to chime in several times, only to be subtly interrupted by the other captains.
Eventually, he didn’t get a say in the final rules at all.

Mu Yinghua returned, blushing.
He was too embarrassed to say that he was ignored, fearing that other people would despise him.
He tried to explain.
The people of the De family and the Shang family sneered, all knowing what kind of person Mu Yinghua was.

“After a discussion, we have established some rules.
Firstly, the three empires will explore on different routes.
Secondly, all three teams will be free and justified to do anything to protect their interests during the exploration.
Thirdly, each team will be qualified to keep what they find!”

Hearing the rules, Yun Feng stood there, deep in thought.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, put on a mocking smile.
“All teams are free and justified to do anything to protect their interests.
Does it mean that we can resort to anything to defend our interests?”

Ao Jin frowned after he heard that.
“That’s the only rule we need!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“That’s not a bad rule.
We’ll be justified to kill anyone.
Nobody will suffer any loss.”

Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin nodded, deep in thought.
If they were going on a killing spree, the other two teams would probably be annihilated by them…

“During this exploration, we won’t attack anyone unless we’re attacked.
They’re free to do anything as long as they don’t mess with us,” said Yun Feng casually.
She couldn’t claim all the treasures, and had to share some of them with others, but she certainly wouldn’t give away the Fantastical Beast, which belonged to her!

“We’ll be heading off!” said Shengyao’s team.
They instantly entered the woods and disappeared.
Ovey’s team followed them into the woods.
Seeing that, Mu Yinghua shouted nervously, “Let’s hurry up too!” Fearing that the other two empires gained an advantage, Mu Yinghua immediately ran to the woods, and the others followed.
Yun Feng looked at the branches above her head, and thought that it was more convenient to walk on the land than to fly in the sky.

The ten explorers of the Fengyun Empire all entered the woods and left for the gods’ relics.
After they all disappeared, another team came from the distance.
“My lord, they’re all in!”

One of them nodded, and waved his hand at the forest in front of his eyes.
“Let’s follow them!” Some sunlight passed between leaves and shined on his face, showing that he was none other than Carson, the Cashya Empire’s summoner that Yun Feng had confronted!

“My lord, won’t they spot us? If they do…” asked someone worriedly.
Carson sneered, “We lurked for a long time.
Did they spot us? The Cashya Empire certainly cannot abandon this exploration and let the other empires take all the advantage! Besides…” Greed flashed on Carson’s face.
The information on the Fantastical Beast was the greatest momentum to bring him here.
A Fantastical Beast was irresistibly tempting for a summoner!

Without further ado, Carson dashed forward, followed by his teammates, who were uneasy, but couldn’t violate their lord’s instruction.
They only hoped that the other teams wouldn’t spot them.
If they were spotted, they would be jointly attacked by the other teams!

Of course, Carson’s operation was not authorized.
Even though the emperor of the Cashya Empire was ambitious, he considered the safety of his empire the top priority.
Carson was different.
As a summoner, he found it impossible to refuse a Fantastical Beast, so he had to come here.
Even though his decision might put Cashya in danger, he couldn’t waste the opportunity of getting a Fantastical Beast!

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