Chapter 460: What? (4)

“Fengfeng, you sounded quite angry when you called me.
It seems that there’s something else you want to do.
I will certainly satisfy you.”

Yun Feng wondered if she could kick this man out with a minimal fusion of elements! “If you drive me out, I won’t mind letting other people know… what happened between us.” Yun Feng unconsciously raised her head, and saw the big smile on Qu Lanyi’s face.

“Shut up and go to sleep,” said Yun Feng coldly.
She tried to keep her distance from Qu Lanyi, who noticed it and pulled her back again.
Yun Feng was so angry and embarrassed that she wanted to teach him a lesson with elemental fusion, but she gave up in the end.

The night breeze was rather cold.
Tranquility was restored after the scream.
On the bed, the two people hugged each other and fell asleep.


The next morning, Mu Yinghua walked out of his room, unable to stand straight.
He felt that his head was dizzy and his back was painful, as if it had been hit badly.
He thought that he might have bumped into something when he was drunk the previous night, and didn’t consider it a big deal.
Qu Lanyi walked out of Yun Feng’s room without the slightest awkwardness.

Qu Lanyi appeared as a woman in other people’s eyes, so they weren’t surprised at all.
They only thought that the two women were really close.
Seeing Qu Lanyi, Mu Yinghua immediately walked to her and wanted to talk to her, but Qu Lanyi simply turned around and entered his room, leaving the man alone.

What’s going on? Mu Yinghua looked at Qu Lanyi’s back, confused.
At this moment, a voice came from the distance.
“Mu Yinghua, stop fantasizing about things you can’t get,” said one of the four representatives of the De family and the Shang family.
Two of them were Commander Level middle-aged men, and the other two were young descendants of the two families.
They were happy to see Mu Yinghua being ignored.

Mu Yinghua didn’t forget his identity, and simply left without a word.
He heard their mockeries, and clenched his fists tightly.
Just wait for it.
Let’s see if you dare to mock me again after I’m involved in a special relationship with them!

There were only three days to go until the exploration of the relics.
The Fengyun Empire’s team was making final preparations and confirming the items they had brought, but there was nothing they could do even if they forgot anything.
After all, they couldn’t buy anything in this small place.
There was no news from Ovey’s or Shengyao’s teams either.
It seemed that Muqing and Xiaoxiao believed what Yun Feng said.
They didn’t seize the opportunity to ask the Fengyun Empire for more information.
During the three days, Yun Feng had studied the map of the gods’ relics.

According to the map, the gods’ relics were divided into several areas: the square, the living quarters, the arsenal, and the warehouse.
Although all the areas seemed small on the map, they were probably very huge.
The classification of the four areas made Yun Feng feel that the place was a home to a group of people.

The map was not exactly detailed.
Only the main roads to the four areas were marked on the map.
There was not anything that was more detailed.

Yun Feng speculated that the old man who drew the map had never been to the gods’ relics.
He must’ve obtained information on the gods’ relics somewhere else, and inferred the map based on it.
Fortunately, Meatball had been there, and would be a tour guide in the relics.

There was only one entrance in the gods’ relics, and it was connected to four roads that led to different places.
The square and the living quarters were probably not very valuable.
The arsenal and the warehouse were much more precious.
A lot of things must’ve been buried in those places.
However, Yun Feng remembered her ancestor’s warning.
The gods’ relics were extremely dangerous, and there was no telling what was awaiting her.

She had asked what existed most in gods’ relics, but Little Fire didn’t quite understand Meatball’s answer, not even after Meatball repeated several times.
She had to give up in the end.

After she put away the map carefully, Yao Guang, who had been hiding, yawned lazily, “Do you have any thoughts?”

Yun Feng smiled.
Senior Yao Guang, having come out of the Dragon Palace, would indeed be a great help, but she didn’t dare to command him randomly.
That guy must be as old as her ancestor.
He was surely experienced enough as a contestant.

“I do.
We cannot only choose one of the four roads.
I believe the other two empires will think the same.”

Yao Guang floated in midair, and put on a cold smile as Yun Feng continued, “Whichever road I choose, someone will be following me, which will be a problem.”

“What’s the problem? Just get rid of them,” remarked Yao Guang hoarsely and brutally.
He had always been temperamental and unpredictable.

“It won’t be easy to get rid of them, certainly not in the dangerous gods’ relics,” said Yun Feng, frowning.
Yao Guang’s crazy voice came out.
“If we can’t get rid of them, just kill them all!”

Yun Feng was stunned for a moment.
Kill them all? That did sound great.
Putting on a smile, Yun Feng said, “Thank you for your advice, senior, but no.”

Yao Guang snorted in disagreement, as if he thought that Yun Feng should be more ruthless.
He then thought of something else.
“Right, get the two people out of the Dragon Palace after this.
They’re so noisy!”

Yun Feng was amused, knowing that her brother and Mu Xiaojin must’ve worried for her.
She defended them with a joke.
She would probably be able to further refine the Dragon Palace after the exploration.

Three days passed very quickly.
The teams of the three empires were all gathered.
The Fengyun Empire’s team was clearly much weaker on average and more disorganized than the other teams.

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