Chapter 45: It Was Impossible Not to Make a Fuss About It

On the contrary, the teachers of the inner campus really wanted Yun Feng to give them some guidance.
After all, these people, who called themselves teachers, would indeed feel ashamed when they knew that she reached such a level at her age.
They also thought deeply that they must admit they were old already.

However, such an arrangement got Yun Feng seriously misunderstood.
In the eyes of these newly enrolled children, Yun Feng was someone who was definitely about to be abandoned by the Martial Arts Institute.
What did it mean if she was abandoned by the Martial Arts Institute? It meant that she didn’t have potential and wouldn’t have any achievement at all!

“Brother Ze Ran, I want to say something to you as a friend.
Be cautious when you make friends with people.” Wang Youcai glanced at Yun Feng, as if he was implying something.
The few people behind him also had the same gaze.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile.
With her strength, she could squeeze them to death with her fingers, but they thought she was a loser? That was truly interesting.
Because of the difference between their strengths, Yun Feng didn’t bother to argue with these people at all.

“What… do you mean?” Ze Ran glanced at him and glanced at Yun Feng.
Wang Youcai gazed at Ze Ran with an exasperated look.
How come the brains of these civilians were all like wooden bells? They couldn’t be knocked through!

“Brother Ze Ran, with your talent, you should certainly befriend someone who has the same level as you.
Don’t make friends with losers that aren’t going to stay in the Martial Arts Institute.
They’ll lower your value.”

Ze Ran understood what Wang Youcai meant when he heard this, even if his brain was like a wooden bell.
His face immediately darkened and he stared at Wang Youcai with an upset look.
“It’s none of your business.
If there’s nothing else, just leave.”

Wang Youcai looked a bit embarrassed after Ze Ran stared at him like this.
“Brother Ze Ran, Lin Meng is my cousin and he’s the top student of the Martial Arts Institute.
If Brother Ze Ran is sensible, you should know what to do.”

After hearing this, Ze Ran smiled coldly.
In the end, he surprisingly ignored Wang Youcai, then walked to Yun Feng, grabbed Yun Feng’s hand and turned around to leave.

Ze Ran’s help made Yun Feng a little surprised, but she also felt a sense of recognition towards this new friend.
She looked at Wang Youcai’s pale face, like he had eaten ashes, and asked Ze Ran wickedly.
She didn’t speak loudly, but Wang Youcai happened to hear her.

“Ze Ran, he said Lin Meng is his cousin.
It seems that if you befriend him, you’ll get quite a lot of advantages.”

“Who’s Lin Meng? I’ve never heard of him! You still haven’t told me who your teacher is.”

Wang Youcai saw that the two of them were talking and laughing, treating what he said just then as air.
He immediately yelled loudly, “Ze Ran, you don’t know how to appreciate kindness! I came to talk to you only because I think highly of you.
Since you make friends with losers, I don’t think you’ll achieve much!”

Ze Ran suddenly stopped walking.
Yun Feng saw his eyebrows pulse a few times fiercely and his face also looked very bad.
She turned around and stared at Wang Youcai with a hint of coldness on her delicate face, making Wang Youcai’s hair stand on end.

“Loser, what are you looking at?”

Yun Feng smiled and raised her eyebrows gently.
“Did you say that Lin Meng is your cousin?”

Wang Youcai then chuckled.
“Why? Are you afraid? My cousin isn’t someone you can provoke! If you know how to read the room, you should kneel and apologize.
Then, I’ll forget about it.”

Ze Ran clenched his fists tight.
He only felt that Wang Youcai had gone too far! However, how would he have the strength to fight against him right now? He must tolerate this.
He could only tolerate this!

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became even colder.
The invisible pressure shot out of her black eyes made Wang Youcai’s body tremble slightly.
She didn’t want to make a fuss about it, but since he was related to Lin Meng, how could she not do so?

“Wang Youcai.” Yun Feng said softly.
The boy with an arrogant look in front of her was slightly startled.


Yun Feng gave a slight smile, but she didn’t look friendly at all.
She touched her nose slowly with her finger and her black eyes were cold.
“Apologize to Ze Ran, right now.”

Wang Youcai glanced at Yun Feng to make sure that she was indeed talking to him.
He then looked at the few people behind him.
They all burst into laughter immediately without restraints.

“Hahaha, yo, did I hear it correctly? Are you talking to me?” Wang Youcai laughed so hard that his tears almost came out.
He only felt like this girl in front of him, who wasn’t even as tall as he was, must have gotten tired of living.
How dare a loser, who wasn’t even assigned to a teacher and was about to be expelled from the Martial Arts Institute, talk to him like this?

Yun Feng didn’t talk.
She only stared at these people, who were laughing wildly, with a cold look.
More children gradually gathered around to watch the drama.
This big conflict almost attracted all the newly enrolled children here.
Everyone got closer and eventually formed a circle, surrounding Yun Feng, Ze Ran, Wang Youcai and his friends in the middle.

Ze Ran had never thought that Yun Feng would confront Wang Youcai for him.
He felt moved in his mind.
After all, Ze Ran was only a child from a normal family, who didn’t have money and power.
Apart from his pretty good talent, he truly had nothing else.
A person like him could be friends with a member of the Yun family and was even protected by Yun Feng.
Ze Ran’s was touched in his mind and inevitably a little worried at the same time.
it really wasn’t worth it to do this for him.
They just needed to be tolerant.
When he grew stronger, could these people bully him like this?

“Yun Feng, just forget about it.” Ze Ran pulled Yun Feng’s sleeve as he looked at the indifferent profile of this girl, feeling warm and also worried.
Yun Feng turned her head to the side slightly and smiled beamingly at Ze Ran.
Ze Ran couldn’t help but become dumbfounded.
She, was really beautiful.

“Ze Ran, sometimes, it isn’t that the other party will just let you go when you say forget it, just like these scumbags here.” Yun Feng said lightly as she glanced at those people, who immediately looked bad, in front of her.
A sneer appeared in her heart.

Ze Ran and the children watching around couldn’t help but feel shocked.
Even though Wang Youcai wasn’t really frightening, nobody dared to say that about him.
After all, Lin Meng was his cousin, so it was like he had very powerful support! Almost all the newly enrolled kids knew how arrogant and domineering Lin Meng was at the Martial Arts Institute and they would avoid conflict with Lin Meng or people related to him.
The power of the Lin family could be seen when nobody cared even if he was so insolent at the Martial Arts Institute!

However, the Lin family had no idea that if Lin Meng wasn’t at the peak of level 3, how would the Martial Arts Institute have the reason to allow him to run wild? After all, he was a talent.
Being able to reach this level, he was already one of the best.
They only turned a blind eye on Lin Meng’s arrogance because they cherished their talents.
As long as he didn’t cause any big trouble, nobody would care about what he did.

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