Chapter 457: What? (1)

As if it had sensed Yun Feng’s watch, Meatball looked at Yun Feng with its big watery eyes.
Yun Feng calculated and realized it had been a long time since she last fed Meatball.
It was time to feed it an ultimate ore.
Fortunately, Meatball didn’t need to eat every day like human beings.
She had enough ultimate ores to feed it for now.

“Wait for me to come back,” Yun Feng said to Meatball.
Meatball jumped and shouted in delight, making Little Fire roll its eyes in disdain.
Yun Feng walked out with Qu Lanyi with a smile, and Qu Lanyi grabbed her hand.
She was stunned for a moment, and then felt warm air by her ear.
“This is what besties do.”

Yun Feng suddenly blushed.
What a hermaphrodite pervert! She cursed Qu Lanyi inwardly in her heart, but simply let him drag her to the dining hall, where a lot of people had sat down around a big table.
Seeing them, Mu Yinghua quickly stood up.
“Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi, sit here!”

Yun Feng saw that there were two vacant seats next to Mu Yinghua.
Qu Lanyi smiled, and led Yun Feng to him.
He then sat down right next to Mu Yinghua, and put Yun Feng on the other seat.
Seeing Qu Lanyi’s movement, Mu Yinghua thought that she was jealous.
He couldn’t help but put on a smile and sat down in delight.

“Yun Feng, where is your other friend? Why isn’t he here?” asked the Commander Level man.
Yun Feng replied with a smile, “He’s not hungry.
Let’s not wait for him.” All the others smiled, but didn’t grab their chopsticks.
Yun Feng looked at them, and knew that there was something they wanted to say.
She intentionally kept quiet, and ate the food with Qu Lanyi.

“This dish is not bad.
Try it,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice, while picking food for Yun Feng.
They seemed so close to each other that Mu Yinghua was truly jealous.
Both of the women were unbelievably strong! If he could marry either of them, he would have nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

“Cough, cough!” The two Commander Level experts coughed awkwardly, showing that there was something they wanted to say.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi paused, and Yun Feng raised his head.
“Is there anything you want to say?”

Both of the Commander Level men were secretly relieved.
“We must stick together during the exploration of the gods’ relics.
We need a captain for our team.
Now, let’s have an election.”

Hardly had they said that when everybody fixed their eyes on Yun Feng.
Yun Feng knew exactly what they were up to.
Instead of saying no directly, she put down her chopsticks and said, “The captain should be the person who makes decisions that will benefit the team most greatly.
They don’t have to be the strongest.
It’s shrewdness and diplomatic skills that matter.”

After Yun Feng said that, everybody was deep in thought.
Then, Yun Feng looked aside at Mu Yinghua.
“Truth be told, I do not have talent in those aspects.
This exploration is of critical importance, so we must choose the right captain.
I recommend Mu Yinghua.”

Everybody focused their eyes on Mu Yinghua, who was quite shocked, and looked at Yun Feng with widened eyes, as if she had said something incredible.
Yun Feng’s lips curled.
“Although Mu Yinghua is not the strongest, I’ve noticed that he’s very smart and good at making friends.
Since we will inevitably run into teams of the other two countries, he is the best captain candidate.”

“If you put it that way, the people of the Shang family and the De family are more suitable!” argued the four representatives of the two families.
They would’ve accepted Yun Feng as their captain, but they certainly wouldn’t accept Mu Yinghua! Could the Mu family be as shrewd and diplomatic as the Shang family or the De family?

Mu Yinghua sat there anxiously.
He didn’t expect that Yun Feng would nominate and endorse him.
He was so thrilled.
It seemed that Yun Feng truly liked the Mu family! That’s great news!

Yun Feng smiled again.
“I’m just proposing a candidate.
Everyone can fight for the post fairly.”

The representatives of the De family and the Shang family glared at Mu Yinghua.
Yun Feng’s proposal had subtly put Mu Yinghua on the opposite side of the two families.
Yet, Mu Yinghua was so dumb that he thought Yun Feng was helping him.

“How about we have a vote? That’s the only fair way,” suggested Qu Lanyi, who grabbed Yun Feng’s hand underneath the table with a charming smile.
Yun Feng glared at him, asking him to let go, but instead of letting go of her hand, Qu Lanyi simply linked fingers with hers and held her hand even more tightly.

The others all silently accepted the proposal.
The representatives of the other two families who sided with Mu Yinghua voted for him, and the Shang family and the De family took the same side.
Yun Feng just nominated Mu Yinghua, so she naturally voted for him.
Qu Lanyi was the only person who hadn’t voted.
His vote was of critical importance.

The atmosphere was full of tension.
Qu Lanyi stared at nobody except Yun Feng, sending a telepathic message.
Fengfeng, do you need my help?

Yun Feng smiled, and replied telepathically, whatever.
She didn’t really care who the captain would be.
If Mu Yinghua became the captain, he would only fall more brutally later.
Qu Lanyi smiled, and looked back at Mu Yinghua who was sitting by his side.
Mu Yinghua was nervously looking at him.
“Qu Lanyi, who are you going to vote for?” asked Mu Yinghua anxiously.
Qu Lanyi smiled, making him blush.

“I certainly voted for you,” said Qu Lanyi with a smile.
Mu Yinghua was thrilled to hear that.
Five against four! He won! He would be the captain of the exploration team!

“Congratulations, Brother Mu!” The other two representatives congratulated him, feeling that it was the right decision to make friends with him.
The four people who voted against him didn’t look well.
After all, they were from the Shang family and the De family, and it would be demeaning if they listened to the command of someone from the Mu family.

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