Chapter 455: Acquiring What Should Be Acquired (3)

“You’re the old fart who disrupted my sleep?” Yao Guang narrowed his gray eyes and suddenly sneered.
“You really think you’re strong enough to show your strength in front of me?” Yao Guang’s black robe moved, and darkness arose in this space again.
However, unlike the previous time, the darkness came with strong discomfort and pressure.
The pressure was physical last time, and mental this time!

Darkness appeared and the old man suddenly widened his eyes.
He knew he had encountered an expert, and instantly begged for mercy.
“Senior! It was just a joke! A joke!” The old man’s voice echoed in the dark space, where Yun Feng felt uncanny pressure.
Whoever spent a long time in this place would surely have a meltdown! She wondered who, or rather, what this senior Yao Guang was.

“Humph!” Yao Guang snorted, restoring light in the space.
The old man was shivering palely on his chair, and seemed quite awkward.
“Girl, what do you want to do with him?” asked Yao Guang hoarsely.
The old man instantly panicked, and looked at Yun Feng, begging, “Yun Feng, I was only joking with you.
Here’s the map!” The map on the old man’s table drifted towards Yun Feng, and she picked it up.

She decided to show him some mercy.
Although the man was greedy, he wasn’t truly malicious, or he would’ve killed her with that pressure instead of letting her endure for so long.

“Senior, just let him go.” Yun Feng smiled.
It was already quite rewarding that she found the map.
Yao Guang raised his brows.
“You’re letting him go?”

“Senior, I didn’t want to kill her at all, or I wouldn’t have let her endure for such a long time.
As I said, it was just a joke! I’ve already given her my map.
Please spare me this time!” The old man quickly explained and defended himself.
Yao Guang’s lips curled, and he flew back to Yun Feng, floating inside the black robe.
He looked as weird as before.

“I don’t have the time to kill you,” said Yao Guang in a low voice.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Senior, are you going back?” Yao Guang yawned and replied, “I don’t come out often.
Although I’m rather sleepy, I want to see how the world looks like these days.”

Yun Feng nodded.
She had a lot of questions that she wanted to ask Yao Guang.
For example, what was the space pressure just now? And what was he exactly?

Yun Feng pushed the door and walked out.
Yao Guang naturally hid around her.
Nobody except Yun Feng could see him.
After Yun Feng walked out, Muqing and Xiaoxiao, who had been waiting, instantly looked at her curiously.
Yun Feng shrugged and put on a bitter smile at them.
Muqing frowned in confusion, and Xiaoxiao sighed regretfully, “You failed too? That old man is really a handful, isn’t he?”

When Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi saw the expression on Yun Feng’s face, they smiled, but didn’t say anything.
Mu Yinghua, on the other hand, said regretfully, “How could you have failed? You’re Yun Feng!”

Little Fire and Lan Yi glanced at him angrily, and Mu Yinghua instantly shut up.
He glanced at Yun Feng regretfully, as if he thought she should’ve succeeded.
Yao Guang, who was invisible, looked at the people around Yun Feng.
“Those two aren’t bad, but you really made friends with that kind of person?” Yao Guang pointed at Mu Yinghua.
Yun Feng smiled and replied telepathically, “I don’t know him.”

Yao Guang snorted in disdain.
“He’s too worthless for me to examine.”

Yun Feng was relieved to hear Yao Guang compliment Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin.
Experts should naturally make friends with other experts.
Their circles were full of other experts.
Yun Feng would rather not demean herself by making friends with someone like Mu Yinghua.

Xiaoxiao seemed quite regretful and frustrated.
Muqing, on the other hand, looked at Yun Feng, deep in thought.
There seemed to be a lot of emotions in his thoughtful eyes.
“Guys, see you later,” Yun Feng said to Muqing and Xiaoxiao.
Both of them nodded and watched Yun Feng go away.
After Yun Feng left, Xiaoxiao looked at the door in frustration.

“Even Yun Feng failed to get it.
That old man is truly not easy to deal with!”

Muqing suddenly stopped frowning.
“Do you honestly believe what Yun Feng just said?”

Xiaoxiao was stunned.
“What do you mean? Was she lying?”

“I don’t know whether or not she lied, but I simply don’t quite believe what she just said.”

Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows because of what Muqing said.
“If what you said is true, she must’ve kept it a secret because she got something good.”

Muqing didn’t say anything.
It was just a speculation.
After all, Yun Feng was too strong and stubborn to give up so easily.
While Muqing continued considering, Xiaoxiao was already convinced that Yun Feng had gotten some good stuff.

“I didn’t realize that she had a cunning side! What do we do? If she got anything good, wouldn’t we be at a disadvantage?”

Muqing frowned in silence again.
They didn’t know what Yun Feng got, because the old man in the house had a weird personality.
It wasn’t easy for them to find out information about the old man, but both of them failed to get what they wanted.
If Yun Feng truly got something good, then she would surely have an advantage in the exploration operation.

“It doesn’t matter even if you think.
If she has indeed gotten something good and hidden it, what can we do?” Muqing said lazily, stopping frowning.
“I’m going back.
Suit yourself.” He then turned around and left.
Xiaoxiao stood aside and thought for a moment.
She didn’t want to give up just like that.
In the end, she gazed at the door for a moment and then cursed before she left too.
“What a weird old man!”


Yun Feng and her companions went back in silence.
Mu Yinghua glanced at her now and then from the rear.
Did she really not get anything? Really? Mu Yinghua thought that all the way back.
He truly did not consider himself an outsider.
Even if Yun Feng got anything, would he have a share in it at all?

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