m, senior…” Yun Feng struggled to say, breathing heavily.
Yao Guang frowned after hearing that.
“Kid, what happened to you?”

Yun Feng was going to say that she was fine, but she only let out a grunt.
Yao Guang stood straight abruptly, with worry on his face.
“What’s going on? Tell me!”

Yun Feng’s voice didn’t come back until a long time later.
“There’s a… minor problem.”

Yao Guang furrowed his brows.
“You’re breathing so heavily, yet you call it a minor problem? Are you too proud to give in?” Yun Feng’s laughter came back, and she was not surrendering at all.
Yao Guang put on a helpless smile.
“If I don’t help you, the two noisy humans will just keep shouting! Now, focus and summon me.
Remember, my name is Yao Guang.”

Yun Feng’s lips curled in the dark.
She closed her eyes and opened her lips, reciting the name, “Yao Guang.” One of the arrays in the Dragon Palace glowed brilliantly under the summoning, and a person disappeared into the light.
Then, everything was back to peace.
The old man’s voice echoed again.
“Don’t get back late…”

After reciting the name, Yun Feng suddenly felt that the pressure on her was eased, and the old man who had been observing her was shocked! The pressure he imposed in the space had been neutralized! How was it possible? That was impossible!

Light erupted in the darkness like the sun that was rising on the horizon.
The dazzling brilliance drove away the darkness, allowing Yun Feng to see the things in the room again.
The old man was still sitting in front of his desk, with a marvelous expression on his face.

“W-What’s this…” The old man mumbled, and stared at the glowing light.
When the glowing light disappeared, the weird senior Yun Feng had met in the Dragon Palace was floating in midair.
He had the same childish face, strange black robe, a short body, and a pair of gray eyes, which seemed to be filled with fury at this moment.

“It’s you?” Yao Guang fixed his eyes upon the old man the moment he came out.
The pressure from his gray eyes made the old man shiver.
His hoarse voice echoed in the space, and the pressure of the darkness was gone.
Relieved, Yun Feng glanced at Yao Guang.

Yun Feng didn’t know who the guy was, or why he was inside the Dragon Palace.
She didn’t know whether he was a guardian of the Dragon Palace, or if he was just a prisoner there.
She only knew that the weird senior didn’t have a good temper.
He was quite temperamental, and even a little bit bloodthirsty.

Yun Feng still remembered how he teased her back in the Dragon Palace, but she decided to forgive him now that he had appeared and given her a hand.
The old man gazed at Yao Guang, and asked in a daze, “Is this… your Magic Beast?”

Hearing that, Yao Guang seemed to be greatly insulted.
He flashed forward and approached the old man.
“Say that again?” His voice was so hoarse and nasty that the old man had goosebumps all over his body.
He opened his mouth, but was unable to make any sound.

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