Chapter 451: Robbery (2)

“Right, are you here for that too?” asked Xiaoxiao.
Yun Feng frowned.
That? What was she referring to?

Seeing Yun Feng’s confusion, Xiaoxiao realized she didn’t know anything.
“You don’t know? Hehe.
It’s surprising that there are things you don’t know,” she joked.
At this moment, someone opened the door of the inconspicuous room.
He was dazed to see Yun Feng too.

“It’s you?” came a gentle voice.
Yun Feng smiled.
If Muqing of the Ovey Empire was here, whatever Xiaoxiao was referring to must be interesting.
Muqing glanced at Xiaoxiao and bit her lips, “It’s your turn.”

Xiaoxiao was slightly astonished.
“What’s the matter? You didn’t succeed?”

Muqing blushed, and stepped aside without saying a word.
Xiaoxiao was apparently gloating at him.
He snorted in disdain, “No need to laugh at me.
Your result will be the same.”

Xiaoxiao giggled and laid her hand on the door.
“Why don’t you wait here to see my result?”

Muqing became grim, and Xiaoxiao walked into the room without waiting for his reply.
Yun Feng stared at the big ordinary house, deep in thought.
What were they talking about? What was hidden in it?

After Xiaoxiao went in, Muqing waited as she suggested.
He seemed as vulnerable as he was last time they met.
Nobody said anything.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin looked at Ao Jin, and considered what could be in the house too.

“Yun Feng, you’re not going in?” Mu Yinghua, who followed them, suddenly suggested.
Muqing glanced at him.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Mu Yinghua then added anxiously, “Wouldn’t it be a loss if she gets any treasure?”

Both Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin frowned.
It was true that people on different levels had different attitudes.
Yun Feng smiled.
“You can only get treasures that are destined for you.
If Xiaoxiao gets anything, then she’s lucky.”

Mu Yinghua was going to say something else, but Ao Jin’s eyes made him shut his mouth.
He glanced at the house regretfully, and mumbled to himself.
In his opinion, they should all just break into the house and get the good stuff in it!

Muqing looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully.
“Your level is quite high.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“It has nothing to do with my level.
Just my opinion.”

“Humph! Let’s hope she’s as lucky as you think,” said Muqing with obvious disdain and sarcasm.
He was sure that Xiaoxiao couldn’t get it.
That woman just mocked him.
He would get back at her in the same way when she came out.

A long time later, the door was opened, and Xiaoxiao walked out grimly.
Obviously, she didn’t get anything.
Muqing sneered, “What’s the matter? You didn’t succeed?”

Xiaoxiao unhappily glanced at Muqing, knowing that he was mocking her on purpose.
“You didn’t succeed either.
It’s natural that I didn’t.”

Muqing’s face was even colder.
“If you know that you’re no good, don’t mock other people, or you will only embarrass yourself!”

Xiaoxiao blushed.
“Muqing! Do you love being mean?”

Muqing turned his head and ignored her.
Xiaoxiao blushed and looked at Yun Feng.
“Are you going in or not?”

Yun Feng smiled.
Although she didn’t know what was in the room, she certainly wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to find out.
She would go in if she could.
Maybe what they wanted was what she needed.
She nodded.
Xiaoxiao said, “You must go in alone without your Magic Beasts, or they’ll be angry.”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
They’ll be angry? It sounds like there’s someone else in the room.
Muqing said coldly again, “Why are you so talkative?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled.
“Thank you for your reminder, Xiaoxiao.” She then climbed the stairs and walked in.
Mu Yinghua was about to follow her, when Ao Jin roared, “What are you doing?”

Mu Yinghua smiled.
“I don’t think anything will happen if I go with her.
It’ll be fine as long as I keep silent, right?”

That man was truly hopeless if he couldn’t recognize his value.
Mu Yinghua’s shameless proposal almost made Ao Jin vomit blood.
He had never known that a human could be so shameless! Yun Feng turned around and glanced at Mu Yinghua coldly.
“Can you step aside?”

Mu Yinghua was quite frightened by Yun Feng’s watch.
Brazen as he was, he didn’t dare to follow her any longer.
He had to retreat awkwardly, and Yun Feng finally walked in.
Both Xiaoxiao and Muqing mumbled, “What a shameless guy.”

Mu Yinghua didn’t hear it, or at least he pretended that he didn’t.
He seemed to be worrying for Yun Feng.
“Will Yun Feng be alright?” he asked.
Nobody replied to him.
It was impossible for anything to happen to Yun Feng.

“Hey, do you think Yun Feng will succeed?” asked Xiaoxiao in a low voice.
Muqing frowned and thought for a long time, before he finally said, “It’s hard to say.
That old guy’s temper is hard to predict.
Maybe he likes her, and maybe he hates her.”

Xiaoxiao seemed slightly embarrassed.
She and Muqing were exactly the people that the old guy hated.
She didn’t say anything.
Neither she nor Muqing left.
They were too eager to find out Yun Feng’s result.


When Yun Feng opened the door and entered the room, the door automatically closed behind her.
She unconsciously thought that she couldn’t open the door from inside.
In front of her eyes was boundless darkness, as if there were another universe in the room that didn’t contain anything, not even the slightest light.

“Another one?” a voice came from a corner in the darkness.
Yun Feng stood quietly, and clearly felt that someone was observing her like an X-ray machine.
Even the bottom of her heart seemed to be scrutinized.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything, and simply waited for the person to examine her.
Then, the voice sounded again.
“You’re different from others.
Little girl, tell me your name!”


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