Chapter 449: Toughness (6)

“What are you afraid of? Do you think they can possibly take advantage of Fengfeng?” Qu Lanyi approached Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was quite grim, as he had surely taken a lot of advantage of her! She pushed Qu Lanyi away and smiled.
“The De family and the Shang family want me to work for them.
That’s not a bad idea.
It remains unknown whether or not they’re rich enough to pay me.”

The captains of the four five-star groups in the Mercenary Union, to acquire the legendary mother lode of ultimate sores from Yun Feng, was brutally ripped off.
If the De family and the Shang family wanted to take advantage of Yun Feng in the exploration, they must be prepared to be ripped off too.

“Right, what’s the matter with that kid? Why did you accept his offer?” Qu Lanyi approached her again, seizing the opportunity that Meatball was too busy playing with Little Fire to notice his movement.
He grabbed Yun Feng’s arm, and imposed his weight on her.
Yun Feng moved, but couldn’t shake off the tailless bear.
She had to give up.

“His surname is Mu.
Naturally, I ‘gladly’ accepted his offer and will ‘visit’ his family when the moment comes.”

“Oh?” Hearing what Yun Feng said, Qu Lanyi seemed at a loss.
He casually glanced at the three men who were having a pleasant conversation in the rear.
Mu Yinghua was chatting so delightedly that his face was emitting happiness.
He was very confident because of Yun Feng’s special treatment, and was determined to follow Yun Feng in the exploration.

While Mu Yinghua was talking to the other two men, he suddenly realized that someone was looking at him.
He unconsciously looked back, and saw Qu Lanyi’s alluring face.
He was dumbfounded, and gazed at Qu Lanyi, as if he had been enamored.
He couldn’t have felt better about himself.
Not just Yun Feng treated him differently, even the gorgeous woman next to her also liked him!

Mu Yinghua put on a stupid smile at Qu Lanyi, and Qu Lanyi smiled back at him, which made Mu Yinghua feel so ecstatic that he was almost flying.
The other two men, seeing that he was absentminded, both asked, “Brother Mu, Brother Mu, what’s wrong?”

Qu Lanyi had already turned her head back, and Mu Yinghua came back to himself.
Seeing the confusion in their eyes, he chuckled.
“Nothing, I’m fine.
Where were we? Let’s continue…” The other two men were confused, but knew that they couldn’t ask.
They simply observed Mu Yinghua and his uncanny smile.

Qu Lanyi withdrew her gaze, and attached his body to Yun Feng’s arm again, with coldness all over his eyes.
Mu Yinghua? Fengfeng treated you differently, probably because of Mu Xiaojin.
I’ll be the first one to kill you if you lay your finger on Fengfeng.
Qu Lanyi smiled mysteriously, and Yun Feng saw it.
“What evil plan are you concocting?” Qu Lanyi was dazed for a moment, and then said, “I’m so vulnerable.
What evil plan can I possibly have?”

Yun Feng had goosebumps all over her body.
Seeing that, Ao Jin merely considered them to be good friends.
In his eyes, Qu Lanyi was a human woman that he didn’t dislike.
After all, “she” had helped Yun Feng greatly while she was unconscious.

Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at each other.
Meatball also winked on Little Fire’s head.
All of them thought that a certain someone was surely going to suffer.
Little Fire helplessly glanced at Meatball that was sitting on its head.
“Meatball, is there nowhere else you can sit?”

Meatball wiggled comfortably, making Little Fire gnash its fury in fury, “Meatball, I’m going to eat you whenever I get the chance!”

Meatball cried happily, and Little Fire was clearly infuriated, with black smoke erupting from its nose.
Lan Yi was amused.
“Brother Fire, this is actually not bad.” It gazed at the combination of Little Fire and Meatball.
While Little Fire didn’t like Meatball, Meatball always seemed willing to approach Little Fire.

“Yes, it certainly is!” Little Fire cursed in a low voice, but it couldn’t get rid of the obnoxious meatball, which deserved a good lesson!

Yun Feng enjoyed watching the fight between Little Fire and Meatball.
The gods’ relics had appeared on the border between the Shengyao Empire and the Ovey Empire.
The border area was an empty place that neither empires claimed.
So, it was quite fair that the gods’ relics had appeared here.

The journey took about ten days, as the bats were too slow.
Yun Feng and her companions patiently slowed themselves down and kept themselves at the same speed.
Finally, they arrived in the empty area on the tenth day.
Hardly had they arrived when two men greeted them from the sky.

“Are you the team from the Fengyun Empire?” The two men stared at Yun Feng and her companions vigilantly, knowing how strong they had to be in order to stay airborne without mounts.

“Yes, we’re the team from the Fengyun Empire,” replied the deputy president of the Tamers’ Union who led the bats in the journey.
The two strangers ignored him and simply walked to Yun Feng.
They crossed their hands to her respectfully.

“You must be Madam Yun Feng, the summoner.” Yun Feng was not just famous in her own country, but also in the other three empires.
Nobody was a stranger to the summoner, especially after the fall of the Karan Royal Family.

Yun Feng crossed her hands back at them.
“I am.” Both men seemed rather anxious.
They glanced at Little Fire, which was the only Magic Beast that didn’t assume the human form.

“You’ve come a long way.
Please take a good rest.
We will explore the relics in five days.
You can make more preparations during the five days.” They spoke to Yun Feng warmly, and ignored all the other people.
Yun Feng nodded.
The two men instantly said, “Allow us to lead the way for you.
This way.”

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