Chapter 44: Unpredictable Strength (2)

“Sir, the recommendation spot this year…”

The old man looked up slightly with excitement in his black eyes.
“The Martial Arts Institute in Chunfeng Town is going to succeed this year.”

The hearts of the other three teachers shook after hearing this.
Right, with such a genius girl, it would be difficult for them to be unsuccessful!

Yun Feng’s arrival undoubtedly made these teachers at the Martial Arts Institute delighted.
She was like a pie that fell from the sky, catching them by surprise.
Luckily, the Martial Arts Institute didn’t miss such a genius, or they would be devastated.

“Sir, you look pretty happy today.” A young man on the inner campus was looking at his teacher, who was teaching next to him with a beaming smile.
The young man knew clearly that his teacher didn’t smile because of him, as the other few teachers were also weird like that.

“Haha, you’re quite observant, kid.
You know I’m in a good mood!” Mr.
Huang, the middle-aged man who was at the entrance that day, chuckled as he hit the young man’s shoulder hard with his shoulder.
The young man was almost knocked down on the ground.

“What happened? What makes you so happy?” The young man kept his body stable though his face was a little pale.
Huang then laughed again.

“The Martial Arts Institute will be holding our heads up high this year!”

The young man heard this, then pondered for a while and finally understood.
He stood upright and controlled the fighting energy of his Qi meridians to flow around different parts of his body slowly, easing the pressure caused by his teacher just then.

“Lin Meng and Mei Bing are both talented.
We’ll certainly be able to hold our heads up high.
However, I personally think Lin Meng is better.” The Martial Arts Institute was divided into two major factions invisibly because of Lin Meng and Mei Bing, and this young man was apparently on Lin Meng’s side.
He was also one of the people who surrounded Lin Meng in private.

Huang burst into laughter again after hearing this, making the young man a little confused.
He hit the young man again with his hand and the young man, who had just stood still, fell on the ground instantly.
The young man looked up and saw that disdainful smile at the corners of his teacher’s mouth.

“That Lin Meng? Hm! Do you really think I don’t know what you usually do with Lin Meng? Does the Lin family truly think that the Martial Arts Institute is their world?”

Huang’s tone made the young man not dare to breathe.
Lin Meng was always arrogant and domineering.
He didn’t even take the few teachers of the Martial Arts Institute seriously.
What Lin Meng did the most was to bully the others.
Except for Mei Bing, who else at the Martial Arts Institute hadn’t been bullied by this little savage?

How would the teachers at the Martial Arts Institute not see Lin Meng’s aptitude? Even though he was more talented than normal people, that was it.
If the Lin family didn’t feed him with so many medicines, how would Lin Meng be able to compare with Mei Bing? Thinking of Yun Feng, Mr.
Huang’s smile became larger.
Now that such a genius appeared, nobody else would be able to get the only recommendation spot, except for that girl.
The money the Lin family invested all these years would probably be wasted.

“That girl will probably make the members of the Lin family grit their teeth furiously.

The young man climbed up embarrassedly and sat on the ground, thinking about what his teacher said in his mind.
Perhaps there was a genius among the newly-enrolled students this year? However, no matter how talented that person was, it was impossible that she had reached Lin Meng’s level!

“Sir, the girl you’re talking about is…”

Huang glanced at the young man sitting on the ground with a hint of disappointment in his eyes.
Ah, if his student could have one-tenth of the girl’s talent, his old face would be able to light up.

“Hm! Why do you want to know about it? Can you compete with her? Work hard and practice!” Mr.
Huang grunted angrily and immediately turned around to leave, but these casual words flowed into the young man’s ears.

The young man immediately turned pale after hearing this and a glint of fear flowed in his black eyes. The Yun family… Yun Feng… Didn’t Lin Meng beat her to death? She really survived? But… But it shouldn’t be like this.
Weren’t Yun Feng’s Qi meridians…

The young man’s face was green and pale.
He climbed up from the ground and dashed in a direction towards the inner campus!

“Yun Feng, who’s your teacher?” Ze Ran looked at the slightly cool girl next to him with a smile.
He always felt like her calm personality was a little beyond her age.

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
The children, who had just been admitted, had already been assigned to a teacher, except for her.
However, this wasn’t a big deal for Yun Feng.
After all, she didn’t come to the Martial Arts Institute to be a warrior.
She only needed an identity at the Martial Arts Institute.

“Who’s your teacher?” Yun Feng didn’t answer.
She asked Ze Ran instead.
Ze Ran chuckled and told Yun Feng a bit proudly that his teacher was a teacher of the inner campus.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile gently.
Ze Ran could be taught by a teacher from the inner campus right after he was admitted.
This was a pretty good treatment.
If nothing happened, Ze Ran would be nurtured as a main seedling.

“Brother Ze Ran!” A shout made both of them look over.
A boy in luxurious clothes came up with a few others behind him.
Ze Ran was a bit confused.
He didn’t know this boy.
How did the boy know his name?

Ze Ran didn’t know that among all the kids who had just been admitted, he was the only one who got the guidance of a teacher from the inner campus.
Everyone knew clearly in their minds what this meant.
Although these children were still young, they were already familiar with greeting and flattering the others under the influence of their families and powerful social background.

Yun Feng sized up the boy who came forward.
Judging by his clothes, Yun Feng knew that he was someone from a powerful background.
On the contrary, Ze Ran came from an extremely ordinary family.
Why did someone like this come to talk to Ze Ran? Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She only smiled coldly and started watching them, as if she was watching a drama.

“You are…” Ze Ran smiled in embarrassment.
“Brother Ze Ran, I’m Wang Youcai.
It must be fate that allows me to study at the Martial Arts Institute with Brother Ze Ran.”

Wang Youcai? This name was very funny.
Yun Feng sniggered.
Seeing that Ze Ran was still looking confused, she couldn’t help but lament over Ze Ran’s purity.
Yun Feng suddenly felt Wang Youcai glancing at her.
If she saw it right, his gaze was full of disdain and contempt.
Yun Feng also understood immediately that she had been despised by someone again.

All the kids had a teacher, only Yun Feng didn’t.
The reason why the Martial Arts Institute didn’t assign a teacher to Yun Feng was because they didn’t think they were qualified to teach Yun Feng.
She was a genius whose strength even the principal couldn’t see through.
So, who would dare to volunteer confidently to be her teacher? The principal dared not, not to mention those teachers.

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