Chapter 448: Toughness (5)

Seeing Yun Feng, the man seemed awkward for a while.
Everybody climbed on the back of the bats, but Yun Feng and her companions stood still.
De Lan and Shang Lian smiled and said, “Yun Feng, it’s time to go.”

Yun Feng responded with a smile, “I know.” After saying that, she flew to the sky, and Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin followed.
The others were completely dumbfounded, The two Commander Level warriors, in particular, were jealous.

“What are you looking at?” Yun Feng flashed forward.
The seven men who were riding bats were all envious.
The deputy president of the Tamers’ Union, who was leading the man, was so uncomfortable that he was almost vomiting blood.
That woman was so good!

The five bats all soared to the sky, and seemed quite spectacular on first look.
Every bat carried two people.
Because Yun Feng and her companions didn’t need bats, one of the bats carried nothing, and seemed to be flying quite at ease.

Flying against the wind, Yun Feng and her companions kept their distance from the others.
At this moment, Little Fire and Lan Yi asked telepathically, “Master, have you set off already?”

Yun Feng smiled.
We’re above the north gate of Ge Yuan.
Come join us.”

The two Magic Beasts were no longer restrained in the Rings of Contract, which made Little Fire very happy.
It was scared of the life of being caged in the ring, and very happy that Yun Feng was no longer hiding her strength.
Lan Yi didn’t care that much.
It was not a war fanatic, and was fine being anywhere.

Very soon, a red streak of light and a blue one darted close from the sky, making the people on the bats change their expression.
Were they being assaulted even before they left the empire? Everybody became vigilant.
Yun Feng smiled at the two streaks of light, which approached and stopped next to her!

Everybody on the bats was relieved.
The light was gone, and an enormous Fire Cloud Wolf and a handsome young man appeared by Yun Feng’s sides.
Everybody realized that they were her contracted Magic Beasts!

The deputy president of the Tamers’ Union who rode the leading bat couldn’t be greedier after seeing that.
He had always dreamed of having a contracted Magic Beast! He had always thought that he was very similar to a summoner as a tamer.
However, he was not worth mentioning at all compared to a real summoner!

Clutching the rein in his hand tightly, he glared at them hatefully, and finally withdrew his gaze.
The other explorers were all stunned.
They were all fascinated by the two contracted Magic Beasts, which belonged to the powerful and mysterious summoner!

“How awesome…” someone mumbled.
Everybody else agreed with him inwardly.
“They’re indeed different! Yun Feng, you’re so awesome!” Mu Yinghua cried out and waved at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng simply glanced at him, and so did Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Little Fire asked, “Master, who’s that idiot?”

Yun Feng casually turned her head around.
“I don’t know.” They flew in the lead, followed by the bats.
The explorers on the bats looked at their backs earnestly and hopefully.
“Our life will be different if we make friends with the summoner of the Yun family, right?”

One of them whispered to another person, but other people could hear their whisper clearly, and instantly laughed at them.
“You think you can? Only the De family and the Shang family can make friends with her.”

The four people from the Shang family and the De family all snorted in disdain, and snapped.
The two families had to give away three of the seven qualifications to others, which made the members of the two families angry, but De Lan and Shang Lian were considering the long-term.

“The De family and the Shang family are indeed remarkable, but the summoner didn’t treat you differently, did she? Brother Mu, on the other hand, received her positive reply.” Two people from other families didn’t give in.
The other three families were united against the De family and the Shang family.

“Humph!” The explorers of the two families snorted, but couldn’t say anything else.
They could only turn around angrily.
Yun Feng had indeed treated Mu Yinghua differently.
Maybe the summoner did like the Mu family.

“Brother Mu, we will depend on you.” The two men spoke to Mu Yinghua who was on another bat.
He chuckled.
“Of course.
Don’t worry.
I won’t forget you two if we get anything.”

They immediately became a team.
Yun Feng hadn’t shown her attitude yet, but they were already fantasizing about the future.

“Master, are they all idiots?” Little Fire roared impatiently.
“I really want to bite them into pieces.
They think they’re worthy enough to suit you!” Brutality flashed in the wolf’s eyes.
Little Fire truly wanted to kill them.

Yun Feng petted Little Fire and squeezed its ears.
Meatball leaped from Yun Feng’s shoulder and jumped to Little Fire’s shoulder.
It cried right in the center of Little Fire’s head.

Little Fire angrily tried to shake Meatball off, but Meatball moved with alacrity.
Little Fire was unable to shake it off.
They had a lot of fun playing with each other.
Yun Feng was quite amused to see the picture.

Naturally, what those people said was caught by all of them.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Just let Mu Yinghua continue having the misconception.
It would be impossible for the Mu family to get anything from the exploration! She’d make sure that the Mu family returned empty-handed!

“Girl, those human beings are fantasizing about you.” Fury flashed in Ao Jin’s golden eyes.
He angrily glanced at the people behind him, making all of them shiver.

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