Chapter 447: Toughness (4)

“Anything else I can help you with?” asked Shang Rui in a shivering voice.
Yun Feng glanced at her.
She had said everything she knew, and it was pointless to interrogate her any longer.
“You may leave,” said Yun Feng lazily, having another mouthful of the tea.
Shang Rui instantly rose and slowly walked to the door.
Seeing that Yun Feng was not doing anything, she suddenly opened the door and sprinted out.

Yun Feng sat on the chair, and Meatball lay on Yun Feng’s shoulder lazily, brushing her face with its furry tail now and then.
She rubbed Meatball’s body with her finger, and considered.
The lady of the Mu family couldn’t have let go of Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin after they escaped.
Shang Rui probably wouldn’t tell anyone about her interrogation.
She was too cowardly to do that.
Three qualifications for the exploration were given to other families.
Did the Mu family happen to be one of them?

Having learned more about Mu Xiaojin and the Mu family, Yun Feng realized that Mu Xiaojin’s life must’ve been traumatizing in the past.
If she was unwilling to talk about it, so be it.
Yun Feng told Yun Sheng everything she learned, and Yun Sheng flushed in fury.
He also felt sorry for what Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai endured.
He spent more time with Mu Xiaojin over the days, and made her feel better.

Qu Lanyi had been less sticky to Yun Feng these days, probably because he had to train himself harder for the exploration.
Ao Jin spent all his time in his room too.
His roars could be heard now and then.
Some dragons must’ve infuriated him again.

Time passed by quickly.
Soon, the day of departure arrived.
The exploration of gods’ relics was very dangerous, and one couldn’t make enough preparations.
For Yun Feng, she had all the equipment she needed, and she didn’t need to prepare anything.
Early in the morning, De Lan and Shang Lian had informed everybody to gather at the north gate of Ge Yuan for the trip.

Yun Feng had asked for three spots.
She hid Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng in the Dragon Palace.
Mu Xiaojin was quite surprised to see the place.
Yun Feng’s voice came from outside.
“Xiaojin, let bygones be bygones.
We must look ahead.
To protect those we love, we must get stronger!”

Mu Xiaojin thought for a long time about what she said, and Yun Feng didn’t say anything else.
She believed that Mu Xiaojin would be a beautiful butterfly that flew out of her cocoon when she left the Dragon Palace! Yun Feng came to the north gate of Ge Yuan with Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin.
The north gate had been closed and garrisoned that day.

Yun Feng had seen some people waiting when she was still in the distance.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, while walking by her side, both snorted in disdain.
Yun Feng sneered too.
She only hoped that those people wouldn’t hold her back.

“Yun Feng, you’re here.” De Lan and Shang Lian both approached her with a smile.
Yun Feng nodded, and glanced at the seven strangers.
The strongest of them were two middle-aged men, who were in the mid stage of the Commander Level.
The weakest of them was in the mid state of level 7.
This team didn’t seem qualified for the exploration.
It was true that the royal family had more experts.
The Monarch Level experts such as Randal would serve the royal family, but not other families.

“Allow me to introduce you.
This is Yun Feng,” said De Lan with a smile.
All seven people glanced at her with a strange expression.
“I’ve heard so much about you.
I’m surprised that you’re so young.” The two mid-stage Commander Level men greeted her first, and looked at her in surprise.
They had heard Yun Feng’s name before, but never seen her.

“You flatter me.” Yun Feng smiled.
The other people greeted Yun Feng too.
They all wanted to make friends with Yun Feng for the sake of their families.
Yun Feng treated them with the same attitude.
Then, a young man approached and said to Yun Feng, “What an honor to meet you! I’m Mu Yinghua, the second son of the Mu family.”

Yun Feng stared at him.
A member of the Mu family? He was Mu Yinghua, the second son of the Mu family… “Welcome to visit the Mu family if you have time!” Mu Yinghua chuckled and offered.
Yun Feng smiled and replied surprisingly, “Don’t worry.
I’ll surely visit you.”

The other people were all surprised, and Mu Yinghua was even more flattered.
“Really? Haha.
Fantastic! It’s a deal then!”

Yun Feng nodded, but there was nothing but coldness in her eyes.
Qu Lanyi remarked in amusement, “Don’t get ahead of yourself.” Mu Yinghua blushed, and was unable to say anything when he saw Qu Lanyi’s face.
De Lan and Shang Lian both looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully, wondering why she treated the Mu family differently.

“Alright, now that we’re all here, it’s time to go! This exploration is very important.
I hope that you’ll all try your best! The honor of the Fengyun Empire depends on you! Of course, under Yun Feng’s lead, I believe it’s very unlikely for the Fengyun Empire not to make an accomplishment!” Both De Lan and Shang Lian laughed and looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng sneered.
Those two sly old foxes were trying to impose all the responsibility on her shoulder.

“Then Yun Geng will surely be our captain!” said Mu Yinghua loudly.
Naturally, nobody disagreed.
Mu Yinghua looked at Yun Feng in delight, as if he wanted her compliment.
He thought that Yun Feng’s previous reply showed that she considered the Mu family differently.

Yun Feng didn’t even bother to look at him.
She simply thought that the man was too talkative.

“Alright, guys, the gods’ relics have appeared on the border between the Ovey Empire and the Shengyao Empire.
Someone will guide you after you arrive there.
I hope your exploration will go well.
Let’s go,” said De Lan loudly.
He waved his hand, and five bats landed in front of them.
There was a person standing on one of the bats.
Yun Feng recognized that he was the deputy president of the Tamers’ Union who had a conflict with her when she just came to the capital.

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