Chapter 443: The Past of Ge Yuan (3)

“Ah!” The girl screamed in pain, and Yun Feng finally released her.
She glared at Yun Feng angrily with tears all over her face.
“You dare to hurt me? Just wait for the consequences!”

Yun Feng curled her lips and petted Mu Xiaojin, pulling her behind her back.
“It was already merciful of me not to rip out your tongue.
Are you testing my patience?”

“Do you have any idea who she is? She’s the granddaughter of Shang Lian, leader of the Shang family! You’ve hurt his granddaughter! Just wait for it!” The other two girls both supported the girl whose shoulder had been broken by Yun Feng.
The girl was sweating palely because of the pain.

“Oh? She’s Shang Lian’s granddaughter?” mumbled Yun Feng, not panicked at all.
The girl whose shoulder was broken sneered.
“Little bitch, I didn’t expect that someone else would defend you.
It seems that you haven’t been whipped enough yet!”

Yun Feng’s eyes turned cold.
She was about to charge at them, when Mu Xiaojin stopped her.
Yun Feng looked back at Mu Xiaojin.
She was surprised that Shang Lian’s granddaughter knew Mu Xiaojin, who, according to her, couldn’t be from a normal family.
There must be a lot of secrets in all this.

“What’s going on? Oh! Miss Shang, are you alright?” The boss came upstairs because of all the noises, and saw Shang Lian’s daughter standing palely.
He instantly checked up on her in panic.

“Ladies, what happened here?” asked the boss in a low voice, glancing at Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin.
Those two girls didn’t seem like troublemakers.
How did they cross the lady of the Shang family?

“If you dare to sell anything to her, I will have your store shut immediately!” Shang Lian’s granddaughter roared, which changed the boss’s expression.
“Ladies, please, this store is all that I have.
Please go out!” whispered the boss, who was about to push Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin.
Yun Feng immediately put on a grim expression, and the boss didn’t dare to do anything.

“You want to leave? Not so fast! Kneel and apologize to me.
Then you can crawl out!” Shang Lian’s granddaughter and declared to Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin.
Yun Feng glanced at her.
“I should’ve broken your other shoulder too.” Her whisper made the boss drip cold sweat and Shang Lian’s granddaughter even paler.

“My lady! Madam! Please stop the trouble! You cannot offend the lady of the Shang family!” said the boss quickly.
Yun Feng sneered, “It’s better to offend her than to offend me.”

Hearing that, Shang Lian’s granddaughter flew into an outrage.
She shouted, “Someone! Come here!” A lot of footsteps came from downstairs.
Seeing that, the boss put on an awful expression.
“Miss Shang, please don’t fight in my store.
I’m begging you!”

Five warriors came upstairs.
All of them were in level 8! Yun Feng looked at them coldly.
Seeing how proud Shang Lian’s granddaughter was, and seeing the warriors, she stretched her fingers and decided this was a nice warm-up for the exploration.

“Boss! If they kneel and apologize, we’ll just let them go,” one of the girls that came along shouted.
The boss instantly rushed to Yun Feng, “Madam, please just do me a favor and apologize to them.
Why bother causing trouble to yourselves?” He was pushed away the next second by Yun Feng.
“Get out of my way!” The boss quickly ran downstairs after hearing that.
Seeing that, Shang Lian’s granddaughter held back her pain and said, “Beat them up until they are all lying on the floor!”

Mu Xiaojin pulled Yun Feng, but Yun Feng smiled.
Receiving the instruction, the five warriors unleashed their fighting energy and roared, “Little girl, be obedient if you don’t want to suffer!”

Yun Feng sneered and let go of Mu Xiaojin.
She turned her head and warmed up her wrists.
“I return your words to you.
Be obedient if you don’t want to suffer.”

All five warriors changed their expression and dashed forward.
The battle upstairs was about to burst out.
The boss who had run downstairs saw two people who passed by his store, and immediately stopped them.

“Sirs, please help me stop them, or my store will be destroyed!”

The two men who were stopped were quite helpless.
“Let us go first.
What exactly happened?”

“Upstairs! A battle is about to break out upstairs!” The boss pointed upstairs, stammering.
Both of the men smiled helplessly.
The badges they wore on their chests reflected the sunlight.
The red maples on the badges dazzled the boss.

“Red maples! You’re from the Red Maple Mercenary Team!” cried the boss with tears of joy.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had significantly expanded over the years.
Not just in the Mercenary Union, they often solved problems for the folks of Ge Yuan when they ran errands here.
In Ge Yuan, they were much more reliable and reputed than the soldiers in the city.

“Great! What a relief to see you here! Please help! If the battle starts, my store will be destroyed!” said the boss quickly.
Without a word, the two men rushed upstairs.
When they came to the second floor, they saw the back of a slim girl, and five strong warriors underneath her feet!

Shang Lian’s granddaughter, seeing the two men, cried, “Take her down! She… She assaulted other people…”

The two members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team approached, and smiled when they saw Yun Feng’s face.
Shang Lian’s granddaughter thought that she was saved, but she was shocked the next second.
“Young Lady, why are you here?”

“Y-Young Lady…” Everybody there looked at Yun Feng in shock.
Shang Lian’s granddaughter couldn’t help but open her mouth.
When she saw the badges the men were wearing, she shouted, “The Red Maple Mercenary Team! You’re from the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”

The two girls who came with Shang Lian’s granddaughter couldn’t utter another word.
The boss who followed the two Red Maple warriors upstairs was dumbfounded too when he heard them call Yun Feng Young Lady.
Y-Young Lady? Red Maple’s men call this customer Young Lady? Could it be that she was actually…

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