Chapter 442: The Past of Ge Yuan (2)

De Lan and Shang Lian didn’t dare to say anything else.
They didn’t know how they upset the madam.
They looked at each other, and felt sorry for the Karan Royal Family’s fall.
The treasures of the Karan Royal Family had been destroyed along with the royal palace, making it impossible for their families to loot anything.
They didn’t have any valuable treasures to offer.
They could only hope that their explorations could return with something good.

Ze Ran didn’t join the trip to Ge Yuan, but stayed in Chunfeng Town.
Before they left, he simply said to Yun Feng, “I have to try harder, so that I’ll be able to help you!” Yun Feng knew what he meant.
She didn’t say anything, but simply patted his shoulder and left.

The stubborn young man was actually not weak, but he wasn’t strong enough to help her either.
Thinking of Ze Ran, Yun Feng smiled, and considered him a worthy friend! She would’ve opened the Dragon Palace to Ze Ran if it were suitable for warriors, in which case he would’ve astonished everybody after he came out!

Yun Feng slowly stopped and stood in front of the door of a closed room.
She opened the door, and saw Mu Xiaojin who had been brooding.
“Xiaojin, let’s take a walk.” Yun Feng grabbed Mu Xiaojin’s hand, and dragged her out before she said anything.
Mu Xiaojin didn’t realize what was going on until she was out of the hotel.

Ge Yuan is not a small city.
Do you want to take a look at the Mercenary Union?” Yun Feng smiled at Mu Xiaojin, and dragged her into the crowd.
Mu Xiaojin nodded and smiled at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled back at her.
Now that they had come to Ge Yuan, it would be inappropriate if she didn’t visit the Red Maple, even though it hadn’t been long since her last visit.

They moved in the crowd.
Ge Yuan was a big city that had a lot of residents.
Since the huge event in the capital, many people had moved here from the capital, which further added to the population.
The streets were rather crowded too.

Yun Feng protected Mu Xiaojin carefully, and Mu Xiaojin followed her closely.
As they walked, they heard all sorts of lively noises.
Yun Feng glanced at Mu Xiaojin’s clothes and frowned.
Mu Xiaojin only had a few outfits that she wore in turns.
She rarely bought any new clothes.
When they passed a clothes store, Yun Feng entered with Mu Xiaojin and asked the boss, “Do you have any clothes that suit her?”

Mu Xiaojin was short and cute like a doll, so it was easy for her to buy clothes.
Without a word, the boss took them to the second floor.
Mu Xiaojin blushed and said, “Xiao Feng, I don’t need anything.”

Yun Feng smiled and led Mu Xiaojin to the second floor.
They saw rows of clothes that all seemed to be suitable for Mu Xiaojin.
Yun Feng pushed Mu Xiaojin forward, and gave her two pieces of clothing that she liked.
“Try them on.
I’m buying clothes for a friend.
No need to be courteous.”

Mu Xiaojin blushed, but couldn’t say anything.
She walked into the fitting room obediently.
The boss chuckled.
“If you want any of them, just take them down to the counter and pay for them.
I’ll be on my way.”

The boss walked down, and Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin stayed on the second floor.
Mu Xiaojin tried on a lot of clothes.
All of them looked great on her, especially a flowery dress that made her more adorable than ever.
Even Meatball cried excitedly on Yun Feng’s shoulder.

“Xiaojin, that’s a lovely dress.” Yun Feng nodded, and so did Meatball.
Mu Xiaojin stood awkwardly with a reddened face.
Yun Feng smiled, and decided to pick some more clothes for her.
She found Xiaojin so adorable that she wanted to dress her up.

At this moment, another three girls came from downstairs.
They were clearly from rich families, as indicated by their fancy clothes and their arrogant postures.
They glanced at Yun Feng casually, but didn’t say anything.
They talked in a low voice, and seemed quite mannered.

When Mu Xiaojin left the fitting room after putting on a new outfit, she met the three girls.
They stared at each other.
Mu Xiaojin simply walked past them and walked on.
At this moment, one of the three girls touched her chin, deep in thought, and quickly turned around.

“Are you… Mu Xiaojin?”

Mu Xiaojin came to a sudden halt, and Yun Feng looked at them in confusion.
Seeing the changed expression in Mu Xiaojin’s face, she frowned and walked to her.
Mu Xiaojin stood, holding the flowery dress in her hand.
The girl who just talked slowly approached her and sized her up from top to toe.
“I was right.
Although we only met once, you left a deep impression on me.”

Mu Xiaojin stood there with her head lowered.
The girl examined the flowery dress in her hand.
“You’re here for shopping? Since when is the lord of the Mu family so nice to you? The lady of the family will probably beat you up again if she knows this, right”

Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but shiver.
The girl who just talked laughed loudly.
“Do you know what she was like when I met her?” The other girls all cheered and asked her to tell them more.
The girl said with a mocking laugh, “Back then, she was like a stray dog that was beaten up in her yard with her brother! Hahahaha!”

Her laughter slithered into Mu Xiaojin’s heart like a viper, making her tremble hard.
She lowered her head even more deeply.
The girl who talked glanced at Mu Xiaojin’s flowery dress in disdain.
“You dare to wear such a dress? It will only get you killed!”

The girl was about to continue, when someone laid a hand on her shoulder.
She instantly became pale.
“Let go of me! Let go of me!” She then struggled hard.
Yun Feng clenched her hands, and the noise of cracking bones echoed.
The girl’s face instantly became red and pale.
Her companions were stunned.

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