Chapter 441: The Past of Ge Yuan (1)

The woman, failing to jump into Yun Sheng’s arms, pouted her cheeks and glared at Mu Xiaojin.
She was about to approach Yun Sheng again, when he moved aside and said, “Miss, please just stand there while we talk.”

The woman put on a charming smile.
“Brother Yun, I’m Li Yunzhu, from the Li family.
You don’t remember me?” She winked quickly, trying to appeal to Yun Sheng, but Yun Sheng simply felt nausea, as Miss Li was winking so fast as if her eyes were cramping.

Mu Xiaojin had been anxious ever since Miss Li arrived.
She somehow clutched Yun Sheng’s sleeve.
Yun Sheng simply turned around and smiled at Mu Xiaojin gently without doing anything.

“Well… Miss Li, I don’t think we know each other,” said Yun Sheng with a good temper.
Miss Li pouted her cheeks again.
Seeing that Mu Xiaojin was holding on to Yun Sheng’s sleeve, she roared, “Which family are you from? Are you not embarrassed to live in the Yun house as an unmarried woman?”

Mu Xiaojin became pale, and Yun Sheng suddenly put on a solemn expression.
“Miss Li, who do you think you are to yell at the people of the Yun family?”

Miss Li was slightly dazed.
She glared at Mu Xiaojin.
“The people of the Yun family? Are you…”

“Miss Li Yunzhu, please don’t come again.
You know what I mean?” Yun Feng walked out of the corner, and looked at Li Yunzhu coldly.
Lin Yunzhu was so pale that she could not say another word.
She stammered and staggered back.
Although she had never met Yun Feng before, she recognized her easily.

Li Yunzhu shivered, and ran off in tears, biting her lips.
Seeing the scene, Yun Jing shook his head helplessly, and walked away too.
Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were standing in the courtyard.
Mu Xiaojin didn’t seem well.
She stood still, as if she had thought of something.

“Xiaojin?” Yun Feng gently called out to her.
Yun Sheng laid his hand on Mu Xiaojin’s forehead, and Mu Xiaojin finally came back to herself.
“Ah… I’m fine, I’m fine.” She managed a smile, but it was obviously not sincere.
Yun Feng knew that she was missing Mu Canghai who was dead.
Yun Feng grabbed Mu Xiaojin’s cold hand.
“We will make Canghai come back.
Trust me.”

Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but lower her head, and nodded.
Seeing Mu Xiaojin’s expression, Yun Sheng became quite worried.

The time of waiting passed in the blink of an eye.
Ten days before the date of exploration that the three empires agreed upon, Ao Jin returned from the dragon clan.
He seemed quite agitated when he returned.
There must’ve been a lot of trouble in the dragon clan.

Qu Lanyi had ended his training in seclusion.
He was even stickier to Yun Feng than before, as if he had missed her badly.
Mu Xiaojin hadn’t been in the best mood ever since that day.
Although she tried not to show it, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were both keen enough to feel it.

Both of them didn’t say anything to her, and pretended that they didn’t know.
The De family and the Shang family had informed Yun Feng to gather in Ge Yuan.
Receiving the message, Yun Feng said goodbye to her father and left for Ge Yuan.

After they arrived at Ge Yuan, the De family and the Shang family welcomed them warmly.
De Lan and Shang Lian visited Yun Feng the moment they settled down.
The two families were checked and balanced in the Fengyun Empire at this moment, and Yun Feng enjoyed a special position.
Despite their age gap, they regarded each other as peers.
Nobody else in Yun Feng’s age would have that privilege.

At this moment, they were sitting in a room discussing the exploration of relics.
“Have you decided on the explorers yet?” asked Yun Feng casually.
Both De Lan and Shang Lian chuckled.

“Yun Feng, you know that our families don’t have many experts.
We would’ve been thrilled if we had a genius such as yourself,” replied De Lan with a smile.
Yun Feng simply smiled.
It was not hard to imagine that the explorers from the two families would only fight for the interests of their own family.

“Apart from your three spots, we split up our seven spots with three trustworthy families, which rank top in the Fengyun Empire, but of course, your help will be crucial for them in the relics.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“I’ll be glad to it.
How many explorers will the three families send?”

“Each of the other three families will send one.
They’ll be more obedient if they’re rewarded for loyalty,” said De Lan with a smile.
Yun Feng nodded.
The two diplomatic families were smart enough not to monopolize the interests, but they didn’t share a lot either.
They would still be the bigger winners.

The ten explorers were from many families.
It would be difficult to unify them.
Yun Feng frowned, but she didn’t really care about that.
What she wanted was way beyond their level.

“I wonder, how have you been preparing?” asked Shang Lian tentatively.
Yun Feng was the Fengyun Empire’s biggest cornerstone.
The Fengyun Empire’s team was indeed not as unified as the other empires’.
It was hard to say what it might get in the end.

“Don’t you worry about me.
You should give the other explorers more lifesaving items, so that they will not hold me back.” Yun Feng glanced at the two old guys coldly.
She could help them gain something, but certainly not everything!

“Yes, of course, you’re right.
If you need anything, just tell us!” said Shang Lian quickly with an obsequious smile.
Yun Feng waved her hand.
They couldn’t possibly give what she needed.
“I’ll be going back.”

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