Chapter 440: Meatball (4)


Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes, and saw everything in the room again.
She slowly opened her hands, and found that the two types of elements that had been rejecting each other were already perfectly fused.
The red color and the blue color intertwined, and it looked as beautiful as a brilliant gem.
Yun Feng had gotten the hang of fusing elements, and found the key a moment earlier!

The perfectly fused elemental energy in her hands suddenly shivered.
Yun Feng became anxious, and knew it was bad.
The fused elements were already about to explode.
She had no time to disperse them.
If it exploded, then the Yun family would surely be destroyed!

“Swoosh…” Something flashed past Yun Feng, who felt that a warm object had landed on her hand.
She looked again, only to find that Meatball had opened its mouth and swallowed the mixture of elemental energy!

“Meatball!” roared Yun Feng, but she didn’t have time to stop Meatball anymore.
She could only watch it swallow the fused elemental ball that was emitting scary energy waves.
The next second, Meatball’s furry body expanded like a balloon.
Yun Feng even heard an explosion in its stomach.
However, Meatball’s body slowly retracted after the expansion, as if the air in the balloon had leaked.
It opened its mouth, and spouted the remaining energy waves.
Seeing that, Yun Feng immediately grabbed it by its neck and put it down in front of her.

“Are you alright?” Yun Feng examined Meatball and squeezed its belly.
She was quite scared.
Her pet was truly bold enough to eat everything! What if it had exploded because of excessive energy?

Meatball winked and looked at Yun Feng pitifully.
It also patted the back of Yun Feng’s hand with its tail, and called out to her.
Yun Feng could only put on a helpless smile, and flicked Meatball’s forehead heavily.
“Don’t do that ever again.
Got it?”

The flicking was rather painful, and Meatball looked at Yun Feng rather pitifully.
Yun Feng found it impossible to turn a blind eye to its cuteness.
She took out a glittering ultimate ore.
Seeing that, Meatball cried with glowing eyes.
Yun Feng put the ultimate ore into its mouth, and it narrowed its eyes adorably in satisfaction.

Yun Feng tapped Meatball’s forehead.
Meatball was having a great time eating the food.
Putting it on her shoulder, Yun Feng walked out.
She had set both Little Fire and Lan Yi free.
They didn’t stay with her all the time and she never restrained them.
It didn’t matter even if they went far away.
After all, they could always reach out to each other through telepathic communications.

Cracking noises came from Meatball’s mouth.
Those were the sounds of the ultimate ore being ground by its sharp teeth.
It wiggled now and then, nuzzling Yun Feng’s face while it enjoyed the food.

Ao Jin had returned to the dragon clan.
As the leader of the clan, he certainly couldn’t abandon it.
Yun Feng’s troubles had been mostly taken care of.
He would come back when the exploration of the gods’ relics began.
Yun Feng glanced at the other rooms.
The Yun house had been expanded a bit.
After all, not just she and her brother lived here anymore.
There were also Qu Lanyi and Mu Xiaojin, but their rooms were both closed.
Yun Feng smiled and walked to the study.

She had expected to meet her father in the study, but Yun Jing wasn’t there.
Hardly had Yun Feng walked out of the study when she heard a voice from the hall.
“Uncle Yun, is Yun Sheng here?”

Yun Feng frowned and walked to a corner of the hall, observing the girl who had just come in.
She was a young and vibrant girl who was probably around eighteen years old.
She loved smiling, and there were two dimples on her cheeks every time she smiled.
Although she wasn’t very pretty, the smile made her quite attractive.

“Unfortunately, Sheng is training in seclusion,” replied Yun Jing.
The visitor heaved a sigh of disappointment.
Yun Sheng had been quite popular.
All the unmarried girls in Chunfeng Town were visiting the Yun family and hoping to make friends with him.
Many families who had moved to Chunfeng Town from other places fixed their eyes upon Yun Sheng too.
Although Yun Sheng was handsome and strong, he had never been this popular.

Those families had their own plans.
The Yun family was different from before.
Its identity and position had risen to a new level.
Chunfeng Town was already an independent area, and a kingdom in a way! It was impossible for them to marry the Yun family’s daughter, but the Yun family’s son certainly wouldn’t find a wife who was stronger than him, would he? So, Yun Sheng became the most ideal son-in-law of all those families.
The girls admired him too.
After all, he was quite handsome.

Luckily, Yun Sheng had been training in seclusion.
Otherwise, the threshold of the Yun house would’ve been flattened by the visitors.
The girl talked to Yun Jing for a while, and didn’t seem willing to go.
Yun Jing found it inappropriate to just tell her to go away.
Yun Feng watched curiously from the corner.
Unexpectedly, Yun Sheng’s voice came from the yard.

“Let’s take a walk today.
You haven’t really visited this town yet, have you?”

Yun Feng looked over there, and found that her brother and Xiaojin were talking and smiling.
It seemed that her brother was taking Xiaojin for a walk.
Yun Feng smiled.
Weren’t her brother and Xiaojin a perfect couple? She certainly wouldn’t give him away to another woman easily.

“Brother Yun!” The girl, who had been sitting steadily in the hall, rose and ran towards Yun Sheng the moment she heard his voice, as if she were going to throw herself into his arms.
Yun Sheng dodged agilely, and smiled at the eager woman.
“Miss, who are you? Do we know each other?”

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