Chapter 439: Meatball (3)

Yun Feng had asked for three spots earlier, and she asked for another three.
Those two families weren’t very happy, and wanted her to take more, but Yun Feng declined.
There was nothing they could do.
They could only try to find experts in other ways.
The Fengyun Empire clearly didn’t have as many experts as the other empires did, so it wouldn’t get as much loot in the exploration.

Naturally, Yun Feng had plans about the three spots.
Her father couldn’t come along.
He had to stay and supervise the Yun family.
Qu Lanyi would go with her.
Uncle Flirtatious didn’t seem to be leaving.
He would be one of her companions too.
He was not as greedy as other dragons.
As for her brother and Mu Xiaojin, they would surely come along too.

There were two months to go until the exploration of the gods’ relics.
Every country was making preparations, hoping to be the greatest winner in the exploration.
Yun Feng had sent the batch of nine-holed weapons to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, who were excited and proud of their lady’s capabilities again.
Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming were even grateful to the Yun family for the Commander Level weapons they received, and became more loyal.

Zheng Ran was truly an expert.
He wasn’t too excited after receiving Yun Feng’s Commander Level weapon.
He simply nodded and praised her.
Yun Feng was truly an excellent young woman.
No other geniuses on the East Continent could compare to her or achieve what she did.

Yun Feng chatted with Zheng Ran for a while.
Zheng Ran knew about the gods’ relics too, and gave Yun Feng a few reminders.
She accepted them all with a smile.
Everything had come to an end.

In the Masang School of Magic, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were still students.
The Vice Principal didn’t care about what happened.
Ted was waiting for them to come back too.

Yun Feng intended to spend the two months at home improving her expertise of fusing elements.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin were training in seclusion, and so were Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin.
Yun Feng smiled.
She certainly couldn’t be the only person who wasn’t diligent.

In Yun Feng’s room in the Yun house, Meatball sat next to Yun Feng, and didn’t rest on her shoulder as usual.
It rolled its big eyes curiously and stared at her.

At this moment, in Yun Feng’s hands, two light balls made of elements the size of grapes, one bright red and the other gentle blue, were hopping.
Recently, Yun Feng had tried different combinations of elements.
Every combination of two elements had a surprising effect.
She almost blew up her room by accident several times.

Meatball smartly kept its distance from her because elements hit it during one of the fusion accidents.
Although it wasn’t really hurt, it was still quite angry, and felt sorry for its smooth and soft fur, which made it look like a fancy pet that only the rich people could afford.
Of course, Meatball was indeed a fancy pet.
After all, its food was high-level and ultimate ores.

This was Yun Feng’s latest attempt.
What would happen if the fire element and the water element, which were opposite to each other, were fused? There were a lot of combinations of elements, which expanded the spectrum of Yun Feng’s spells.
This was the first time she had tried fusing the opposite elements.
She didn’t know what would happen.

The two types of energy didn’t have a lot of energy, and Yun Feng was only testing.
She could take care of it if any accident happened.
Calming herself down, Yun Feng slowly pressed the elements in her hands against each other.
Meatball moved further aside and winked, as if it were ready to run.
Yun Feng glanced at it helplessly and hit the elements in her hands!

Rejection and resistance.
That was the feeling that Yun Feng felt every time she fused elements.
However, the rejection and resistance this time were greater than ever before.
Water and fire were utterly incompatible.
Naturally, their rejection of each other was much more powerful than before!

The fusion was more difficult than ever before! That was what was on Yun Feng’s mind.
Although the two elements were only the size of grapes, they caused clear pain on her hands and even arms that she had only felt when she used the ultimate technique! She stared at her palms, where the two element balls were roaring and crazily rejecting each other.
She gritted her teeth and pressed even harder, trying to make the elements accept each other!

Excruciating pain came from her hands.
Sweat dripped from Yun Feng’s forehead.
The element balls weren’t as obedient as usual.
They were still resisting, as if they wouldn’t bend no matter how Yun Feng tried!

“Kid, close your eyes!” The ancestor’s voice echoed in Yun Feng’s head.
She instantly closed her eyes, and found herself in the middle of darkness.
Instantly, the elements that she held in her hands were displayed in front of her eyes.
Everything looked different!

The elemental energy that was previously in the form of balls was dismembered in the dark world.
It turned into jumping and rolling spots in Yun Feng’s eyes.
The spots of elements gathered and resisted the elements that were in a different nature.
Yun Feng observed carefully, and suddenly had an idea!

If she scrambled the spots of elements and then rearranged them, preventing them from gathering… Yun Feng’s mental strength was gathered into an invisible hand, disrupting the concentrated spots of elements as she planned.
Countless red and blue spots of elements filled the dark world in disarray after they were scrambled.
The giant hand of mental strength quickly fused the spots of elements and rearranged the different elements.
Although the rejection force lingered, it wasn’t as powerful as when they were gathered, and could only be at Yun Feng’s disposal!

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