Chapter 438: Meatball (2)

Gradually, Kasa’s eyes widened and she stuck out her tongue.
Her lips were saying no.
If she could make a sound, she would’ve screamed miserably.
The fire elements in Yun Feng’s hand finally rose and lunged towards Kasa, covering her entire body.
Her face was completely twisted, but nobody could hear her scream.
In the end, Kasa’s body was twisted into a weird shape, and she stopped moving.
The last member of the Karan Royal Family was gone from this world.

Yun Feng coldly looked at Kasa’s burnt body without the slightest pity.
Feeling Yun Feng’s mood, Meatball nuzzled against her cheek.
Yun Feng came back to herself and looked at Qu Lanyi who had appeared out of nowhere.
“When can you stop eavesdropping on other people?”

Qu Lanyi smiled and held Yun Feng’s hand in his own.
Yun Feng didn’t dodge and simply let him hold it, but Meatball wasn’t very happy on her shoulder, and waved its furry tail.
Qu Lanyi narrowly dodged it.

“I’m only concerned for you, Fengfeng.
I never feel reassured until I see you.” Qu Lanyi smiled, which made his alluring face even more beautiful.
Qu Lanyi had a gender-neutral beauty that allowed him to switch his gender without making anyone feel awkward.
He was stunning both as a woman and as a man.

“Fengfeng, it’s time to consider something else.” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s hand and took her back to Chunfeng Town.
Yun Feng simply let him hold her hand, and stared at their hands.
Qu Lanyi’s hand wasn’t very big, and his fingers were fair and narrow.
No wonder he had pretended to be a woman for so long without being seen through.
He had the exact body figure and skin of a woman.

Yun Feng couldn’t help glancing at Qu Lanyi’s breasts.
Despite the blockage of his clothes, there was an obvious curve on his chest.
Yun Feng unconsciously looked at her own breasts.
She was already 15, and her body had grown a lot without her realizing yet.
Her breasts were indeed rising, although not very significantly.
Thinking about that, Yun Feng became gloomy again.
Was Qu Lanyi a man or a woman? If he was a woman, then who was the naked man she saw last time? If he was a man, why did he have breasts? Did he have any stuffings here?

“Qu Lanyi, are you a man or a woman??” Yun Feng stopped and gazed at him.
Qu Lanyi suddenly smiled.
His curled lips were quite fascinating.
He held Yun Feng’s hand and pressed it against his breasts.
Yun Feng immediately blushed.
She waved her hands, locking up the space around them.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi put on a mischievous smile.
“Do you want to spend some alone time with me?”

Blushing, Yun Feng tried to withdraw her hand, but Qu Lanyi wouldn’t let it go.
He pressed her hand against his breasts, and Yun Feng felt that the breasts were clearly real.
She was greatly shocked, and Qu Lanyi said, “Be gentle.”

Yun Feng’s face turned red, and she quickly withdrew her hand.
“Qu Lanyi, you are a pervert!” That androgynous man!

Qu Lanyi laughed with a manly voice.
Then, he extended his arms and held Yun Feng between them.
Surrounded in his arms and touching his body closely again, Yun Feng felt an obvious difference.
The soft breasts she felt were gone, and Qu Lanyi’s chest was as flat as any man’s.

Qu Lanyi’s finger crossed Yun Feng’s cheek.
The flirtatious movement made Yun Feng blush again.
Before Qu Lanyi did anything else, Meatball had bitten heavily on his shoulder.
Qu Lanyi was quick enough to let go of Yun Feng.
He was rather dissatisfied.
“Isn’t that thing too possessive? I’m already your man.
Why is it still so mean to me?”

Meatball opened its mouth and bared its fangs, as if it were announcing to Qu Lanyi that Yun Feng was nobody else’s! Meatball simply stared at Qu Lanyi with the same expression.
Qu Lanyi snorted.
Yun Feng finally calmed down after leaving Qu Lanyi’s arms.

“Fengfeng, I’m an out-and-out man.
If you don’t believe me, feel free to examine me!” Qu Lanyi put on a charming smile at Yun Feng, which only made her feel cold.
She glared at Qu Lanyi and canceled the space blockage.
Then, she walked back to Chunfeng Town.

Qu Lanyi chuckled and walked next to Yun Feng, staring at Chunfeng Town.
“it’s time to consider the other thing, right?” Qu Lanyi’s voice drifted like the wind.
Yun Feng looked ahead without turning her head.
It’s said that the exploration of the gods’ relics will begin in a couple of months.”

After the fall of the Karan Royal Family, the qualification of exploration was transferred to the two families who had reached a balance.
They had ended on bad terms with the Karan Royal Family and badmouthed it mostly because of the relics.
They were infuriated by the emperor’s selfishness.
It was better now.
The two families would share whatever they might find from the relics.
That wasn’t bad.

As Yun Feng expected, neither of the two families forgot the Yun family.
Both of them tried to win her support.
It wasn’t easy for Yun Feng to ask for the openings on the team from the emperor, but she was given a lot without doing anything this time.

Because the three empires were going to explore the relics together, there were only a fixed number of spots.
After discussions, it was decided that every empire would send ten explorers.
For the De family and the Shang family of the Fengyun Empire, five spots for each family were too many.
They were just secondary families anyway, and not as powerful as the royal families of other empires.
There weren’t a lot of experts in their families.

Naturally, they wanted Yun Feng’s support.
The Yun family was well-known to be loyal and trustworthy.
The two families were smart enough not to repeat the emperor’s mistake.
They generously declared that she could bring as many people as she wanted.
Naturally, Yun Feng knew that they wanted returns for their generosity.
For example, they wanted a share of the loot, or benefits in other ways.

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