Chapter 437: Meatball (1)

Yun Feng became completely cold.
Destroyed? She was indeed right that Kasa should be sent to the other world since it would be a disaster if she was left alive.
“Okay,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Kasa was quite delighted to hear that.

“Uncle Randal, I’m so happy that you accepted my request! The Karan Royal Family was right to trust you! I’m going to Chunfeng Town from the Masang School of Magic right now! I’m going to witness the Yun family’s grief!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly, and the Sound Transmission Jade glittered again.
“Uncle Randal? Why are you so quiet? I’m the one who’s talking this whole time…”

Yun Feng fell silent, and Kasa’s voice came again.
“If you’re unwilling to talk, Uncle Randal, it’s fine.
I’m very happy that you accepted my request, Uncle Randal.
I’ll meet you in Chunfeng Town in three days.”

Yun Feng clenched her fist and cut off the connection on the Sound Transmission Jade.
Meatball roared angrily on her shoulder, despising Kasa for her sordid plan.
Yun Feng stroked Meatball’s fur and smiled coldly.
Kasa, let’s meet in Chunfeng Town in three days!

Kasa was quite happy in the following three days.
After all, she didn’t expect Randal to accept her request so easily.
Kasa left the Masang School of Magic for Chunfeng Town in delight.
The closer she got to Chunfeng Town, the angrier she became.
Everything that happened to the Karan Royal Family was because of Yun Feng.
She wouldn’t stop until the Yun family was destroyed! Things should be simple with Randal’s help.
Even if Yun Feng was at home, so what?

For Kasa, Randal was an omnipotent expert that could do anything.
Being at the peak of the Monarch Level, Randal was indeed extraordinary on the East Continent.
However, Kasa didn’t know that the extraordinary expert had already been slain by Yun Feng.

Yun Feng waited quietly in Chunfeng Town for three days for the idiot to arrive.
Three days later, her Sound Transmission Jade glittered and emitted Kasa’s voice.
“Uncle Randal, I’m here.” With a smile, Yun Feng flashed out of her room, and leaped into the sky.
The Sound Transmission Jade was still glittering in her hand.
“Uncle Randal, I’ll wait for you in the suburb near Chunfeng Town’s gate.”

Yun Feng looked out of Chunfeng Town.
Ever since Chunfeng Town became an independent area, special defenses had been established around it.
Its gate became one that was similar to the gates of big cities.
This area was much more heavily guarded than before.
Yun Feng moved to the suburb quickly, and soon saw Kasa from the sky.

Meatball rose on her shoulder and exclaimed in a low voice.
It seemed about to charge forward.
Yun Feng stroked Meatball with a smile.
That little creature seemed to be getting more and more cranky.
It wasn’t upset so easily before.
Finally, Meatball calmed down, and Yun Feng landed not far from Kasa, before she walked to her slowly.

Kasa waited uneasily.
Hearing the footsteps behind her, she turned around in delight, but then her expression was frozen.
“Ran… It’s you!” Kasa’s eyes widened.
She watched Yun Feng approach her, and turned around and fled without thinking.
She was not stupid.
She knew that something was wrong.

Uncle Randal is conspiring with Yun Feng! That was the idea in Kasa’s head.
She tried to run, but it was very easy for Yun Feng to catch her.
A wind rose, and Kasa found a person standing in her way.
She came to a sudden halt, and looked at the girl, gritting her teeth.
Knowing that she couldn’t get away, she decided to fight back.
The Karan Royal Family was gone.
What else did she have to lose? What did she need to fear.

“Yun Feng, you’re so shameless! You conspired with Uncle Randal to set me up! How shameless!” Kasa yelled, blushing.
They were in the unpopulated suburb of Chunfeng Town.
Nobody was around.

“Nana!” Meatball shouted loudly on Yun Feng’s shoulder, and its cute little face became scary.
Kasa was quite scared, but she moved forward nevertheless.
Yun Feng smiled and took out Randal’s Sound Transmission Jade.
Kasa’s eyes widened when she saw that.
“You stole Uncle Randal’s Sound Transmission Jade!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Kasa, your Uncle Randal doesn’t exist in this world anymore.”

Kasa was completely dumbfounded.
Yun Feng’s voice echoed in her head.
He doesn’t exist in this world anymore… Could it be… “No! That’s impossible! How can Uncle Randal be killed?” Kasa didn’t believe it.
Randal was too strong to die.
Who could possibly kill him? Could it be… Kasa finally glanced at Yun Feng, whose smile became even colder.

“It was you!” Kasa shrieked.

Yun Feng frowned in contempt.
That understanding came too late.
Kasa gazed at Yun Feng, and suddenly laughed aloud crazily.
“Hahaha! Yun Feng, you will have your retribution! The Yun family will have its retribution!”

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
It was fine to curse her, but not the Yun family.
Kasa laughed crazily and kept cursing aloud with a malicious expression.
“You’ve destroyed my everything! You’ll have your karma! Just wait for it!”

“What a noisy woman.” An exceptionally cold voice echoed, and Kasa was unable to speak another word.
She held her neck, as if he were greatly discomforted.
Her face was turning red and purple.

A person appeared out of nowhere next to Yun Feng.
It was none other than Qu Lanyi, who stared at Kasa as if she were a clown.
There was infinite contempt and mockery in his eyes.
“She’s indeed noisy,” mumbled Yun Feng.
She opened her hands, invoking bright fire elements.
Seeing that, Kasa shivered.
Her grit was all gone, and she struggled to escape.

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