Chapter 436: The Fengyun Empire (5)

There was no telling if De Lan and Shang Lian did it on purpose, but the similarity between Yun Feng’s name and the Fengyun Empire’s made her rather helpless.
Soon, the Fengyun Empire replaced the Karan Empire as the country’s name throughout the country.
Few people had objections.
It was nothing more than a change of name and leadership.
However, a certain someone in the Masang School of Magic couldn’t hold any longer.

The entire Karan Royal Family had been annihilated except Kasa.
She sometimes even wondered if she should have killed herself back then.
She was outraged at first, and humiliated later.
Her mood had hit rock bottom.
The fall of the Karan Royal Family deprived her of the princess title that she was always proud of.
Also, because of the scandals of the Karan Royal Family that had been spreading out, she turned from the high and mighty princess of the Karan Royal Family into a clown that everybody gossiped about.

Kasa had quit the Fire Society.
Rather, she was forced to resign as the society’s leader.
She avoided everybody.
Their unusual gaze made her want to dig a hole in the ground and hide.

Kasa was becoming more and more infuriated as each day passed.
Every night in her dream, she gnashed her teeth and mumbled the same name… Yun Feng! Although Kasa wasn’t there to see the bloodshed in the capital, she had heard about it from other people.
Her father, uncle, siblings and cousins had all died, without any survivors.
The royal family had been completely eliminated.
Kasa was grieved and overcome with hate, but she knew she was incapable of seeking revenge.
There was nothing she could do about Yun Feng!

Kasa, who had always been gifted at stupidity, seemed to have changed all of a sudden.
She didn’t cause trouble as she usually would’ve.
Rather, she kept a low profile and trained very hard in the Trial Tower every day, trying crazily to improve herself, even though other people looked at her with contempt, disdain or sympathy every day.
Kasa gradually turned sullen.
Even her friends didn’t dare to reach her easily.

In the Masang School of Magic, Kasa had been completely isolated.
To be more exact, she had nothing left.
The Murong family, which had almost arranged a marriage with the royal family, felt lucky that Murong Yuntian insisted on refusing it.
Nobody expected the Karan Royal Family to be exterminated so quickly.
Good thing that the Murong family didn’t get involved, or it would surely suffer too.

Murong Ran didn’t dare to speak ill of Yun Feng anymore in the Masang School of Magic.
Yun Feng was too strong and powerful at this moment for her to compare.
Mi Lingli, the double-element mage, lost her passion too.
Yun Feng was a double-element summoner.
How could she compare to her? Besides, Yun Feng had destroyed the Karan Royal Family! The two of them always felt bad when they thought of Yun Feng.
They might have all been on the same level at some point, but in the blink of an eye, the two of them had been left so far behind that they couldn’t possibly catch up.

The Karan Empire had been officially renamed as the Fengyun Empire, and the Yun family became the real master of Chunfeng Town.
It also found the perfect point of balance.
The other three empires all clicked their tongues when they heard what happened to Karan.
The Fengyun Empire.
That was really a special name.

Chunfeng Town became an independent area that was ruled by the Yun family.
Everything was back to peace.
Yun Feng seized the opportunity to take a rest.
She stayed with her father in Chunfeng Town for a while, just in case anything happened.
She also made use of the time to study the fusion of elements.

Inside her room, Yun Feng had just sat down, when she detected that the Sound Transmission Jade inside her bracelet was buzzing.
She took out the Sound Transmission Jade, and put on a cold smile.
The Sound Transmission Jade soon emitted a voice.
“Uncle Randal!”

Naturally, Yun Feng was holding Randal’s Sound Transmission Jade.
After Randal died, Yun Feng took his space ring and everything inside it.
She hadn’t erased the information on the Sound Transmission Jade yet.
When Kasa’s voice came from the other end of the jade pendant, Yun Feng sneered.
Was the stupid princess finally done waiting?

She thought for a moment.
Although Kasa never left the Masang School of Magic, it was impossible that she didn’t know about the fall of the Karan Royal Family.
She was probably calling Randal so desperately because she wanted to fight one last time.
Yun Feng speculated that Kasa was calling Randal to deal with the Yun family.

Yun Feng lowered her voice and hummed in a low voice.
Although Kasa was worthless, she would cause trouble if she was left alive.
It wouldn’t be easy to kill her in the Masang School of Magic, so it was better to seize the chance and lure her out.
Yun Feng’s reply was brief, and her voice wouldn’t expose her.
Soon, Kasa sounded quite excited.
“Uncle Randal! It’s truly you! You’re safe!”

Yun Feng hummed again, and sounded right unhappy.
Kasa sensed the atmosphere.
“Uncle Randal, I know you must feel terrible about the fall of the Karan Royal Family.
I’ve lost my father, uncle, and brothers and sisters overnight.” Kasa sounded quite depressed, but Yun Feng simply found her pathetic.

Kasa mumbled on for quite a while, and Yun Feng didn’t interrupt her.
After she was finally done, she stopped choking and became brutal again.
“It’s all Yun Feng’s fault! If it weren’t for her, the Karan Royal Family wouldn’t have endured such a misfortune! That b**ch!”

Yun Feng raised her brows, but wasn’t infuriated.
Meatball on her shoulder, however, grimaced and bared its fangs.
Yun Feng shook her head, asking Meatball to keep silent.
Meatball finally lay down again, but it stared at Yun Feng’s Sound Transmission Jade with obvious fury.

“Uncle Randal, for old time’s sake, you must help me!” Kasa implored.
However stupid she was, she knew Randal’s identity very well, and she dropped all her condescending attitude.

“Oh?” Yun Feng replied in a low voice.
Kasa thought that Randal accepted her request, so she said quickly, “Uncle Randal, you only need to do something easy, which is to attack the Yun family! It will be fine as long as you kill one or two members of the Yun family! I believe my father will be delighted in the other world! The Yun family will be destroyed exactly as it destroyed the Karan Royal Family!”

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