Chapter 435: The Fengyun Empire (4)

Yun Sheng put on a smile of compliment after hearing that.
“Feng, you’re truly smart! In doing so, nobody on the East Continent will dare to do anything to the Yun family.
If they do, the Yun family’s summoner will join hands with their enemy.”

Yun Feng nodded.
That was exactly what she wanted! The Cashya Empire’s summoner had been weakened.
There was nothing that Cashya could do except to keep a low profile!

“So in conclusion, the Yun family will be at peace.” Yun Jing took a breath of relief.
Yun Feng smiled.
That was true.
Henceforth, the Yun family wouldn’t be attached to any empire on the East Continent.
Just like Yun Feng said, the Yun family would be its own master.

“Right, father, brother, gather all the soldiers of the Yun Army tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Yun Jing and Yun Sheng both nodded.
They didn’t ask what she was going to do.

The next morning, all of the soldiers of the Yun Army were gathered in the Yun family’s yard, which wasn’t very big.
Everybody was excited and hopeful.
It had been a long time since their lady gathered them! They were naturally excited.
They were proud of themselves as soldiers of the Yun Army too.
Ever since they joined the Yun Army, their strength had been rising.
At this moment, they were level 7 on average, and the strongest of them were level-9 warriors!

All hundred of the men stood straight in the same place and simply waited for Yun Feng’s arrival quietly.
When the three members of the Yun family walked out of the room, all of them roared, “All soldiers of the Yun Army, reporting for duty!”

Their voices rose to the sky with unprecedented vigor.
Hearing their shouting, Yun Feng couldn’t help nodding in approval.
The Yun Army’s rapid development was worth celebrating for the Yun family.
Also, it was very valuable that the hundred people had never betrayed the Yun family.

“Thank you for protecting the Yun family for all these years.
Well done.” Yun Feng glanced at the hundred soldiers and thanked them sincerely.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng both smiled gratefully too.

“It’s our honor!” cried one of the soldiers, blushing.
“We’ve only done what we must for the Yun family and for the lady!” After shouting that, the soldier’s face became completely red.
The other people all laughed, and Yun Feng wore a smile too.

“You’re right! As the soldiers of the Yun Army, we will sacrifice ourselves for the safety of the Yun family!” cried another soldier.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m very reassured that the Yun family is under your protection.
I’m delighted at the Yun Army’s development over the years.
You should be able to find a great job now.”

Every soldier of the Yun Army was strong enough to find a good job.
Why would they stay in the Yun family as insignificant guards? However, none of the soldiers ever left.
Even the level-9 ones had stayed in the Yun family for years.

The soldiers of the Yun Army had been influenced by the Yun family, and became loyal and grateful as the members of the Yun family were.
They owed everything they had to the Yun family, so naturally they couldn’t be ungrateful villains.

“Yun Feng, you must be kidding! We all want to stay!” The soldiers cried and grinned.
Yun Feng looked at their sincere faces and put on a smile.
Those people had truly lived up to her expectations.

Yun Feng turned her wrist, and a hill emerged in front of the soldiers.
When the soldiers clearly saw what the hill was made of, they all breathed heavily.
The hill was… a pile of nine-holed weapons with seven crystals.
All of them were!

Some soldiers greedily wiped their saliva.
Their eyes were glittering too.
How much would so many nine-holed weapons cost? Their Young Lady was truly extraordinary!

“Young Lady, these are…” The soldiers weren’t even certain that the weapons were for them.
They looked at Yun Feng excitedly and suspiciously.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Those weapons are gifts for you, in return for everything you’ve done for the Yun family over the years.”

Some soldiers couldn’t help exclaiming.
Indeed! It was always rewarding to follow the Young Lady! Yun Jing and Yun Sheng had already known that Yun Feng had those weapons.
With the mid-level ores they received last time and the rare expensive weapons this time, the Yun Army was even stronger than the army of an entire country.

Every soldier of the Yun Army received a nine-holed weapon with seven crystals, which was something to be proud of.
Not every family was rich enough to buy a hundred such weapons at the same time! All the soldiers were excited, and even more devoted and loyal to the Yun family.

The last hundred weapons were left for the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Yun Feng thought that it was time to visit Red Maple, which offered the Yun family a lot of help when she was gone.
They had left before Yun Feng returned.
After all, the Mercenary Union had its own rules.
They had already done enough to help.

De Lan and Shang Lian did an excellent job restoring the Yun family’s reputation.
The loyalty of the Yun family and the shamelessness of the Karan Royal Family were disseminated.
All the dirty things that the royal family did were revealed, and the Yun family was described as heroes! At this moment, everybody was applauding for the fall of the Karan Royal Family.

After the Karan Royal Family was destroyed, the two families put the riots to an end as fast as possible.
Thanks to all the propaganda, the people didn’t consider it a big deal anymore.
It didn’t matter who their monarch was as long as their life was the same.

Just as Yun Feng expected, the De family and the Shang family became competitors.
After a meeting, the Karan Empire’s name was changed.
Since the Karan Royal Family was already gone, the Karan Empire naturally didn’t exist anymore.
The new name for the empire was rather surprising for Yun Feng.
It was… the Fengyun Empire.

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