Chapter 433: The Fengyun Empire (2)

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Was that man going to establish his own sect? He couldn’t be using all of those weapons.
Yun Feng counted the weapons, and found that there were more than two hundred nine-holed weapons! They were piled up like a hill.
Some of the weapons were even embedded with seven level-6 cores!

“How generous.” Yun Feng picked up a random weapon and observed it carefully.
Randal must’ve spent a fortune opening the holes and paying for the cores… Yun Feng stowed away the weapons, which were exactly what she needed.
The soldiers of the Yun Army and the Red Maple Mercenary Team were in dire need of quality weapons.
She had found exactly what they needed.

If Randal knew that his life savings had been given away by Yun Feng, he probably would crawl out of his tomb in fury.

As for the five Commander Levels, she would give her father one.
Uncle Flirtatious probably didn’t need any.
One for Ze Ran, and one for Mr.
Zheng Ran… Yun Feng smiled, wondering if Mr.
Zheng Ran would despise the weapon, because he might have better ones.

The last two weapons were left for Wang Ming and Zhao Mingqi, who were about to make a breakthrough to the Commander Level.
Yun Qi observed the storage container, and found two scrolls of senior commander levels besides the ores and weapons.
One of the combat techniques was the Thousand Swords Summoner that Randal used.
Yun Feng had experienced its destructiveness in person.
If she hadn’t protected herself with her master’s Monarch Level weapon, she probably would’ve been heavily wounded.
The other scroll was a commander level related to swords too.
Yun Feng threw it aside.
They were useless for her for now.
She could offer the two techniques along with the Monarch Level sword.

In the end, Yun Feng glanced at Randal’s body on the ground.
She turned her wrist, covering Randal’s body with fire elements.
Scorched in the fire, his body was soon burnt into ashes and disappeared.

It was already late at night when Yun Feng returned to Chunfeng Town.
She looked at Chunfeng Town in the distance from the sky.
The town was unusually peaceful at this moment, and the Yun house stood there.
It was very small, but it was always her home sweet home.
She moved a lot faster.
As she approached her home, she clearly detected a lot of visitors.

“Girl!” Ao Jin dashed to the sky and opened his arms, about to hug Yun Feng, but Meatball suddenly emerged from the bracelet space and bared its fangs at Ao Jin.
Ao Jin narrowly withdrew his arms.
Meatball shivered, as if it was angry.
Yun Feng stroked it soothingly, and Meatball finally calmed down.
She decided that she couldn’t lock it up anymore.

“Uncle Flirtatious, thank you for protecting the Yun family.” Yun Feng smiled.
Ao Jin scratched his head, and seemed as carefree as before.
“Girl, what are you talking about? I only did what I should.” Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else.
She had already seen the two men who were walking out of the room.
Both of them seemed so gentle that Yun Feng’s heart was softened.

“Father, brother!” Yun Feng called out to them and landed from the sky.
She rushed to them.
Yun Jing petted Yun Feng with his big hand.
He seemed to have fully recovered.
Yun Sheng, on the other hand, pulled Yun Feng aside, and didn’t stop until he confirmed that she was safe and sound.

Amused, Yun Feng simply allowed her brother to examine her.
Her brother was always like a mother to her, taking care of her and fearing that she might be hurt.
Qu Lanyi was tired and had already gone to bed, which surprised Yun Feng.
That guy had done many things that day, and probably ran out of mental strength too.
In particular, he saved her father’s life.
“Master Yun, she must be Yun Feng, who has destroyed the royal family, right?” A casual and lazy voice echoed and interrupted Yun Feng’s thought.
An old man with a white beard approached.
He wore a sloppy robe that covered his body.

Yun Feng looked at him, and the old man looked back at her with a friendly gaze, which puzzled her.
Then, a middle-aged man walked out.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
“I know you.”

The middle-aged man laughed and patted Yun Jing’s shoulder.
“Your daughter is truly extraordinary.
She and I only met once in that awkward situation, and yet she remembers me.”

The middle-aged man was one of the people who appeared in the same senior club with her father back in the capital.
At that time, she took her father away, destroyed a door, and mocked a middle-aged woman who wanted to claim Yun Jing.

“De Lan, it seems that you’re faster than me.
I didn’t know you already met Yun Feng.” The old man wearing a sloppy robe chuckled and stroked his beard.
The middle-aged man, who was called De Lan, laughed and seemed quite happy.

“Yun Feng, allow me to introduce myself.
I’m De Lan.
That old man over there is Shang Lian.
Both of us are small businessmen.”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“‘Small businessmen’ is too much of an understatement.
I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know the De family and the Shang family of the Karan Empire.”

De Lan and Shang Lian both chuckled.
“It’s true that young people are always remarkable! Yun Jing, you truly have a great daughter.
How I envy you!” De Lan patted Yun Jing’s shoulder, and Shang Lian smiled and narrowed his eyes.
Yun Jing didn’t want to beat around the bushes with the two men anymore.
“Is there anything you want to say on this late night visit?”

De Lan and Shang Lian both nodded.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng glanced at Yun Feng and said, “Guys, let’s talk inside,” said Yun Jing in a low voice.
All of them walked in, and the others went out.
After all, not everybody was qualified to attend the meeting..
After the five of them sat down, Shang Lian and De Lan looked at each other, and De Lan said, “Yun Feng, we’re here tonight because we want to discuss with the Yun family about the future path of this empire.”

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