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Yun Feng didn’t seem touched at all, as if she had lost interest in the news about the Fantastical Beast.
Randal became quite worried.
Had she changed her mind? He really should’ve confessed sooner!

Yun Feng unhurriedly sat down on a chair, and Randal opened his mouth and spoke so quickly as if he feared that Yun Feng wouldn’t believe him.
“I don’t know a lot about the details, but I heard something very important.
The Fantastical Beast has left some traces in the past century that suggest it visited the human world and is real! Those traces are near the gods’ relics!”

Yun Feng pretended to be cool.
There were traces of the Fantastical Beast near the gods’ relics?? It seemed that she had to explore the relics.
Making up her mind, Yun Feng smiled at Randal, and Randal managed a smile too.

“Randal, don’t mess with me as if I’m a three-year-old, or I’ll be upset.” What Yun Feng said made Randal quite anxious.
“What do you mean, Yun Feng?? Haven’t I told you everything?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled.
She tapped her chair softly and said, “I gave you an opportunity earlier, but you didn’t seize it.
Did I promise you that I’ll let you go this time?”

“Yun Feng, you…” Randal blushed.
The information that he thought would save his life didn’t work.
He had never been so embarrassed his entire life.
He had never run so desperately.
His dignity as an expert had been provoked.
Randal blushed and looked at Yun Feng angrily.
His eyes were almost fuming, and yet there was nothing he could and dare to do.

“Benevolence is a great virtue,” said Randal in a low voice.
Yun Feng slowly stood up and chuckled.
“I return the exact words back to you.
Also, may I add that you should never piss off the Yun family.”

She clenched her fist and punched.
After a grunt, Randal fell to the ground, with regret and embarrassment on his face.
Yun Feng looked at Randal who had died just like that with a mocking smile.
Then, she noticed his ring, and bent her back.

That old bastard must’ve looted a lot of treasures.
Since she had killed him, she would gladly accept his belongings.
She took off his ring, and transmitted her mental strength into it.
Randal was dead.
Naturally, the protection mechanism of his ring was canceled, and it was fine for Yun Feng to claim it.
After sending her mental strength into the ring, Yun Feng clicked her tongue.
That old man had indeed collected a lot of treasures.
There were a lot of mid-level and even high-level ores.

Next to the ores, a glittering longsword drew Yun Feng’s attention.
It was the Monarch Level weapon! Yun Feng smiled.
That was good stuff.
She then looked aside, and saw a huge number of nine-holed weapons.
There were even five Commander Level weapons!

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