Chapter 431: Annihilation (4)

Yun Feng sneered.
“You are indeed good at fighting, but you are too cowardly to be called a real strong man.”

Randal felt rather embarrassed.
“In this world, every man has to ensure their own safety.
That’s a rule that everybody knows!”

Yun Feng’s smile was even colder.
“There’s nothing else that I’ll say to you.
It’s time we settle our scores!” Yun Feng solemnly pressed forward, so fast that Randal didn’t even have the time to react.
He saw that her fist was swinging in the wind!

“Ouch!” Yun Feng smashed Randal in the chest.
Randal immediately became pale and turned around, holding his chest with a painful expression.
Yun Feng waved her hand, which was covered in consolidated blood.
Although her hand was still painful, it was easier and more effective to deal with this old bastard with physical strength!

Usually, Yun Feng could’ve caused little damage to Randal with her physical strength.
However, Randal had only regained fifty percent of his strength, and Yun Feng’s physical strength didn’t depend on her mental strength.
It wasn’t weakened at all.
Randal couldn’t possibly take it.

“You…” Randal glared at Yun Feng with widened eyes, and Yun Feng replied with a smile.
She attacked ferociously again, and Little Fire and Lan Yi simply blocked Randal.
They surrounded Randal in a circle, where he had to endure Yun Feng’s storm of attacks!

“I didn’t realize that master has such great physical strength.” Little Fire was quite impressed.
Its master was truly extraordinary.

“Brother Fire, master has always been extraordinary.” Little Fire chuckled, and Little Fire nodded in agreement.

Randal tried to dodge.
When he counterattacked, he didn’t have enough strength.
He was a warrior at the peak of the Monarch Level, and yet he had to run under Yun Feng’s attack.
It was quite hilarious.
Yun Feng’s fists were punching him without missing any of the attack.
Randal couldn’t endure any longer.
When Yun Feng was about to punch him again, Randal shouted aloud, “Let me go, and I’ll tell you information about the Fantastical Beast!”

Yun Feng, Lan Yi and Little Fire all narrowed their eyes.
Randal seized the opportunity to catch his breath.
He was not nearly as condescending as before.
“The emperor cannot tell you anything now.
But I can.
If you spare me, I’ll tell you everything!”

Randal, being at the peak of the Monarch Level, must’ve lived more than a hundred years, which should be long enough for the most inert man to become shrewd, not to mention that Randal was clever to begin with.
He had definitely gained a lot of social experience in his long life.
Yun Feng couldn’t tell if he was speaking the truth.

Yun Feng was quite interested in Randal’s proposal.
After all, she had always wanted to learn information about the Fantastical Beast, and the Karan Empire never gave it to her.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and stared at Randal.
It was very likely that this sly old fox knew about the Fantastical Beast.
He had spent a lot of time with the emperor, who must’ve trusted him very much.

“Master, you’d better not believe what he says,” said Little Fire telepathically.
Yun Feng was silent.
She didn’t know anything about the Fantastical Beast.
If Randal really knew something, it was a great temptation for her.

If only there were a way to search someone’s memory.
The idea crossed Yun Feng’s heart.
If so, Randal wouldn’t be able to threaten her.
Yun Feng slowed down her attacks and raised her brows, and Randal knew that his move worked.

“Do you really know?” asked Yun Feng casually.
Both Little Fire and Lan Yi glanced at Randal.
They didn’t know whether or not he knew anything about the Fantastical Beast.
If he was only bluffing, wouldn’t they be tricked?”

“I certainly do.
The emperor never avoided me when he had secret meetings.” Randal stood straight and held his chest, before he looked at Yun Feng carefully.
“How about it, Yun Feng? There’s no grudge between us anyway, and I’m offering you such a piece of important information…”

“Do you think I should thank you?” asked Yun Feng angrily.
Randal smiled awkwardly.
“Yun Feng, my young friend, I never said that.” He addressed Yun Feng as young friend.
Obviously, he was quite scared of her.

“Speak,” said Yun Feng coldly, but Randal didn’t say anything.
He looked at Little Fire and Lan Yi, which had surrounded him.
“Since you’ve accepted my proposal, shouldn’t they…”

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, let him go,” said Yun Feng casually.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were slightly puzzled, but made way for him.
Randal was greatly relieved, and chuckled in a low voice.
“Yun Feng, you are truly decisive.”

Yun Feng raised brows and looked at him.
If your intelligence is useful, I’ll spare you.”

Randal laughed.
“My intelligence is surely useful.
Listen up!” Randal’s fighting energy circulated inside his body, and he stared at Yun Feng.
“My intelligence is that the Fantastical Beast is going to appear in…” Yun Feng listened attentively.
Then, Randal unleashed his fighting energy, which covered his body and pushed him away like a bullet!

“Damn it!” Little Fire roared and was about to chase him down.
Lan Yi unfolded its wings and was about to take off too.
However, Yun Feng put on an unusual smile, and simply watched Randal go away in midair.
She then extended her arm and grabbed something.

Little Fire and Lan Yi were both enlightened.
A ribbon of blue water elements had been attached to Yun Feng’s wrist.
In the sky, there was a vague line of blue elements that stretched to the distance in the direction where Randal had fled!

“Let’s go.
Let’s find out where he’s going.” Yun Feng sneered and followed the line of water elements unhurriedly.
Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at each other.
That old bastard had truly tricked their master like a kid.
It was impossible for him to survive now.

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