Chapter 430: Annihilation (3)

Mu Xiaojin turned her head away because of all the dead people, but Yun Feng didn’t.
She stared at the gore coldly.
If anyone of the Karan Royal Family had survived, then the same misery would surely happen to the Yun family.
Thinking about that possibility, Yun Feng became even colder.
In this world, mercy was the most unimportant virtue.
Suddenly, she remembered a person that she almost forgot: Kasa.
Kasa must be in the Masang School of Magic.
Even though Kasa was still alive, she was barely a threat to her, but that woman would surely come to her for revenge.

Yun Feng gave Mu Xiaojin to Qu Lanyi.
Then, she was about to jump away.

“Xiao Feng, where are you going?”

Yun Feng quickly dashed forward, and her voice drifted over slowly.
“There’s another rat that is on the run.
It needs to be eliminated.”

Qu Lanyi smiled, and held Mu Xiaojin’s arm, taking her to Chunfeng Town.
The grudge between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family had finally been resolved! The Yun family, which had always been loyal, turned out to be the direct cause of the Karan Royal Family’s death.
That was quite ironic.

Randal ran all the way to the north of the capital as quickly as possible.
Very soon, he heard a gigantic explosion behind his back.
Energy spread out like ripples.
Randal unleashed all his fighting energy to resist the attack.
Even he was rather scared.
This attack was even more powerful than the previous one! It seemed that he had only narrowly escaped last time because the girl had never fused elements, but this time, her outburst was much more powerful…

Randal was shocked, and ran even faster.
It seemed that he couldn’t stay in the Karan Empire any longer.
After the fall of the Karan Empire, he needed to find a new master.
It shouldn’t be difficult for a man as strong as him to find a new decent job.
Randal didn’t feel sad for the Karan Royal Family’s fall at all.
After running crazily for a while, he slowly stopped.

“Old bastard, are you done running?” The voice shocked Randal, who turned around and saw a pair of mocking wolf eyes.
Randal became quite anxious.
Wasn’t that thing the girl’s contracted Magic Beast?

Randal wasted no time in talking.
The contracted Magic Beasts that were chasing him suggested that the girl hadn’t let go of him yet.
He had to get rid of the two beasts! Randal turned around and fled in a streak of light.
Both Little Fire and Lan Yi chuckled.
Although Randal was at the peak of the Monarch Level, Little Fire and Lan Yi were in the mid stage of the Monarch Level.
They weren’t much slower than him.

Randal ran forward crazily, but no matter how fast he flew, Little Fire and Lan Yi kept a fixed distance from him.
Randal couldn’t get rid of them, but they couldn’t catch up to him either.
They were caught in an impasse.

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, have you caught up to the old bastard?” asked Yun Feng telepathically.
Little Fire looked at Randal who was fleeing desperately and laughed.
“Master, that old bastard is trying really hard to run.”

“Force him to run eastwards.
I’ll meet him there!” Yun Feng said.
The two Magic Beasts immediately received her instruction and sped up.
Randal, who was fleeing, cried inwardly, wondering why those Magic Beasts were so difficult to deal with.

Lan Yi unfolded its wings and quickly accelerated, shortening the distance between it and Randal! Randal was quite shocked.
When Lan Yi swooped, Randal switched to a different direction and kept running.
Lan Yi and Little Fire were greatly delighted to see the direction where Randal was going.
Okay, just run.
You cannot possibly get away from master anyway.

Randal ran faster than he had ever in his entire life.
Gradually, he detected that the two Magic Beasts that had been chasing him slowed down.
He was thrilled, and thought that they couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Monarch Level anyway.
However, Randal hadn’t worn the smile for long when he saw the person in front of him who seemed to be waiting for him.
His smile was entirely gone.

Randal stopped and stood in the high sky, gazing at the cute girl in front of him.
“Yun Feng, I was only running errands for the Karan Royal Family, which you’ve destroyed.
There’s no grudge between us.”

Yun Feng stood there in silence.
She knew very well whether or not there was any grudge between them, and he couldn’t get away so easily! Yun Feng smiled, and Little Fire and Lan Yi blocked him from the back.
Randal narrowed his eyes.
The situation truly didn’t look good for him.

Yun Feng stared at Randal, considering how she could kill him with one attack.
She had just used element fusion and consumed a lot of her mental strength.
She passed out last time because she used the ultimate technique after fighting fiercely for a long time.
This time, although Yun Feng’s mental strength was mostly consumed, some of it was still supporting her.
Although she was fatigued, she hadn’t really passed out yet.

It was impossible to use element fusion anymore.
Yun Feng thought quickly.
After Randal was wounded, he couldn’t have recovered to his peak status in only one month.
His situation probably wasn’t any better than hers, or he wouldn’t have been running so desperately.

Yun Feng’s guess was correct.
Randal’s body was gravely ravaged by Yun Feng’s attack.
After a month of treatment, Randal had only regained fifty percent of his strength, or he wouldn’t have been running so desperately.

“Old bastard, leaving aside the history between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family, a lot has happened between you and me.”

Randal’s pupils contracted.
“The incident back in the Masang School of Magic was because of Kasa’s request.
It was not my intention.
You should go after her.”

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