Chapter 429: Annihilation (2)

Seeing that Yun Feng had slowed down, Randal was greatly delighted.
“Yun Feng! Her life is in my hands.
Surrender right now, or I’ll kill her!” Randal clutched Mu Xiaojin’s neck, making her moan.
Her face was purple and red due to suffocation, but she was still smiling.
She looked at Yun Feng with an encouraging smile on her face.

Yun Feng became solemn, and stared at Randal’s hands.
Randal was rather scared under Yun Feng’s watch, and clutched Mu Xiaojin even more tightly.
“Did you not hear what I said?” Randal roared.
Watching everything from down below, the emperor sneered.
“Yun Feng, it’s not too late to stop yet.
Otherwise, your family and friends will all die because of your recklessness.”

Yun Feng pursed her lips.
Qu Lanyi slowly walked to her and grabbed her other hand.
“As I said, I won’t let anyone that you care about get hurt.”

Yun Feng slowly turned her head, stunned.
Qu Lanyi put on a charming smile at Yun Feng.
“Do you trust me?”

Yun Feng nodded and glanced at Mu Xiaojin.
She asked silently, “Xiaojin, do you trust me? Do you trust that I won’t let you get hurt?”

Seeing Yun Feng’s expression, Mu Xiaojin suddenly wept and cried loudly with a reddened face, “Xiao Feng, I trust you! I do!”

Yun Feng smiled.
Her red lips curled.
Her friend trusted her so much and gave her everything so she wouldn’t let Mu Xiaojin get hurt even if Qu Lanyi weren’t here!

The elemental energy in Yun Feng’s hand roared, and the silver snakes on its surface danced quickly.
Yun Feng waved her hand, transforming the elemental energy into a long snake that slithered towards the royal palace with daunting pressure!

“You…” Seeing the attack, Randal released Mu Xiaojin without thinking, and ran out of the capital as quickly as lightning.
Yun Feng became anxious, and rushed towards the royal palace along with the crazy energy.
Mu Xiaojin was falling from the sky, but there was no sign of fear on her face at all.
All of a sudden, someone grabbed her tightly with arms.
She was surrounded by warmth.
Mu Xiaojin raised her head, and saw Yun Feng’s smiling face.

“Xiaojin, hold on to me,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Mu Xiaojin clutched Yun Feng’s clothes tightly, and felt warm and soothed.
She felt so comfortable as if she were in the arms of her brother who had come back to life.
Yun Feng’s arms were so warm that she didn’t feel scared at all anymore.

Yun Feng held Mu Xiaojin in her arms, and came to a rapid stop in midair.
Then, she ran out of the capital again.
At this moment, the raging elemental energy had hit the royal palace precisely.
The members of the Karan Royal Family were fleeing in panic.
Kai grabbed the emperor, and was about to go.
“Big brother, let’s go!” cried Kai.
The emperor, however, shook his head and burst into laughter!

“I’m the emperor of Karan, and yet my ending is quite unexpected.
Hahahahaha!” The emperor’s crazy laughter was soon drowned in noises.
The speed and power carried by the elemental energy in the fused wind and lightning elements were too great for anyone of the Karan Royal Family to escape.

Seeing that the emperor was losing his mind, Kai immediately threw his hand away.
The emperor might be his brother, but he had to save his own life in this critical moment! Kai rushed out, shoving everybody in his way.
Those people were all members of the Karan Royal Family, and his blood relatives! However, in such a moment, he couldn’t care less about them.
It didn’t matter even if someone had fallen to the ground.

Kai ran as fast as possible, trying to survive.
The terrifying energy that was raging above his head made him anxious.
He ran desperately as quickly as he could, but there was not enough time.
Looking at the light above his head, he roared angrily, “No….”


In a deafening explosion, the elemental energy burst out inside the royal palace, causing a huge blast.
Screams were echoing everywhere.
Then, they were eclipsed by the noise! The outburst of elemental energy spread out like waves.
Nothing that it touched survived.
Houses collapsed, and trees were broken.
The capital, which was intact a moment earlier, had been riddled with holes, as if a great army had just passed through it!

The elemental energy affected almost three fourths of the capital, where all houses, streets and buildings were ruined.
Fortunately, most of the residents had run out, or a river of blood would’ve been flowing in this place!

The people who had evacuated out of the capital, hearing the deafening noise, shivered and looked up at the sky.
They saw a dazzling ball exploding in the royal palace.
“What’s that?” someone asked in confusion.
Another person shivered and replied, “The light of death!”

Indeed, the light of death for the Karan Royal Family.

The energy waves finally died away, and the royal palace, or whatever left of it, was revealed after the explosion.
The royal palace had completely collapsed in the explosion, with broken pillars and wood everywhere.
There was blood and gore all over the floor.
In the middle of the dilapidated walls, human limbs could be seen here and there.
None of the members of the Karan Royal Family survived.
In the place where the emperor had been standing, nothing but a pool of blood, and a glamorous ring, could be seen.

Holding Mu Xiaojin in her arms, Yun Feng floated in the sky.
Both of them were covered in shimmering light, which was Qu Lanyi’s light element.
Even though Yun Feng was fast, she would’ve been affected in the explosion without Qu Lanyi’s protection.
Both of them were safe.
All three of them stood quietly in the sky and looked down at the gore.
The Karan Royal Family would be forever gone starting from this moment.

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