Chapter 42: Yun Feng from the Yun family

The black eyes of the middle-aged man glittered.
His palm resting on his knee flipped like lightning and a current suddenly formed in the air, rushing towards the little boy who was writing his name!

The boy who was writing his name didn’t notice it at all, nor did anyone else.
The eyes of the middle-aged man stared at the calm girl behind the boy firmly.
Under the probing gaze of the middle-aged man, the girl gently stretched her hand out and held the boy’s arm.
At the same time, the current arrived.
The boy’s body suddenly leaned to one side.
If the little girl didn’t hold his arm, he would have fallen on the ground embarrassedly!

“Thank you!” The boy turned around and thanked the girl.
He didn’t think something was wrong at all.
The girl nodded gently, but her eyes glanced at the middle-aged man.
The man was slightly startled and he gazed at the girl with a hint of astonishment.

After writing his name, the boy jumped and entered the gate of the Martial Arts Institute.
The girl came up, picked up the pen and wrote her name casually and sloppily.
After that, the girl’s black eyes glanced at the man with a serious expression again.
The corners of her mouth carried a faint smile.
She then slowly entered.

The middle-aged man immediately took a look at that particularly sloppy name on the notebook after the girl was gone.
His mind was full of astonishment.
Under his perception just then, only that girl among all the other children had no fluctuation of Qi meridians at all.
There were only two reasons why he couldn’t feel the energy of the Qi meridians.
The first one was that the girl didn’t practice Martial Arts at all, while the second one was… that girl was a warrior above level 5!

Thinking of this possibility, the middle-aged man laughed at himself.
How old was that little girl? A Warrior above level 5? If there was such a top genius in Chunfeng Town, how would the principal of the Martial Arts Institute not know about it? The middle-aged man let out his level 5 fighting energy casually just for fun, but that little girl surprisingly noticed it and even blocked all of it!

What did this mean? A girl who had just registered blocked his level 5 warrior power.
How… How was this possible?

The black eyes of the middle-aged man stared at that sloppy name fiercely.
After looking for a while, he finally understood those two words.
“Yun Feng…” The middle-aged man whispered the name.
In the end, his black eyes glittered as he looked into the Martial Arts Institute and mumbled, “The Yun family, she’s from the Yun family.”

A gust of wind went past and the middle-aged man sitting at the entrance of the Martial Arts Institute just then had already rushed into the institute like a tornado, startling the other managers outside and causing them to look at each other.
Huang is so excited.
Perhaps there’s a genius among the children admitted this quarter?


Yun Feng walked into the Martial Arts Institute slowly.
Unlike the other kids who were extremely thrilled, Yun Feng was indifferent.
She got Yun Jing’s approval before coming to sign up for the Martial Arts Institute, but she put in a lot of effort to do so.
After all, her Qi meridians had been damaged, so it was useless for her to come to the Martial Arts Institute.
Yun Jing was worried that Yun Feng would be sad and he was afraid that the others would tease and sneer at her.
And yet, Yun Feng insisted on coming.
In the end, she only moved Yun Jing by saying that she wanted to feel what it was like to practice in the Martial Arts Institute.
Facing Yun Feng who could never become a warrior her entire life, it was hard for Yun Jing to say no to her.

Just like that, Yun Feng was here.
Seeing the children, who had just been admitted, standing in a corner of the outer courtyard of the Martial Arts Institute, Yun Feng also walked over slowly.
Once she stood still, someone patted her shoulder gently.

“Thank you for helping me back then.
My name’s Ze Ran.
Let’s be friends.”

Yun Feng turned around slightly and saw that the little boy she helped just now was smiling beamingly at her, showing his small canine teeth.
There were also two deep dimples on his cheeks and his smile was like sunlight, warm and dazzling.

Yun Feng nodded.
She wouldn’t resist being friends with such a person.
“Yun Feng.” Yun Feng told Ze Ran her name gently and gave a friendly smile.
Ze Ran’s eyes widened slightly after hearing her name.
Yun Feng knew what he was thinking.
She looked at him deeply with her black eyes.
“That’s right.
I’m Yun Feng from the Yun family.”

Ze Ran’s expression froze for a while.
In the end, he shook his head and smiled frustratedly.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly.
If this boy before her had the same attitude as the others, then she didn’t want this friend she had just met.

“The Yun family, I’ve heard about it from my father since I was little.
It’s an impressive large family.
My father always tells me that the Yun family will become as glorious as they used to be again…” Ze Ran lowered his head and said softly.
What he said made Yun Feng a bit surprised.
She had never thought that someone would be on the Yun family’s side and be so supportive.

Even though the Yun family had declined, the honest behavior of the members of the Yun family and how they treated common people and nobles equally gained a lot of popularity for this family.
Most of the popularity came from the common people, ordinary people who didn’t have any power at all.
In their eyes, the Yun family, who was despised by the noble families, was still a fabulous existence.
Nothing had changed even after they declined to this point.

Ze Ran looked up with a beaming smile on his face, which distracted Yun Feng a bit.
“Yun Feng, we’re friends now, right?”

Yun Feng froze for a second, then gently nodded.
Her red lips also curled up slightly.
“Yes, from now on, we’ll be friends.”

Ze Ran chuckled again.
The dimples on his cheeks were exposed, adding a kind of cuteness to this boy.
Then, there was suddenly a commotion among the gathering children.
Yun Feng and Ze Ran raised their heads and looked forward.
They saw a few people coming towards them from afar.

“It’s the principal! And the teachers of the Martial Arts Institute!” Ze Ran was apparently thrilled when he saw these people.
There was a slight tremor in his voice and his eyes were full of excitement, just like all the other kids.

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes and sized up those few people far away a few times.
She had already understood their strength.
One of them was at level 6 and several others were at level 5.
The strength of the Martial Arts Institute was quite good.

Those people walked to the kids.
The old man in the front narrowed his eyes and looked around.
He stopped for a few seconds when he saw Yun Feng, then turned somewhere else again.

Yun Feng and Ze Ran were standing at the back.
Once the other kids saw these people, they all rushed forward like crazy to stand in the front, hoping that these teachers would notice them.
Ze Ran also wanted to squeeze forward at first, but seeing that Yun Feng stayed still next to him and stood very calmly at the back, Ze Ran suddenly felt that he was too reckless, compared to how calm Yun Feng was.
He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed and he also gave up the chance to move forward, standing behind quietly with Yun Feng.

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