Chapter 428: Annihilation (1)

“Do you not see that it’s inappropriate to interrupt her right now?” Qu Lanyi spoke in a lazy voice.
Instantly, the two experts were stopped by the slim man.
They looked at each other.
One of them was going to stall Qu Lanyi while the other attacked Yun Feng.
They flew in two directions, but Qu Lanyi simply stood still with a smile.

“What a bunch of idiots.”

Hardly had he said that when Qu Lanyi clenched his fist in midair.
The man who was approaching Yun Feng suddenly felt that the space around him was distorted into a black vortex.
The next second, the man was absorbed into the black vortex with his eyes widened with fear, disappearing from the night sky!

The other expert, seeing that, stopped and didn’t dare to move anymore.
He was completely stiff, and his heart raced.
What exactly had happened? How could the man have manipulated the space directly?

Qu Lanyi walked casually in midair, and looked at the man who had stopped moving with a smile.
“You’re the smarter one.”

Cold sweat appeared on the man’s forehead, and beads of sweat rolled down his cheek.
His arm was stiffened on one side of his body, and he didn’t even dare to wipe his sweat! At this moment, a stream of shocking energy waves came in Yun Feng’s direction and spread out in circles of tides in all directions!

The experts who had been blocked unconsciously looked up at where Yun Feng was standing.
The girl was floating in the high sky, with a colorful and dazzling elemental ball in her hand.
On the surface of the ball, green and purple elements were circulating and shrieking with countless lightning snakes.

The element fusion had been completed!

All the experts were having the same thought… Run! They immediately put it into action.
They all stopped fighting and ran out of the capital as fast as possible.
Members of the Karan Royal Family were all dumbfounded to see that.
The emperor, in particular, was angry and anxious to see them fleeing in panic!

“Bastards! How can you run away?” Kai roared angrily in a low voice.
The emperor looked quite gloomy, and the Sound Transmission Jade that he had been holding glittering.
He hurriedly picked up the Sound Transmission Jade, and heard Randal’s voice.

“Your Majesty, how is it going?”

The emperor said solemnly, “All the guards have escaped.
Yun Feng seems ready to use a strange move.
Come back as quickly as possible!”

Randal immediately fell quiet.
The emperor suddenly felt sorry for himself.
He was the emperor, yet all his guards had escaped and abandoned him.
Even if Randal made it back, so what? He couldn’t possibly deal with all the people here.
Even if he could defeat Yun Feng, he couldn’t defeat that man.

The emperor put on a self-mocking smile, wondering why the situation had turned so bad.
What exactly did he do wrong?

Yun Feng, standing in the high sky, looked down at the royal palace like a goddess.
She gazed at the members of the Karan Royal Family, and the element energy ball in her hand was shrieking.
Yun Feng raised her arm, and the element ball in her hand that was full of silver snakes became active, as if it felt Yun Feng’s mood.

“Yun Feng! If you dare to move, she’ll die!” Randal’s voice echoed in the sky.
Everybody was surprised and looked in one direction of the sky, where Randal was approaching.
There was also a girl who was struggling under his hands.
She was none other than Mu Xiaojin.

“Xiaojin!” Yun family’s eyes widened as she stared at the girl whose neck and shoulder had been grabbed by Randal.
Mu Xiaojin was struggling with a red face.
Randal was holding her, but he wasn’t very confident! The girl was clearly not a member of the Yun family, but there was an expert back in Chunfeng Town and he would’ve returned empty-handed if he hadn’t played a trick!

Randal distracted Ao Jin and hoped to capture Yun Sheng or Yun Jing.
However, Ao Jin returned too fast, and Randal could only catch a random person and run back.
In the end, he saw that he had caught a girl.

Yun Feng was the only daughter of her family, so naturally, this one couldn’t be a member of the Yun family.
Randal had no time to regret.
He had to take Mu Xiaojin to the capital.
If Yun Feng wasn’t concerned for her, he would have to run for his own life!

Even though Randal was the best expert that served the Karan Royal Family and the emperor’s personal bodyguard, he was essentially just an employee.
The Karan Royal Family gave Randal the most honorable privileges, and Randal served them with his strength.
However, in life-and-death moments, Randal wouldn’t be so stupid as to sacrifice himself.
He was a smart person, and would consider his own safety as a priority all the time.

He could find another master if this one was gone, but if he died, there would be nothing left.

Randal was only holding Mu Xiaojin pretentiously.
If Yun Feng abandoned Mu Xiaojin, Randal would run away immediately.
He couldn’t care less about what might happen to the Karan Royal Family.

“Xiao Feng, don’t bother about me!” Mu Xiaojin shouted at the top of her voice, and stopped struggling.
Randal made her feel quite painful, but she had been wearing a smile.
“Xiao Feng! Whatever you do, I support you!”

Standing in the sky far away, Yun Feng looked at the girl who was shouting loudly.
They hadn’t known each other for a long time, but they sincerely regarded each other as their best friend.
Mu Xiaojin, and her brother Mu Canghai.
Yun Feng lowered her head, and elemental energy was still shrieking in her hand.
Was she really going to spare the Karan Royal Family? She really didn’t want to!

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