Chapter 427: The Coup Begins (5)

Little Fire and Lan Yi had each finished off one of the enemies.
They immediately changed their direction and lunged at the other experts.
At this moment, members of the Karan Royal Family all gathered in the courtyard and looked up at the fierce battle.
The emperor furrowed his brows.
Why was Randal still not back?

Qu Lanyi couldn’t help yawning.
He turned around and shouted at the citizens who were watching the drama.
“Get out of the city if you don’t want to die!”

The citizens were slightly stunned to hear that.
The next second, the arrows that had been condensed into crystals around Yun Feng all darted out while glittering.
The experts immediately drew their weapons and established defenses in front of themselves.
Although Yun Feng’s Water Arrows didn’t hit them, they were deviated and fell on the streets!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The arrows hit houses, streets and even people! The houses couldn’t endure such an attack at all, and instantly collapsed, causing a huge sound.
The people, who had been watching the drama, realized that their lives were at risk too.
They had to go out of the town if they didn’t want to die! That was not a joke!

“Go! Go! Go!” There was no telling who shouted in the crowd, but everybody rushed out of the capital crazily.
Some of them didn’t even have the time to pack their belongings.
They simply ran off with their families.
The capital was instantly a mess!

Qu Lanyi had been observing the crowd.
When most people had left the capital, Qu Lanyi flashed and appeared above the royal palace.
Everybody of the Karan Empire looked at Qu Lanyi who had been blocked by the barriers.
The emperor narrowed his eyes, not expecting to see Qu Lanyi!

“Wait!” cried the emperor.
If he had known that Qu Lanyi was on the Yun family’s side, he wouldn’t have had the courage to touch the Yun family at all!

Seeing the fear on the emperor’s face, Qu Lanyi put his index finger in the middle of his lips, and then laid his hand on the barriers softly.
Then, he roared, “Break now!”

“Crack! Crack!” The invisible protective barriers cracked like an eggshell.
Like broken mirrors, they could not be restored anymore!

What? All the experts were greatly shocked that their barriers had been neutralized! Qu Lanyi smiled.
“Fengfeng, you may begin.”

Yun Feng put on a smile.
Everybody looked at her in confusion.
Begin? Begin to do what?

Little Fire and Lan Yi all gloated at them, knowing that their master would use her ultimate trick.
Withdrawing her wand, Yun Feng invoked green wind elements and purple lightning elements in her hand.
Then, under everybody’s watch, she pressed them into each other!

Elemental fusion!

A daunting pressure was spreading out of Yun Feng’s hand, making the experts change their expression quickly.
What was she doing? How could the two types of elements be fused so forcefully? In Yun Feng’s palm, the wind elements and the lightning elements were unleashing rejective energy again, like two self-willed kids that couldn’t tolerate each other.
They mauled and roared at each other!

Yun Feng exerted more strength.
Magnificent mental strength surged from inside her body and covered the two types of elements that were rejecting each other.
Finally, the elements were soothed and became obedient under the boost of Yun Feng’s mental strength.
Yun Feng was finally able to fuse them!

The energy waves caused by element fusion were quite aggressive.
Yun Feng’s hand was as bloody as it had been last time.
She felt the pain vividly throughout her body, but she was smiling more and more delightedly, as if she were enjoying the infinite pain, and the battle that she was going to win!

Her blood was dripping to the ground.
All the members of the Karan Royal Family, looking at Yun Feng and the unknown thing in her hand, were frightened.
They had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen!

“Stop her! Stop the thing in her hand!” All the experts came back to themselves.
The pressure of the item in Yun Feng’s hand made all of them uneasy.
When it took shape, it was easy to predict that everybody here would die without a complete body!

All of them realized the situation, and attacked Yun Feng simultaneously.
They couldn’t let her finish.
They could never let it happen!

“Do not stop my master!” Little Fire rose and stopped them in a dark red streak of light.
They changed their expression, and left one of them to deal with Little Fire.
The others circumvented Little Fire and continued attacking Yun Feng.
“Stop!” Lan Yi stood in their way too.
Immediately, another two men bypassed it and ran towards Yun Feng again.

At this moment, Yun Feng had no time to care about anything else.
She had to be completely focused on the fusion of elements, or she might trigger a self-explosion!

It was the second time that Yun Feng had conducted element fusion.
She was not familiar with it yet.
After the fusions, Yun Feng had realized that she had to practice many more times before she grasped all the tricks.
Otherwise, she would have to be fully concentrated every time she used this ultimate technique, and she might explode when the enemy disrupted her.

Fortunately, Little Fire, Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi were with her.
If Yun Feng were alone, she wouldn’t have dared to use element fusion that she wasn’t familiar with.
She trusted them and knew that they wouldn’t let her be hurt!

The two men flew close to Yun Feng, causing a strong wind.
Looking at Yun Feng who was not far away, and feeling the horrifying energy waves in her hand, they further accelerated and had already shown their weapons, ready to gather their fighting energy and give Yun Feng a strike!

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