ithout caring whether or not I was alive.
I didn’t count on the royal family either.
I narrowly escaped, yet you accused me of committing treason.
Is that how Karan treats the Yun family for its loyalty? You execute us when we’re no longer valuable!” What Yun Feng said made everybody feel cold.

“Randal and the experts of the Karan Royal Family went to slaughter the Yun family! Karan Royal Family, is that how you should treat the Yun family, your loyal subjects?”

All the people were excited to hear that.
“How can they do that? It’s outrageous!”

“I’m so disappointed at what the Karan Royal Family did!”

“Member of the Yun family, stop spouting nonsense!” Four Monarch Level experts rose to the sky from the royal palace, and stood on Yun Feng’s opposite side.
They were more or less scared of Yun Feng’s identity as a summoner.
They also knew that she was speaking the truth.
After all, Lord Randal and the experts that left with him were gone, and the royal palace had been more heavily guarded.
It must be because of what happened that night.

“Nonsense? If I’m spouting nonsense, why is the emperor not here to clarify everything? Why are you here? Why is the royal palace so heavily guarded? What is it that he’s so scared of?” demanded Yun Feng, making all the experts blush.

“Stop giving your long speech.
What exactly do you want?” roared one of the experts.
Yun Feng sneered when she heard that.
“The Karan Royal Family doesn’t appreciate the Yun family’s loyalty.
So why should we be loyal? You will be punished for what you did to the Yun family a hundred times more harshly!”

You will be punished for what you did to the Yun family a hundred times more harshly!

Her roar echoed in the sky above the capital.
All the people who were watching the drama fell quiet.
There was too much anger and grief in her roar.
She was obviously disappointed at the Karan Royal Family, and she hated it!

Hearing that, the emperor and Kai both shivered.
All of a sudden, the Sound Transmission Jade that the emperor was holding buzzed.
Greatly relieved, the emperor instantly roared at the Sound Transmission Jade, “Randal, is that you?”

Randal’s voice came from the other side.
“Yes, it’s me.
What’s the matter?”

“Come back to the capital right now! Yun Feng is here!” shouted the emperor in panic.
The Sound Transmission Jade was silent for a few seconds, and then emitted Randal’s voice.
“Your Majesty, just relax.
Yun Feng cannot kill all the experts of the royal family just yet.
I’ll go to the Yun house in Chunfeng Town.”

The emperor immediately realized Randal’s intention.
Hostages! “Alright! Don’t return empty-handed!”

There was no voice from the Sound Transmission Jade anymore.
From a hideout, a man dashed out towards Chunfeng Town.
Randal sneered, “I didn’t expect you to recover faster than me.
When I capture your blood relatives, Yun Feng, you will die a miserable death!”

In the sky above the royal palace, the experts didn’t look too well.
All of a sudden, their jade pendants glittered, and the emperor’s voice came over.
“Kill every one of the Yun family!” The emperor was no longer scared after receiving Randal’s message.
The experts realized his intention, and all showed their weapons.
Seeing that, Yun Feng laughed!

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