oked Yun Feng’s hair.
“Girl, no need to be so courteous with me.”

The Karan Royal Family was so shameless that it might attack the Yun family and threaten Yun Feng with her family members.
Ao Jin would be a great guard to ensure their safety.
Yun Feng had planned to let Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin both stay, and she would go to the capital alone, but Qu Lanyi disapproved of it.

“Although the Karan Royal Family has lost a few Monarch Level experts, it’s still not to be underestimated.
It will be too dangerous if you go there alone, even if you have your contracted Magic Beasts.
I’ll go with you.
I can give you a hand if anything happens.”

Everybody agreed with Qu Lanyi’s proposal and disapproved of Yun Feng’s plan of going to the capital alone.
Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng would go to the capital together.
Putting on the red and the green Rings of Contract, Yun Feng summoned Lan Yi and Little Fire.
Meatball was going to come out, but Yun Feng stopped it.
This was not an ordinary battle.
Meatball was aware of the importance too, and obediently stayed inside the bracelet.

Ao Jin waved his hand, covering the Yun house with a powerful barrier that protected everybody inside.
Yun Feng stomped on the ground and rose to the sky.
Lan Yi and Little Fire stood on her sides, and Qu Lanyi followed her.
All four of them disappeared from the sky of Chunfeng Town and went straight to the capital of Karan!

“Master, are we going on a killing spree?” asked Little Fire excitedly.
Lan Yi put on a helpless smile.
Every time Brother Fire is released, it wants a killing spree, but it will probably have a real one this time.

“Of course.
Today, the royal palace will see a river of blood!” Yun Feng gnashed her teeth and accelerated.
Little Fire howled excitedly again, and followed her.
Lan Yi sniffed and kept up with them.


The emperor had been feeling uneasy, partly because Randal had never been back.
He should feel reassured, as the royal palace was much more heavily guarded than before.
However, his eyelid had been twitching for an entire day.
He could hardly sit down, and he paced back and forth anxiously.
His unusual behavior puzzled Kai, who just came in.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Kai saw the emperor’s anxiety the moment he came in.
The emperor had always been calm and poised, and never seemed so worried no matter what he faced, so his behavior startled Kai.

“Kai, I’ve been feeling uneasy,” said the emperor in a low voice, and he furrowed his burrows even more tightly.
Kai chuckled after hearing that.
“Are you worried because Randal isn’t back?”

The emperor thought for a moment, without giving approval or disapproval.
However, the uneasiness in his heart was expanding and making him more and more panicked! “Maybe, maybe not…” the emperor whispered.
Kai couldn’t help but frown too.
Precisely at this moment, a shocking noise burst out inside the royal palace!


Both the emperor and Kai were shocked.
Then, they heard screams of fear from outside.
Both of them became grave, and thought of the same possibility!

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