Chapter 422: Repay a Hundred Times More (6)

He’s no good.
Just let him live a couple of more days,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice with a smile.
However, his smile seemed rather scary in a way.
“How is uncle’s situation? I can donate my blood if it’s needed.” Ao Jin frowned.
Qu Lanyi glanced at him.
“Don’t worry.
Your blood will not be necessary.”

Hearing that his father was fine and Yun Feng was only unconscious, Yun Sheng was finally relieved.
Then, he was more determined to kill his enemies than ever.
For all the time, his heart had been as smooth as water, but after this night, the water had been frozen into the sharpest ice!

The Karan Royal Family would answer for what it did to the Yun family a hundred times more harshly!


Randal didn’t return to the royal palace immediately.
Under Yun Feng’s surprising attack of fused elements, although he was able to run away, he was still badly wounded.
He was greatly humiliated in the battle against Yun Feng.
Ever since he reached his current level, he had encountered few worthy enemies.
None of them had ever defeated and wounded him so embarrassingly! Yet, the kid who was only a dozen years old did it!

Randal held his chest.
He was having trouble breathing, and he was running out of fighting energy.
He used all of his fighting energy to block Yun Feng’s attack and launch a counterattack afterwards.
He could only escape after that.
After all, he was already incapable of using another skill.

After escaping from Ao Jin’s chase, Randal finally stopped and caught his breath.
He took out the Sound Transmission Jade and reported the matter to the emperor.
Naturally, the emperor was infuriated.
He had sent two Commander Level experts and five Monarch Level ones.
He didn’t expect that all of them would be killed overnight and Randal would be the only survivor!

The Karan Empire had a lot of Commander Level experts, but not so many Monarch Level experts! Even the royal family might not have many Monarch Level experts who were willing to serve them.
The Karan Empire was famous for its warriors, and had a dozen Monarch Level guards.
Yet, four of them had been lost at once, which almost made the emperor vomit blood.

However, fortunately Randal was fine.
His life wasn’t at risk.
If anything had happened to Randal, the emperor would’ve thrown his head into the wall.
Randal told the emperor that he had to treat his wounds for now, and that the emperor shouldn’t touch the Yun family until he recovered.

The emperor immediately agreed with the plan.
Without Randal’s protection, the emperor didn’t have the courage to provoke the Yun family.
Having lost four Monarch Level experts overnight, the emperor regretted and wondered if he should have attacked the Yun family at all.
However, there was no looking back! Considering the tension between them, only one party between them could live.
However helpful the Yun family might be, it must be destroyed if it didn’t help Karan!

The emperor stopped doing anything.
However, the royal palace became more heavily guarded than before.
Members of the royal family realized it too, because the experts who had never shown up all revealed themselves.

Randal found a hideout to treat his wounds.
He needed time to heal the damage that Yun Feng caused in her attack.
He wasn’t truly worried.
After all, Yun Feng was just as badly wounded as he was.
As long as he recovered and ambushed the Yun family again, the Yun family would be destroyed all the same.

Randal had everything planned out.
He immediately sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, hoping to recuperate as quickly as possible and make the Yun family suffer.


In the Yun family, Yun Feng’s mental strength was almost exhausted after she launched the attack of fused elements.
She had been unconscious for a long time.
The recovery of mental strength depended on time and a mage’s communication with elemental force.
Other people couldn’t help, so Yun Feng had been lying on her bed unconscious.
That ultimate technique had drained her.
It was powerful, but had terrible consequences too.

Yun Jing’s conditions were improving.
Randal’s attack of fighting energy could’ve killed him.
However, lucky for the Yun family, Qu Lanyi gave a hand in time and narrowly saved his life.
Yun Jing had returned from the verge of death.

Although Yun Jing’s conditions were stabilized, it was not enough to heal him.
After all, Randal’s attack of fighting energy, which was at the peak of the Monarch Level, could’ve annihilated Yun Jing.
Qu Lanyi was able to save his life, but couldn’t completely heal him.
Without a word, Ao Jin offered the golden blood, which was most precious for the Golden Dragons.
Seeing how generous Ao Jin was, Qu Lanyi chuckled.

“The Golden Dragons’ blood can make human beings live forever.
It’s extremely noble and precious.
Ao Jin, if you give the blood to Uncle, the Yun family will probably be hunted by the dragons when they find out about this.”

Ao Jin glared at Qu Lanyi.
“Cut the crap! I’m the boss.
Whichever dragon dares to attack the Yun family, I’ll skin him!”

Ao Jin’s identity as a Golden Dragon was only known to Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng.
Naturally, they avoided everybody when they talked.
After all, his identity was too special.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and took a lot of Ao Jin’s golden blood.

“Hey! Does Uncle really need so much?” Ao Jin narrowed his eyes and stared at the bottle of golden blood Qu Lanyi took.
One drop of his blood should’ve sufficed!

“Just in case.
It’s better to take more.” Qu Lanyi shook the bottle in her hand.
Ao Jin became cold.
“Woman, if you dare to apply the blood anywhere else or give it to anyone, you’ll be on the top of the dragons’ wanted list.”

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