Chapter 420: Repay a Hundred Times More (4)

“That’s…” Qu Lanyi was fighting a Monarch Level expert when the energy waves approached.
Both of them stopped fighting.
Qu Lanyi’s enemy, after detecting the waves, quickly moved back and ran out of the locked space in panic.

Qu Lanyi had no time to care about the expert who was fleeing in panic.
He narrowed his eyes and looked at part of the sky where the energy waves were spreading out.
Qu Lanyi frowned.
“Fengfeng, you’re being too reckless.”

He quickly dashed towards the Yun house.
If Yun Feng were truly going to do this, then he had to ensure that the Yun family wouldn’t be hurt in the attack! On the other hand, Ao Jin stopped moving and gazed at Yun Feng, feeling the vague energy waves that were spreading close.
The waves somehow panicked Ao Jin.
What exactly was the girl trying to do?

“Ao Jin!” Qu Lanyi’s voice came over.
Ao Jin looked down in surprise, only to find that Qu Lanyi had finished his battle at some point.
The man who was fighting Ao Jin, seeing that, quickly retreated too.
He looked in a certain direction in the sky with a trembling heart.
What exactly was that energy? What was Lord Randal doing?

“Master!” Little Fire’s and Lan Yi’s voices came to her at the same time telepathically.
At this moment, Yun Feng felt excruciating pain from her hands.
The two masses of elements that rejected each other crazily had melted together.
Lan Yi, in particular, had sensed the wind elements’ dissatisfaction and resistance!

“Master, what are you doing?” asked Lan Yi anxiously.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“Little Fire, Lan Yi, come back!” She sent out her thoughts, and Little Fire and Lan Yi, who had been fighting two Monarch Level experts, turned into two streaks of light, returning to the Rings of Contract.
Yun Feng’s hands were already bleeding while the two streams of elements rejected each other.
However, she didn’t seem to feel any of the pain, and she was still trying to melt the elements!

“Stop her! I must stop her!” Seeing Yun Feng’s crazy action, Randal dashed forward without thinking, and raised the longsword in his hand.
Yun Feng stood still without even raising her head.
She simply stared at the elements in her hand.
Randal attacked fiercely, as if he were trying to stop Yun Feng at the cost of his own life.
Yun Feng didn’t care about any of that.
She simply focused on her work.
Feeling the change of energy, Randal finally changed his expression greatly!

Yun Feng slowly raised her head.
Her hands were already heavily wounded.
Blood was dripping and splashing into flowers on the ground.
Her face and lips were pale, but she wore a casual smile.

Her hands were separated, and between her bloody hands was a ball of elements that contained destructive energy.
Green and purple elements kept circulating on the surface of the ball as hissing silver snakes.
The energy ball floated in Yun Feng’s palm, but its horror could be detected far away!

Randal was panicked! At this moment, Randal, who had reached the peak of the Monarch Level, was panicked! He quickly turned around and tried to flee.
He didn’t know what had been melted, but he knew that if the energy was unleashed, he would probably be killed here even if he was at the peak of the Monarch Level!

Yun Feng chuckled and watched Randal awkwardly escape.
She rose to the sky quickly.
She didn’t forget the Yun family and other people on the ground.
She had no idea how powerful the ball would be, but she wouldn’t let it hurt anyone in the Yun family.

Randal fled in panic.
The other Monarch Level experts, seeing that Randal was fleeing in panic, were dumbfounded.
Was the man who was running desperately really the high and mighty Randal they knew? Seeing that Randal was fleeing in panic, his companions quickly retreated too.
Whoever made Randal escape in panic was certainly too strong for them to defeat!

“Randal, you think you can get away?” roared Yun Feng, before she threw out the energy ball that was unleashing a terrifying pressure.

Randal, while fleeing in panic, felt the terrifying pressure, and dashed forward even more quickly.
Still, the pressure caught him!

“Bam…” A deafening explosion burst out in the sky.
Even the earth seemed to be trembling.
In the peaceful night sky, a torrent of terrifying energy suddenly burst out.
Then, waves that were even more enormous spread out quickly! Yun Feng’s eyes widened, not expecting the energy to be so powerful!

The space had been distorted gravely where Randal was standing.
The Monarch Level enemies who were trying to flee had been consumed by the energy.
Yun Feng vividly saw the pain on their faces.
Then, they were all minced by the energy the next second!

Yun Feng was slightly astonished.
The ancestor took a long breath in relief.
He was finally no longer nervous.
What Yun Feng did shocked him, even though he had seen quite a lot of things in his long life.
Fusion of elements was no different from suicide for a mage!

Every kind of element had its own energy.
Different kinds of energy rejected each other.
Some had tried fusing the elements, but none of them had ever survived! The ancestor had been worried sick about Yun Feng’s action.
He didn’t expect her reckless attempt to succeed! The wind elements and the lightning elements had indeed been successfully melted.
However, she was rather badly hurt too.

When the elemental energy burst out in the sky, Yun Feng felt rather fatigued.
The fusion of two kinds of elements consumed a lot of her mental strength.
The water drops in her spiritual space were mostly gone too.
It was obvious that she could only use this move as an ultimate technique and couldn’t use it frequently.

Randal was already gone.
The experts who came to the Yun family that night had all died in the shocking outburst of energy.
The Karan Royal Family would surely be infuriated.
Yun Feng landed on the ground exhaustedly and looked at the Yun house that was still safe and undamaged in relief.
She had protected the safety of her family.

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