Chapter 419: Repay a Hundred Times More (3)

Yun Feng gently stroked the wand she was holding.
There were no special patterns on the surface of the wand, yet its aura was as intimidating as that of Randal’s longsword! A Monarch Level wand had been revealed!

“That’s a Monarch Level wand! Where did you get it? Who gave it to you?” asked Randal with bloodshot eyes.
Although the wand was useless to him who was a warrior, whoever gave the Monarch Level wand to her must be extraordinary! It was possible that the guy had other advanced weapons!

Yun Feng put on a vague smile.
Where did she get the Monarch Level weapon? From the Dragon Palace that her master left for her, of course! The halo that covered the mysterious tenth floor was gone after she reached the Monarch Level.
Naturally, Yun Feng knew that some of the items were no longer forbidden for her now that she had grown stronger.
One of the new items she could use was a Monarch Level weapon that was a wand!

She felt a bit of pain from inside her body due to Randal’s critical attack.
Although the Monarch Level wand unleashed some energy to resist the attack, it didn’t resolve all the damage.
His ferocious attack hurt Yun Feng badly.

The longsword that floated around her hummed loudly.
The next second, the ice that restrained it exploded and fell into pieces.
The longsword then flew back to Randal loyally.
Randal grabbed it in his hand again.

I’m not strong enough to trap his weapon yet… Yun Feng frowned and thought.
Her face was still pale.
Holding the longsword, Randal sneered when Yun Feng didn’t reply to his question.
“Just because you have a Monarch Level weapon doesn’t mean you can defeat me!”

Randal’s longsword became even more intimidating.
Yun Feng held the wand in her hand tightly.
It was time she found out how much power a Monarch Level weapon could unleash!

“Fire Arrow!” Yun Feng roared.
Violent and bright fire elements gathered around the wand and scorched the space.
The space was quickly twisted.
Yun Feng clicked her tongue.
The elemental energy, under the guidance of the wand, had completely changed, as if it were reborn!

Seeing that, Randal knew that the situation was rather tricky.
Their weapons were on the same level.
Despite the level gap between them, Randal didn’t have any advantage in terms of physical strength.
If Yun Feng had her Magic Beasts here, she would even have a lot of advantages.
Even without the Magic Beasts, she could make up for the disadvantage with her expertise of the elements of five classes!

“Go!” Yun Feng roared.
The Fire Arrow was a lot bigger than usual, and looked like a small rocket.
It was also astonishingly powerful.
If her opponent weren’t on the Monarch Level, she probably could’ve crushed him with nothing but a simple Fire Arrow!

The hot waves surged forward, leaving an obvious trace in the twisted space.
Randal quickly moved and narrowly dodged the Fire Arrow.
Yun Feng put on a smile.
It wasn’t over yet, not even close! “Water Chains!” Yun Feng roared again.
The water elements around the wand were quickly frozen into chains.
Randal slightly frowned.
So far, Yun Feng had utilized elements of four different classes.
She was indeed extraordinary! Randal knew that his only advantage was his level, which was higher than hers.
If they were on the same level, he would’ve been crushed by her.

Randal was truly shocked at Yun Feng’s speed of growth! She was in the early stage of the Commander Level three years earlier, and she was in the mid stage of the Monarch Level at this moment! It took her only three years to make the progress that usually took other people hundreds of years! Randal’s longsword hummed and unleashed abundant fighting energy.
Yun Feng waved her Water Chains at Randal, and Randal simply slashed all the chains apart with the longsword!

It seems that it’s impossible to win the battle with one single element… The idea flashed in Yun Feng’s head.
She attacked Randal continuously with the Water Chains, but Randal’s longsword prevented them from hitting him.
Realizing Yun Feng’s thought, the ancestor exclaimed in shock, “Kid, what are you going to do? Don’t be reckless!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Ancestor, have I ever been reckless? I’m simply doing things that other people have never done.”

The ancestor said in shock, “Kid, that’s a wrong idea! If you do that, you will cause an elemental explosion, and you won’t be able to survive!”

Yun Feng laughed in her heart.
Determination flashed in her eyes.
She couldn’t possibly defeat that old guy in such a way.
She would suffer a great loss in such a war of attrition.
After all, the recovery of mental strength was very slow, and the Monarch Level weapon consumed much more mental strength than her previous weapons did.
Even if she had an astonishing amount of mental strength, she couldn’t use it extravagantly like that!

Besides, she didn’t have the patience to fight the man any longer.
There were a bunch more enemies that she needed to take care of…

Ignoring her ancestor’s warning, Yun Feng closed her eyes.
Two different elements appeared around her want, namely the green wind elements and the glittering lightning elements.
The Water Chains slowly vanished.
Randal gazed at Yun Feng, shocked, wondering whether or not she was going to…

With madness in her eyes, Yun Feng grabbed the two types of energy in her hands.
Then, to Randal’s shock, she melted them together!

What? Randal trembled and his eyes almost popped out.
She’s crazy! She must be crazy! When Yun Feng squeezed the two types of elements, she vividly felt the rejection between them.
The wind elements and the lightning elements roared and denied each other.
Yun Feng felt a strong pressure from her hands.
The two masses of elements were emitting their energy respectively, trying to get rid of each other!

“So disobedient…” Yun Feng mumbled in a low voice.
She then clenched her fists and pressed the two masses of elements that were rejecting each other together.
“Hum…” A stream of energy spread out from Yun Feng’s hand and dispersed crazily like a tide!

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