Chapter 41: A Ridiculous Engagement

“The Yun family doesn’t have any achievements, but they’re quite good at talking.” Murong Ran grunted again.
Yun Jing’s face immediately darkened.
He couldn’t help but shout with a deep voice, “Miss Murong!”

Murong Ran pursed her lips and stared at Yun Feng fiercely, “Hey, if you have self-knowledge, cancel the engagement.”

After hearing this, Yun Feng burst into laughter.
Her laugh scared Murong Ran a little and Murong Ran glared at Yun Feng with her almond-shaped eyes viciously, “What are you laughing at? You look like a psycho!”

Yun Jing didn’t say anything.
He only glanced at his daughter deeply.
After all, it was Feng’s engagement.
Maybe he could let her decide what she wanted.

Yun Feng ignored Murong Ran.
She turned around and looked at her sullen-looking father, Yun Jing, sitting in the main seat.
“Father, can I decide what to do with this engagement?”

Yun Jing nodded.
Yun Feng felt a bit warm in her mind.
She then looked at Murong Ran again, “I can cancel the engagement, but the Murong family must remember, the Yun family is the one who cancels the arrangement today, not the Murong family.
In other words, it’s the Yun family that doesn’t want the Murong family anymore.
Do you understand?”

“You…” Murong Ran’s face flushed out of anger and a breath was stuck in her chest.
She was the one who came to cancel the engagement today.
Why did the Murong family become the one that was abandoned? However, people would only think the Murong family got rid of the Yun family.
It wasn’t a big deal.
It was just that Yun Feng’s gaze gave her some kind of inexplicable pressure.
Under such a gaze, she couldn’t say anything to refute her.
What the hell!

“Why? You have something to say?” Yun Feng raised her eyebrows and looked at Murong Ran coldly with her black eyes.
Murong Ran subconsciously stepped back and stomped her foot hard as she pointed at Yun Feng.
“Fine, fine! Don’t come to Park City if you can!” After saying this, Murong Ran dashed out of the door.

Meatball, which was standing on Yun Feng’s shoulder, also twisted its body and wiggled its butt at Murong Ran’s direction with a disdained look.
Meatball’s expression made Yun Feng chuckle.
This little thing was truly a living treasure.

“Feng.” Yun Jing walked to Yun Feng at the moment and looked at his daughter with his black eyes.
He felt a kind of unspeakable distress.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Father, this engagement is going to be canceled sooner or later.
Even if the Murong family agrees to keep the arrangement, I won’t.”

Yun Jing’s breath paused for a second and he nodded slightly after a while.
He caressed Yun Feng’s head gently with his big hand.
He only felt that fate was truly unfair to her.
She had walked on the verge of death and her Qi meridians were damaged.
And now, she was bullied by the Murong family to the extreme.
Why could she still smile at ease?

Yun Feng knew Yun Jing was worried.
She indeed wanted to give her father a surprise, but she still had to wait for a bit.
It wasn’t too late to surprise him after she dealt with the Lin family.

Thinking of what Murong Ran said before she left, Yun Feng lowered her head slightly and her black eyes dropped.
She sneered in her mind.
Murong family, do you really think the Yun family is a pushover?


The Martial Arts Institute in Chunfeng Town was a place where all the children in town wanted to go.
It was the only way to become a warrior.
The tuition fee of the Martial Arts Institute wasn’t really high, so normal families could afford it as well.
And yet, a period of assessment time was required for admission.

Each child had different qualities, which determined how high the child could achieve in the future.
The Martial Arts Institute was like a junior-level hourglass.
All children could apply for admission once they reached a certain age, but their status of admission wasn’t a formal student.
The Martial Arts Institute had to assess the children for two weeks to decide who could continue to stay and study.
The rest of those children undoubtedly had no talent or could hardly succeed.

The Martial Arts Institute didn’t take in people who were completely useless.
If you had the strength and the talent, you could stay.
Otherwise, you would have to leave.
The same applied to everyone.
Nobody would pity you and nobody would feel sad for you.
In this cruel world, everything relied on people’s strength.
Everything relied on their power!

Soon, the Martial Arts Institute started recruiting students for the new quarter.
Not many children were admitted each quarter.
After all, Chunfeng Town wasn’t a large city.
It was just a small town.
If it weren’t for Foggy Forest, it would probably be forgotten by the Karan Empire completely.

“Write your name here.
Line up one by one!” At the entrance of the Martial Arts Institute, a middle-aged man was sitting there lazily.
He sized up these children in front of his eyes.
Seeing the enthusiastic and emotional expression on their faces, he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.
Were there still no good seedlings in this quarter?

Although the middle-aged man was sitting lazily, the aura exuding from his body wasn’t weak at all.
He was a level-5 intermediate warrior and one of the teachers at the Martial Arts Institute, who was responsible for the recruitment work every quarter.
Usually, he could already know the quality of the children, who came to sign up, with a glance.
After all, what level could children of this age have? The gap between a level-5 intermediate warrior and those children was enough for him to see through them.

Many young children came forward with an excited look one after another.
They wrote down their names on the notebook in front of the middle-aged man with neat and tidy strokes, hoping to make a good impression.
Of course, their parents taught them to do so.
And yet, what they didn’t know was that the talent of these children could already be seen clearly when the enrollment started.

The middle-aged man glanced over every child indifferently without any emotions, looking a bit dispirited.
The line of children wasn’t long.
He saw the last few of them very quickly.

“Hm?” The calm middle-aged man finally raised his eyebrows slightly.
He glanced over expressionlessly.
His gaze landed on a little girl, who had a small beautiful face and a dull look.
She didn’t have the thrill and anticipation the other children had on their faces.
What she had was only calmness.

“Interesting kid…” The middle-aged man didn’t look dispirited anymore.
A smile appeared in his black eyes as he watched that little girl walk towards him step by step.

The little boy before the girl came up excitedly.
He picked up the pen in front of him with a slightly shaking hand.
The middle-aged man couldn’t help but smile after seeing this.
The girl was right behind the boy.
Her unusually calm black eyes gazed at the emotional little boy.
A kind of deep quality that didn’t belong to children surged out silently, making the girl look like an ancient well that didn’t have the slightest ripple.

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