Chapter 417: Repay a Hundred Times More (1)

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The breakthrough to the Lord Level was tantalizing, but could never be accomplished easily.
Some experts were stuck in the peak of the Monarch Level.
They could never reach the next level no matter how close they were to it.
Take Randal for example.
It took him several hundred years to reach the peak of the Monarch Level, but he had been stuck there ever since.
The Monarch Level and the Lord Level were completely different!

Randal, who was at the peak of the Monarch Level, was fighting Yun Feng, who was in the mid stage of the Monarch Level.
His level was significantly higher.
Also, he had stayed in the peak for a long time, and consolidated his strength.
For Yun Feng, Randal was an exceptionally tricky enemy.

Randal stared at Yun Feng’s face, and gathered fighting energy in his hands.
“Little girl, take this punch.
If you’re still alive afterwards, let’s continue!” Hardly had Randal said that when he became invisible! Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
The man was so fast that he could no longer be caught by the naked eye!

Covering her body with wind elements, Yun Feng listened to the sound of the flowing air, and detected unusual signs on her left side.
She had no time to consider, and quickly moved dozens of meters back.
Randal appeared out of nowhere, and punched so heavily that the space was slightly distorted!

Yun Feng stared at everything coldly.
That was the strength of the peak of the Monarch Level! His outburst of fighting energy could even change the space! After Yun Feng dodged, Randal flashed and disappeared again without another word!

Yun Feng’s muscles were tightened.
She was caught in a passive position, and she was like a chicken that was being hunted by a fox! She had to win this battle! She slowly closed her eyes, gathering an element that she had rarely used.

Zi…” Cracking noises of electric currents sounded next to Yun Feng, and tiny silver snakes slithered around her.
Randal, who was so fast that he had become invisible, suddenly widened his eyes.
That was… the lightning element!

“I didn’t realize that she was a multi-element mage.” Randal looked even more ominous than before.
The more talented Yun Feng showed herself to be, the more uneasy Randal became and the more determined he was to kill her.
If he didn’t kill her and she didn’t serve Karan, Karan would never be at peace again!

Randal flew towards Yun Feng quickly, gathering more and more fighting energy in his hand.
He was hoping to kill her with one strike! A mage’s body was too vulnerable to resist a warrior’s attack.
In a melee battle, the mage would surely die!

Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes, which were glittering.
She turned her hand upside down, gathering the active silver snakes.
“Spear of Lightning, go!”

A silver snake as thick as a bowl darted towards Randal from Yun Feng’s hand.
Randal was greatly shocked.
How did she detect his trajectory? He quickly switched to another direction.
Yun Feng, however, put on a smile.
Fox, you’re too young to play hide-and-seek with the hunter!

“Go!” Yun Feng quickly pointed at Randal in a new direction, aiming at him precisely!

“Damn it!” Seeing that the Spear of Lightning was flying towards him again, Randal quickly dodged.
However, Yun Feng seemed to have seen through him completely.
The silver snake was constantly changing its direction and chasing after Randal.
No matter how fast Randal was, Yun Feng could always catch his new route!

It was very similar to the battle against Lan Yi! After Yun Feng reached the mid stage of the Monarch Level, her expertise of fire and wind elements had reached the mid stage of the Monarch Level, and her expertise of other elements was in the beginner stage of the Monarch Level.
She couldn’t slow Randal down with the earth element, but she could feel Randal’s movement with the wind element!

Without Randal realizing it, the space they were in had been filled up by wind elements.
No matter how fast Randal was, he would still be perceived with the wind element!

Yun Feng constantly pointed at new directions, and the thick snake of lightning elements flew forward with daunting pressure, forcing Randal to dodge again and again.
Randal turned from the hunter into the prey, and was rather awkward.
Being chased by the lightning elements, Randal finally ran out of patience, and appeared in midair.
He grimly clenched his fist and smashed the lightning elements!

“Zi! Zi… Boom!” The silver snake as thick as a bowl, under Randal’s punch, was reduced into smithereens of elements in the moment!

That was the strength of a warrior at the peak of the Monarch Level, which could obliterate any attack!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes, and Randal gazed at Yun Feng like a hawk.
“Yun Feng, it’s no longer fun playing with you.” He quickly narrowed his eyes and accelerated.
His sudden acceleration gave Yun Feng no time to dodge! In the blink of an eye, Randal had approached her!

“Die with your family!” Randal gritted his teeth, with the thirst for blood in his eyes.
Yun Feng’s body was near at hand.
She might be a talented mage and summoner, but so what? She would only die in his hands!

The fighting energy in his hand surged towards Yun Feng, who held her breath.
There was no time for her to dodge anymore! The expert at the peak of the Monarch Level was truly fast.
However, he would be terribly mistaken if he thought that he could hurt her in such a way!

All of Yun Feng’s cells were tightened at this moment.
She moved forward with her body that was as sturdy as a warrior’s! Randal laughed.
Seeing that Yun Feng was counterattacking fearlessly, he waved his fist.
If she wanted to die, then death he would give her!

“Bam!” Randal’s fist smashed with a suffocating weight..
Yun Feng crossed her arms in front of her body.
Randal’s fist hit exactly the spot where her arms crossed!


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