Chapter 413: Imminent Battle (2)

“Xiaojin, brother, you’re here.” Yun Feng showed herself.
Mu Xiaojin’s eyes widened, and were filled with tears.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but walk to her.
Mu Xiaojin jumped forward and hugged Yun Feng tightly.

“Xiao… Xiao Feng, you—you’re truly back…” Mu Xiaojin couldn’t stop weeping.
She was heartbroken when she learned that Yun Feng went missing three years earlier.
For her, Yun Feng was the closest person other than her brother.
She couldn’t have endured the trauma if anything had happened to her.

Yun Sheng felt sorry for her too.
Yun Feng stroked Mu Xiaojin’s hair, and hugged her tightly.
She then wiped the tears on Mu Xiaojin’s face and smiled.
“I’m back.
Sorry for making you worry.”

Mu Xiaojin was about to weep again.
Seeing that, Yun Feng quickly said, “Xiaojin, this is no time for sentimentality.
We need to get out of here and return to Chunfeng Town.
A battle between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family will erupt soon.”

Mu Xiaojin’s tears were all gone.
Hearing that news, Mu Xiaojin put on a solemn expression too.
She held Yun Feng’s hand.
“Xiao Feng, I support whatever you do.”

Yun Feng smiled, and looked at Qu Lanyi who had only just arrived.
She frowned.
Where did that guy go? Qu Lanyi smiled and said, “Fengfeng, we need to go.
Annoying flies are coming.”

Yun Feng and Yun Sheng both frowned.
They nodded.
“Uncle Flirtatious!” Yun Feng shouted.
Ao Jin immediately showed himself.
Both Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were dazed.
Who was this handsome man who emerged out of nowhere? Uncle Flirtatious? He certainly didn’t look like an uncle.

“Girl, are we leaving?” asked Ao Jin.
Yun Feng nodded, “We need to go back to Chunfeng Town as fast as possible.
You two, this is the Yun family’s business anyway.”

Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully.
“Fengfeng, are you still taking me for an outsider.
I have…”

Yun Feng glared at him, and blushed.
Yun Sheng glanced at them suspiciously, and felt that something was wrong.
Ao Jin, on the other hand, said unhappily, “Girl, you can take anyone for an outsider, but not me!”

Yun Sheng was stunned, and Yun Feng simply laughed.
“In that case, I’ll accept your kindness!” Ao Jin, as the Young Master of the dragons, and Qu Lanyi, whose strength was boundless, could defeat even the strongest experts that the Karan Royal Family might send!

“Lan Yi!” Yun Feng roared.
Lan Yi appeared from the Ring of Contract.
After a flash of green light, the big beautiful griffin showed up again.
They all stepped on Lan Yi’s warm and spacious back.
The griffin flapped its wings, causing such a strong wind that all the trees on the mountain were rustling.
A blue ray of light rose from the mountain to the sky.
Standing on Lan Yi’s back, while her hair was blowing in the wind, Yun Feng stared ahead with a smile.
The Karan Royal Family would surely suffer this time!

In the sky above the forest beyond the Masang School of Magic, a couple of men were stopped by two people.
They looked at the two men who stood in their way, and roared furiously, “Move away! We’re from the Karan Royal Family!”

The tall slim young man and the rough-looking man remained silent, as if they didn’t hear anything, but they didn’t make way for the strangers either.
The five warriors, riding their flying mounts, decided to break in with violence.
They looked at each other and nodded, unleashing their fighting energy and charging as warriors in the final stage of level 9!

The tall slim young man and the rough-looking man both frowned.
They flashed and counterattacked.
The two parties fought for a moment, but neither could win.
The people from the Karan Royal Family were almost exploding because of fury.

At this moment, the tall, slim young man and the rough-looking man unconsciously looked up at the sky, and were relieved when they detected something.
Then, to the surprise of the Karan Royal Family’s representatives, they left and disappeared into the dark forest.

“Damn it, how uncanny!” The warriors of the Karan Royal Family, seeing that, immediately rode their flying mounts to the Masang School of Magic.
The two men who had flown back to the dark forest both took a breath in relief.
“The madam’s request was truly strange, wasn’t it?” mumbled the tall slim young man.
The rough-looking man considered for a moment and said, “Brother, I don’t think the madam will come back after she leaves.”

“Brother, are you serious?” The tall slim young man was excited, and asked delightedly.
The rough-looking man smiled.
It was just my guess.
You know how temperamental the madam is!”

Standing on Lan Yi’s back, Qu Lanyi enjoyed the views at ease, with his eyes fixed upon Yun Feng.
The girl was a beautiful view when she stood straight stubbornly.
Qu Lanyi’s lips curled.
How could the woman that he had fallen in love with be ordinary?

As Yun Feng advanced, Lan Yi was even faster than before.
The Monarch Level wind element Magic Beast could easily fly for a thousand kilometers in a day.
In only fifteen minutes, Lan Yi had taken everybody to Chunfeng Town, which seemed the same as before.
However, Yun Feng vaguely detected tension in the air, and even saw the Red Maple Mercenary Team near the Yun house.

Yun Feng was slightly excited.
The Mercenary Union took action! That was beyond Yun Feng’s expectation.
She remembered Mr.
Zheng Ran, who had always been smiling, and better realized how he cared for her.

Lan Yi stopped at a low altitude in Chunfeng Town.
Yun Feng jumped off with Mu Xiaojin, and Ao Jin took Yun Sheng.
Lan Yi transformed into a human being and folded its wings.
They landed near the Yun house and went there together.

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