ly would surely accuse it of disloyalty, or their actions wouldn’t be justified.

Yun Feng sneered.
“The Karan Royal Family’s good life is coming to an end.”

Yun Sheng glanced at Yun Feng and didn’t say anything else.
His sister was much less bonded with the Karan Royal Family than he and their father were.
It wasn’t hard to predict what Yun Feng would do.
Yun Sheng heaved a sigh.
“What about Xiaojin? Should we take her away with us?”

Yun Feng thought for a moment.
“Of course.
Xiaojin is my family.
We should certainly take her away!”

Yun Sheng put on a smile.
“Very well.
When are we going to leave? Right now?”

“The faster, the better! Father should be safe under the Yun Army’s protection.
They can resist any top assassins that may come.
We should go back and reunite with him.”

Yun Sheng nodded and stared at the campus in front of him.
He had to leave this place.
Would he ever be able to visit this place again after breaking away from the Karan Empire? Yun Feng looked around at the campus too, and smiled at her brother.
“Brother, take Xiaojin to the back mountain.
There’s something else I need to do.
We’ll meet there.”

Yun Sheng nodded, and reached out to Mu Xiaojin with the Sound Transmission Jade.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, hid herself and left for the office building.
There was another person she needed to thank: Mr.

Ted had been quite depressed in the past three years due to Yun Feng’s disappearance.
She had a special position in Ted’s heart, because he was the one who discovered the young genius the earliest.
He had been delighted to watch her grow rapidly.
While Yun Feng was gone, Ted always believed that she was alive, and had been waiting for her to return.

Ted opened his mouth when he detected a powerful aura.
The lingering aura suggested that an expert had broken into this place! Ted looked around nervously, and didn’t see anyone.
All of a sudden, he noticed a bag on his desk.
There was also a note underneath the bag.

Ted frowned, and picked up the note.
He found the handwriting on the note quite familiar! It took him a long time before he finally recognized the name on the note!

Ted, thank you for looking after me and my brother over the years.
This is the least I can do in return.
You must be aware of the Yun family’s situation.
My brother and I don’t want the Masang School of Magic to get involved.
We’ve already left.
Please forgive us for our spontaneous decision.
I’ll always be a proud student of the Masang School of Magic.

Ted’s hand that was holding the note shivered.
He opened the bag, only to see a lot of high-level ores in it! Ted’s eyes widened.
Then, he laughed in a low voice, with his eyes wet.
“You are truly a self-willed girl, and a fast runner.
You should’ve met me before you left…”


Yun Sheng took Mu Xiaojin to the back mountain.
Mu Xiaojin was excited to know that Yun Feng had returned safely.
Then, Yun Sheng informed her of the emergency..
Mu Xiaojin immediately held back her tears of joy and excitement, and went to the back mountain quickly along with Yun Sheng.


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