Chapter 411: I’m Back (5)

When Yun Feng arrived at the Masang School of Magic, it was the time when freshmen just came to school.
A lot of new students had gathered in front of the society building.
The old students were mostly studying in the Trial Tower.

Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin landed in the back mountain of the Masang School of Magic, where there was nobody.
As a Golden Dragon, Ao Jin didn’t like the company of human beings, so he hid somewhere on the back mountain.
Both Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi agreed with the arrangement.
They walked to the square, and were not recognized among the new students.

“Hey, welcome to join our society!”

The society building was quite crowded.
Many societies were appealing to the students enthusiastically.
The new students were picking excitedly too.
“Feel free to join the Constellation Society, the biggest society in the Masang School of Magic!” Hearing that voice, Yun Feng couldn’t help but look in that direction, only to see two young men wearing the same clothes.
They were shouting at the passing new students, many of whom gathered around them.
“I’d like to join the Constellation Society! Yun Sheng, the champion of the individual ranking contest, is your leader, right?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled when she heard that.
Her brother was the champion of the individual ranking contest.
She seemed to have missed many things in the past three years.
Yun Feng joined the crowd.
A boy of the Constellation Society smiled.
“Indeed! Yun Sheng, who’s the champion of the individual ranking contest, is our leader! Not just that.
The only summoner of the Karan Empire is his sister.
She’s also a member of the Constellation Society!”

“Wow! Seriously? Yun Feng, the summoner, is also a member of the Constellation Society?”

“I’m in! I’m in! I want to see the summoner so much!”

The new students became excited, and Yun Feng smiled awkwardly in the middle of them.
The summoner that they were dying to see was right here, but none recognized her! The two guys of the Constellation Society both smiled.
Yun Feng shook her head helplessly.
The Constellation Society had thrived under her brother’s management.
Well done!

“I want to see Yun Sheng more than the summoner! I heard that he’s super handsome and nice!” a few girls mumbled.
Yun Feng was quite amused.
It seemed that her brother had turned into a public idol.

“Dear students, the Fire Society is just as good.
It’s led by a princess of the Karan Royal Family!” A few men of the Fire Society came over.
Yun Feng looked at them from the crowd.
It seemed that the Fire Society had changed a lot and was no longer as popular as it was when she just came to the Masang School of Magic.

All the new students fell silent.
The two guys of the Constellation Society both smiled generously.
“Yes, the Fire Society is just as good.
Don’t hesitate to join it.”

“Hey, what’s the meaning of that? Do you despise us?” The people of the Fire Society were immediately infuriated.
Seeing that, the new students all made way for them.
The two guys of the Constellation Society smiled casually and didn’t say anything, which made the people of the Fire Society even angrier.
They were about to attack, but a strong gale was invoked, throwing all them to their knees.

“Guys, no need to be so courteous.” The two guys of the Constellation Society smiled.
The people of the Fire Society blushed, and tried to rise.
However, another gale rose and they fell on their knees again.

All the new students covered their mouths and held back their laughter.
The people of the Fire Society remained on their knees, blushing.
In the crowd, Yun Feng put on a cold smile and flashed out of the crowd.
She extended her hand and created an independent space.
After reaching the Monarch Level, her control of spatial laws was even better!

Qu Lanyi had naturally hidden himself too.
He watched the folly, and didn’t follow Yun Feng.
Hiding in the independent space, Yun Feng took out the Sound Transmission Jade and pressed it.
She said softly, “Father, brother, I’m back.”

Yun Feng’s Sound Transmission Jade glittered, but there was no sound.
Although Yun Jing and Yun Sheng didn’t reply, Yun Feng could tell how thrilled they were.
Far away in Chunfeng Town, Yun Jing held the Sound Transmission Jade tightly, and smiled in comfort.
Yun Sheng had been cultivating in the Trial Tower until he heard Yun Feng’s voice from the Sound Transmission Jade.
He then rushed down from the top floor of the Trial Tower.

Many students had gathered on the fourth floor of the Trial Tower, waiting for an opening.
Most students were on level 4, so the level-4 area had always been most crowded in the Trial Tower.
Naturally, it was also the place that had witnessed the most conflicts.

“This opening is mine!”

“Are you blind? Didn’t you see that I got the badge first?”

“How can you do that? I was ahead of you in the line!” The argument in the level-4 area became louder and louder, making the place even more chaotic.
There had been tension all the time.
It was not unusual for the students to fight for an opening.
The supervisors here had great trouble too.
There were simply too many students for them to supervise.

The longer the two students argued, the angrier they became.
They shoved each other and even invoked their elements, about to fight.
The other students immediately retreated.
Fights here were anything but unusual.

The oral fight soon escalated into a physical one.
Elemental energy was splashing everywhere.
An innocent girl who didn’t have enough time to dodge was about to be hit by the flying elemental energy, when a blue shield arose in front of her and blocked the energy.
The girl survived the attack, and watched the blue shield disappear gradually.
The two angry students, on the other hand, were drenched in cold water elements from the top of their head.
They both stopped, with their clothes wet.

“If you want to fight, fight outside.
This place is too narrow for you to carry out your abilities, isn’t it?” A cold voice came from the stairs between the level-4 area and the level-5 area.
The handsome young man showed up.
The two students who had been fighting immediately blushed and stood quietly and obediently.

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